Covid in Scotland: Mass testing programmes under way - BBC News

A technical fault results in the lower reporting of Covid-19 positive cases in the past 24 hours, Nicola Sturgeon tells her daily briefing.

11/30/2020 7:13:00 PM

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announces £500 for every full-time NHS and adult social care worker in Scotland as a 'one-off thank you payment” for their “extraordinary service” She urges Boris Johnson to make sure the payment is 'tax-free'

A technical fault results in the lower reporting of Covid-19 positive cases in the past 24 hours, Nicola Sturgeon tells her daily briefing.

49 deaths have been registered with Covid-19 since FridayNicola Sturgeon begins by saying there has been a technical issue with the reporting systems overnight, meaning today's figures will be slightly lower than expected.The first minister confirms a further 369 people have tested positive for Covid-19. That is 6.1% of the total number of tests carried out.

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This takes the total number of positive cases in Scotland to 95,058.Health board breakdown:Ms Sturgeon says the provisional data indicates the breakdown of new cases is as follows:NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde: 133NHS Lanarkshire: 49NHS Lothian: 48The remaining caes are spread across the other health boards.

1,041 patients are in hospital with a confirmed case (down eight), with 75 being treated in intensive care (down one).A further three people who tested positive have had their deaths registered.The first minister reminds us that the statistics on Monday are usually lower than you might expect, as many of the registration offices are closed on a Sunday.

In total, since Friday, 49 deaths have been registered with Covid-19 on the death certificate - taking the total by that measure to 3,725. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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That’s fantastic. The Tories would never dream of doing that. They’re shameful Low paid supermarket workers must be really peeved off with all this, so must those facing Christmas with no money at all because they've lost their business or job. This will cost taxpayers nearly 200 million, Sturgeon's Scotland must be a really rich country!?

This is a better idea more sensible than stimulus packages ! Nothing should be given free ! This is the SNP buying votes for next years Scottish elections with English money. She knows any payment wont be tax free so is already shifting the blame on Boris. Sneaky bitch. £1 BILLION POUNDS NOT HANDED OUT to Scottish Businesses! Why have the BBC swept it under the carpet? DefundTheBBC

It’s your money . Perhaps the money stolen from the aid to business funding supplied from Westminster might have been more acceptable if it had been used to finally open the Children’s Hospital that the SNP are incapable of organising? cash4votes BBCPolitics Maybe rather than falling for a simple political stunt to create anger when there is an easier way. Why not think of those in the private sector who have no job or know their income will be gone at any time. The UK has become so entitled even when the tax payer pays your salary

BBCPolitics Why pay it gross she knows hmrc are pushed and can't get it done. Pay is higher rate bonus as a one off payment no tax to employee or is it a stunt methinks It’s a pretty poor show, using a Pandemic for political gain. However, Once the Gangrene sets in, you just have to cut the limb off🤷‍♂️

Nice. She hasn't got to worry about raising the money Would that also include the probable 700k NHS workers who never came near a covid patient and who hospital was mainly closed to cancer patients etc. Another politician trying to make NHS take the heat of her incompetence. Unbelievable - who pays for this ?

Wrong on so many levels I'm afraid. It's just virtue signalling with someone else's money. I’m not an SNP supporter in the slightest but actually sick and tired of reading tweets stating that it’s the English tax payer, paying for this bonus! Scottish pay tax as well, infact some pay more per head than our English counterparts so stop right there!

Tax Policy is reserved what has Boris to do with it? She is writing cheques that can't be paid. This will end in massive tax rises. Jobs are collapsing daily Debenhams, Arcadia, Grangemouth refinery, Bi fab, How about £500 for shop workers, pharmacy staff, postal workers etc? Nicola Sturgeon talking bullshit she already charges most fully qualified nurses a higher level of Tax. Than people pay in England this is the SNP extra Tax she can reduce tax in Scotland for everybody .

This is purely to gain independence playing to the masses. What about delivery drivers, shop workers, police etc etc etc They should get it as standard. She is evil. She knows our government is strapped for cash and then she does this, no doubt aimed at putting people on side to support Indyref2 and ScottishIndependence. Pure disgusting.

So she brings out schemes and then holds Westminster over a gun barrel. Obviously Central government would have no choice but to support it. This a dirty game SNP are doing. so the wee krankie makes a policy in some weird bid to make her popular and then asks England to make it tax free....... standard DefundTheBBC is not going away

Rubbish. This is amazing ... why isnt this being done for England, Wales & Northern Ireland ? .. oh right .. we need to keep the pubs open to sell scotch eggs ! Why doesn’t she cover the cost of the tax as it will cause difficulties for the employees? Surely this isn’t a stunt to score political points when people are dying?

She buys votes with covid business relief cash.... Meanwhile in Scotland Scotland is becoming a national sponger, draining England of resource it cannot afford. Just trying to make herself look good. Money from Westminster. If they wasn’t all hypocrites you would have thought they would reject it. Where is the money coming from?

MattHancock and RishiSunak are you listening! Is this for just NHS staff or private health care home workers to? So instead of supporting struggling businesses she wants to spunk it on people with secure jobs... and for England to pick you the tax bill. Blatant populism rather than effective action. NicolaSturgeon NicolaSturgeon Yes, all very commendable, Ms Sturgeon. NHS workers should be recognised for their work dealing with Covid. Unfortunately, by politicising it it’s clear what your true reasons are.

A political bribe, clever but disgraceful. This has to be business grant money many Scots out of work to make this farce happen God I hate her! Grievance driven bullshit! Don’t give them a one off thank you bonus, how patronising. Give them a higher working wage and better working conditions. And while your at it do the same for firemen, police, teachers and all the other poor buggers who were essential and forced to keep working.

She has the power to make it tax free. Name dropping Westminster 🤔 Sharonwifey If Rashford says to do the same thing he will copy before Xmas. Giving your money away, a political speciality. You've already received £8.2billion extra funding. People who support you are off their trollies She is unaware, but she is responsible for taxation in Scotland. 🙄

Just how many are full time? Lots of part time workers who won’t get the bonus. tonypatt2000 alfiewm_ sazmeister88 Goddess1345 GeorgeAylett The SNP in Scotland getting to shine like economic progressives, again. Does anyone want to remind Labour they govern in Wales? Voter investment! 🤮 F**k part time workers... Half a job Harry's!

A charlatan and a fraud. Don't fall for it !! Wouldn't it be a lovely gesture if our government followed suit and gave the same, *especially* to family carers, like me, providing 24/7 care at less than £1 an hour, no sick pay, no holidays, no time off period. Clapped for on certain Thursdays, ignored the rest of the year!

Oh well never stopped working since COVID lock down in March no bonus for me but I’m still very grateful I have a job Taxable? Woah......Surely if she’s dishing out ‘free’ money it should go to the poor people that lost their jobs and have nowt this year for Xmas. At least the NHS staff still have their jobs.

Shocking slap on the face for everyone who has actually suffered Another bribe. For yrs people couldn’t right care, cuts left right and centre. WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THEM THAT HAVE LOST THEIR JOBS. So, by doing that is Nichola Sturgeon saying COVID-19 is over? Scotland is a Garden for the royal family it was lost in a bet many years ago like all countries they sell themselves out and dupe the clowns into believing that they lost it

Or the SNP could Reverse their Income Tax hike which means many of our public sector workers pay £100s or £1,000s more in tax than their if they were in England? I'll just leave this here for the BBC to use, if they ever get off their knees in front of Sturgeon. Full independent audit into all money given to the SG from WM in this Covid crisis. If all is above board you can have your indy2 if not you disband holyrood & all powers will go back to WM. If they’ve nothing to hide why not go for it?

Political carrot before Indy 2 Mostly paid for by England no doubt There needs to be an inquiry into the distribution of Covid funds in Scotland Didn't Scotland increase tax on the Scottish people on their incomes, so why would it be responsibility of the england government to lower taxes? Agree with the payment to frontline staff but will this include Dentists, GPs and NHS management working from home? who are highly paid? Seems to me supermarket workers and carers have worked harder and put up with more risks than Dentists.

This should backfire. Stinks. Money to people who still have jobs and have been fully paid throughout. How do you think this makes the ExcludedUK feel? Shattering. All those doctors on £100K, many/most not seeing patients, GPs awol. State now dishing out free school meals to the richest of kids. Better start the printing press for more money

Income Tax is devolved If Scotland were to gain independence would this mean all the North Sea Oil going to them or would this be shared equally? I'm disgusted and outraged by this.... checks notes, eh, eh. I want, no I demand the right to buy MattHancock rainbow badges like, front line workers of England.

Easy to give away other people’s money More Scottish Nationalist Socialist lies. Income tax raised in Scotland stays in Scotland, if you want the bonus to be tax free then it's in your own power from our budget. More lies from these shysters for the cult to believe. SNP is dividing & destroying Scotland SNPout

Yet more stupid political games ... bored of her now. Tax free bribe. On behalf of Scotland I apologise for this VVitch It's a sermon for gods sake. Last call. Blackmail money I hope someone takes the money and spills the beans Given to her from ENGLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 It appears politics have reverted to 18th century rules. Offer your voters money in return for votes, then publicly asking the Gov to loose the tax. Shameful

This should be for all key workers Whether it's tax-free or not is up to Sturgeon. Handing over the £1bn UK funding she stole from Scottish businesses to protect private sector jobs, rather than using it to bribe those she thinks will vote for her would be preferable. Should pay 500 to them that need it not overpaid government workers there’s people on the dole queue who weren’t earning that much before covid the hospitality sector are at the fore front of this fight don’t they deserve a pay out now their jobless

Think maybe getting paid full wages was enough. They need a pay cut, not a bonus. Sturgeon is bribing government staff with UK money she's withheld from private businesses while blaming Boris for not paying the tax that she's supposed to pay on it? What a charlatan. cash4votes Great idea. Let's urge them to do the same in old blighty while they're at it

This Anyone who applauds this as families of 5or 6 With lost businesses/jobs no income since march?Needs to hang heads! A bribe for votes has made me decide i wont be voting to harm our vulnerable, At least we know what Boris is we dont need SNP to harm disguised as friends! And they are doing it deliberately

She’s a cunning little f one for sure 🇬🇧 She’s telling the Prime Minister what to do? With the money he gave her? This woman definitely needs therapy. I want to scream at Boris...STOP her now. Shut down Holyrood! More bribes she’s giving away money like confetti were is it coming from English tax payers the sooner they get independence the better no more money from us

Wow most people who work in social Care are part time so she can shove it And who pays for her largesse Scottish taxpayers or English If the hairdressers are shut in Scotland where does Nicola sturgeon go to get her hair done I wonder When your staff attended journalism college did none of you have aspirations to be prize winning investigators of facts and reporters of the truth? It is beyond belief that you give a platform to this liar. Taxation is a devolved matter in Scotland. DefundTheBBC SackSturgeon

Where’s the money coming from? Talk about a bribe..... Is there an election in Scotland soon? Meanwhile thousands of job losses. What's Sturgeon covering up today. These spin advisors must be in the eye of a hurricane trying to cover the mess up What about the folk who redeployed to cleansing or crematoria etc? Isn't she going to try to buy their votes too?

Bribery? Hush money? Paid for by England Stop giving her our money!!! It’s literally being handed out like it grows on fucking trees!!! Free this. Free that! Yet can’t balance Scotland’s books. Piss off. That woman is so good at giving out free stuff especially when it’s largely paid for by the English taxpayers Not a chance of her doing that if Scotland was independent

Pay the nhs for what have they stop the pandemic No and are they not trained for this Yes I’m sorry but what about the bus driver or taxis or cleaners or construction workers shop workers factory workers who kept the hole of the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 going what about them !!! NicolaSturgeon JeaneF1MSP Why are you only giving a one off payment to Full Time Health care Social care, Hospice and Palliative care and Residential Childcare Staff as advised tonight on STV news? This is disgraceful. All staff deserve to receive this payment.

They did their job. Something that has been denied to millions of others, that will get sweet FA. Yet more money for the land of milk and honey pure bribery of the electorate let’s have a campaign called S F Y simply put Scotland Fund Yourself. Long live independent Scotland bankrupt in 5 years Brilliant idea and well deserved glad we have a UK government that can afford that money in these terrible times OH ! and then NicolaSturgeon asks for more to pay the income tax - it seems she uses this bonus as a stick to beat the UK Gov - shame really !!

They're just doing their job theSNP get your hand out of other peoples pockets Time to abolish yhe Barnet formula Giving more money away. Vote buying at our expense Thanks for the money! 😜 Scottish election next year 🤔🤔🤔🤔 just saying STURGEON: £500 in reality is a paltry amount considering everything Health workers did/do. Seems to me it's more about Sturgeon posturing than a payment commensurate with the value of the care and dedication shown. NippyKnows ResignSturgeon

Hold on a minute! Thank you NHS but I’ve worked every day along with my team my dedicated team who have selflessly been repairing and installing facilities through out this crisis to keep essential services running! Sorry but it’s not just NHS workers that have kept working 24/7 MMGulzar Why is the BBC so biased?

Good example set NicolaSturgeon. We need to go even further & value carers, nurses & Doctors above corporations & executives. NHSheroes caring pay equity Wow that’s great for all those people who have just lost their jobs or aren’t getting any help because they’re self employed. I’m very grateful for everyone at the nhs but let’s not forget they have a very secure job and have been paid right through this awful pandemic.

More lies from the serial liar why report this. Everything that comes out of her mouth is lies. Don’t spend too much of that on my Christmas present loraine_hartley 😁 Sad to see such bitter comments for rightly rewarding our NHS and social care staff. This isn't for 'every' NHS worker. You are getting my Hopes up. I started in the NHS in April 2020. I will get nothing. Yet if you worked in march then packed it in you will get a payment. Bizarre. I guess I'm a bit salty about it. £500 wouldn't go a miss just now.

What about all the shop workers, refuse collectors, lorry drivers etc that have never complained or refused. Where is their £500? Reward those with a job for life and guaranteed income. Pity the people who have suffered financially or lost their jobs. This woman is a clown. In the middle of a pandemic lies her opportunity to score more points once again. You can't get to see a doctor Unless it's for a flu jab. And that's only because they get a Xmas bonus for each one they do 😠.

Pure pork barrel bribery from the first Liar NicolaSturgeon Iam sure she must have cleared with Boris before making the commitment 🤷🏻‍♂️ Paid for by the English Everyone who has worked for the last 40 yrs should have the payment , we have filled the pot Oh Good to see she is still spending the English money. BorisJohnson should offer referendum yes = leave No = remain and abolish Scottish assembly

Spending money Scotland hasn't got again theSNP So those NHS staff that were shielding for 12+ weeks are to get £500 .That’s not right BBC you've been played. Poor effort. SNPcash4votes SNP20 So screw the police etc ? She's killed a load more hope and prosperity in Scotland, with her Covid mismanagement. Don't forget that!

Nicola handing out sweets. Go on Kate do the right thing ..... Ok my dad is in hospital at moment and a part time nurse doing twelve hour shift looking after him 8-8 ain’t getting it!! Piss of that’s my money Free free free... but it’s not Is this a bribe . Robbing english Why has no one from ScotTories reminded her the Nats are responsible for Tax in Scotland, and hee haw to do with Boris.

If she wants 'their' NHS workers to get £500 then give them a £625 bonus - taxed! How about that as a challenge to the SNP? Talk about setting the UKG up for a fall. And seemingly no-one else matters? theSNP The SNP produced a 100 page economic analysis for a separated Scotland. As it was a bit difficult to understand they have just released this new explainer video this morning 👇👇 👇

What about working class families not within the nhs? Do we get nothing? What about key workers who kept the country running? Do we get nothing? What about the rest? BBCPolitics Why doesn’t Scottish govt add the tax onto the payment, rather than expecting Uk to change the laws? Wow she is very good at giving away British taxpayers cash.

Spain will never allow Scotland to join the EU as an independent country, it has to be a unanimous decision and Spain will never allow it (as it will not allow Catalonia to join as an independent country) So no EU and no Pound... Great prospects for Scotland Time to reduce the Barbet formula Why only full time ... tad unfair

Disgrace, so some nurse who did nothing gets £500, whilst another was on the covid ward. I know for a fact that nurses were just in their phones in other parts of the hospital in lockdown 1. MaisieWinslow Am I reading it right that part-time staff wouldn’t get this? Seems unfair on all the dedicated part-time workers who have also been through a gruelling year.

Utter shit show from the SNP. Sturgeon appears to lie at every opportunity she changes her story every time she’s asked about the Salmond case.. Did the stop Brexit bus stop Brexit? No it didn't will this bribe by votes for the SNP at elections in 2021? Yes it will She controls the tax up here or she forgot that

I dont bother with her now ShaneLongton So it’s not £500 then? Her eyes are getting more black everyday Who’s paying for it? A lovely idea and gesture it add this to the furlough money and the country will be paying this off for decades Free prescriptions Free University Free tampons £500 handouts If Scotland has so much spare cash why do the English taxpayers have to keep giving them nearly £2,000 each? If SNP wants independence they shouldn't ask the Scots, they should ask the English

So basically a bonus for doing their job? That’s ok, they can’t complain about bankers bonuses in future mind you .... Party Political Broadcast by the BBC there Will everyone else who worked through the pandemic get this or didn't we give an 'extraordinary service?' Who’s paying for this? God she's minging !

Is she using English money? Never mind the Police working through all this too, every bit as stretched as the NHS staff. Nothing more than an election bribe and opportunity to have a dig at the UK government,which has backfired as the SNP could have easily grossed it up to include tax.The recipients certainly deserve it but it also takes the attention off FM’s disastrous interview with Andrew Marr.

BBCScotlandNews Can I ask how many nhs staff have directly worked with COVID patients .The other staff have probably done their normal job but with extra precautions .So why the money for people doing their normal job. Another appeal to emotion. So she is using covid money from Westminster to try and bribe voters while businesses go under .

Need a quick deflection? Throw some money around...always better when it's not yours... Bad weekend in the press so she does the old bribery routine She also lied on live TV and was caught out. Her deflection doesn't work on me Very good gesture. Certainly more so than encouraging the popular to clap for them.

theSNP Hahahahaha ye ragin 😂😂 What about all the other workers who have been out there too. Nhs have not lost wages in fact most have had OT while lots of us have lost jobs or lost 20% of wages 😡😡 How is Scotland going to afford this if as a country they run at a deficit NicolaSturgeon theSNP The money should be going to employ more carers for those who are not being accepted into hospital and those being discharged too early without available care

It’s a blatant vote bribe - using our tax money to gain votes - it’s astonishing that she is using the NHS to get votes. The rest of us can just exist in here eyes. The fucking money tree supported by London to break up the union. Mugabe did the same. Party above country. Where does all this 'Covid money' come from

Shes growing on me 🥰 Who is paying for it...the Scottish government? She’s a moron. At a time where we we’ve borrowed record amounts and millions are losing their job, she gives £500 to NHS admin staff that did nothing and doctors that don’t need an extra £500. So this comes as Sunak announced his budget statement last week where the UK are giving billions to Scotland. Please go independent. I'll vote too.

More BBC indulgence in Sturgeon and her lies. Making the bonus tax free is totally within the powers of the Scottish govt, they don’t need the U.K. govt’s involvement at all! Have you ever seen a doctor or nurse hanging around at the Jobcentre? 🤔🧐 NHS have been comparatively quiet whereas other key workers like delivery drivers etc have been busy. They should get the money instead.

Desperate for votes? What about all the teachers and shop workers who had to work and be put in dangerous situations with daily contact with the virus? This is a thinly veiled and badly thought out bonus. Tic toc videos paid off after all.what about everyone else that worked all the way through it?do our votes not count the same as the ones your buying....

rachellaingg bout time Buying votes SNP style ;) I'm really quite annoyed NicolaSturgeon Do we have the cash to hand out £500 to every NHS worker regardless of role? What message does this send to every other keyworker who has continued delivering their 'key' work to help keep the country & society running as much as possible

Ram it up yer hole A lot of complaints to the PCS Union, all DWP workers were just as essential as the medical staff to ensure all those made redundant were quickly processed to limit any hardship Why the exclusion of other services who will need to process all her promises Spin and propaganda that Goebbels would have been proud of.

English tax payers paying for Scotland as usual as they hate England. BonusForVotes BBCScotlandNews Just hope it is genuine and not for votes. They deserve this. They worked so hard Why doesn’t she just lower income tax levels to match the rest of the U.K.? Maybe she should of cleared up the whole tax free thing and how it will effect benefits before hand, but hey Ho

Sad, bitter, wee creature. They say independence is more important than Covid. If Covid isn't defeated there will be nobody to suffer the creature's bitterness. Rock on wee Georgie! BBCScotlandNews Looking forward to her offering this to all the shop workers, distribution workers, school staff who worked in hubs during the first lockdown to get a similar “thank you”.

Paid for by? Yes that’s right, England Is that every NHS worker - regardless of what they do ie does this include non medical staff? Does Scotland fund this themselves or do England fund it? You know what England will get? Nothing. Zilch. One extra days free holiday would be welcome for me after this year. It’s not even over, now mass vaccination is upon us.

BBCPolitics Scotlands equivalent of sinn fein promises local government money payments but demands uk government at Westminster pay for it. All full time NHS workers & ASCWs from all UK countries should get it not just Scotland. To those saying its a bribe, £500 isnt going to swing a vote for a unionist, honestly the lack of intelligence on display here at times is embarrassing

Wonderful and well deserved. Scotland trail blazing again and showing Westminster how it’s done. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Crazy the amount of people whining about this. Where’s that energy when the Tories are giving billions to their rich mates to put in offshore accounts? At least this cash will go straight back into the local economies.

So part time staff won’t get the full £500. Seems a bit off 🤔 I bet the full timers who shielded the whole way through will get it. I'm cheering on Scottish independence. I hope they get it. I'll be moving up there. Leave the bone headed Gammons to fight over the rotten fish and the last cans of Morrisons larger as England becomes the ars*hole of the West.

Great gesture 👏👏👏👏 She wants independence, but still wants our money cheek of her Yea, and fuck the rest of us! Bribery when pay rise negotiations are due to start tomorrow I think not everyone should pay taxes as a matter fact during this lockdown public officials should not be receiving wages This cash might be better spent on people that have not received any financial support during this pandemic. It's not a case of not being grateful for their efforts, it's just a case of some people are truly on their proverbial backsides ExcludedUK ForgottenLtd SNP

We in England, deserve too. All NHS workers, full time or part time, should get a bonus too. Do it BorisJohnson With uncle Barnett paying for it🙄 Knowing full well it can’t be tax free. Please tell me that this is for nurses only. Not IT staff, finance staff and administration staff etc As someone that has received no financial help since mid-March I would rather see the money directed elsewhere ExcludedUK

This is leadership. BBCPolitics NicolaSturgeon You have successfully sunk to the depths of politics I come to expect from BorisJohnson Talk about blatant vote buying. This should be 100% illegal. Extra money for doing the job they are paid to do. No, I don't support this extra payment. Thank you, we all work extremely hard in the NHS and even more so this year. We have all made sacrifices and put ourselves forward to help out where needed. It is nice to be acknowledged for that.

Ha you Scottish NHS mugs. In England we got a badge, I think I know which is more valuable... it’s the £500 isn’t it? I hadn’t thought that through sorry. This women is so racist I can’t listen to a word she says!! Remember bnp, well we got snp and nobody bats an eye lid.! BBCPolitics Would love to see Nicky open her own purse for once.

Who's paying for it? They deserve nothing. Money if that what it is should go to small business owners who have suffered through this. BBCScotlandNews My mum works part time and has worked in the hospital a hell of a lot more than full time workers who took sick when covid came on so she doesn't get because she isn't full time SNP can go fuck themselves

Why are the UK paying for Scotland’s NHS bonuses? She really is a little stirrer isn’t she. I thought the SNP controlled the budget for Scotlands NHS, so why is she asking Boris to fund it. rhiannonmcnee 'She urges Boris Johnson to make sure the payment is 'tax-free'' She undoubtedly knows that doing such a thing would be incredibly difficult and costly - what a childish stunt. Far easier and probably cheaper to offset NHI or pay a higher sum to counter income tax.

Who’s paying , the Scots? Who's budget is this being taken from? Fully deserved, however, who is going to pay that? Don't trust 'Wee Nippy' with anything involving figures. She has proved repeatedly that she can't add up! More laughable virtue signalling, propogating the illusion of a 'deadly pandemic'...whilst people's livelihoods are crushed and any non-covid illnesses have been ignored. 👏👏👏

Ofc the great england will pay for this Why should it be tax free? It's not YOUR money is it? BBC, please query this rubbish. £100 to many families £500 for NHS? carers Where's this free money from? Families with 3 workers in NHS/Care and kids on free dinners drop lucky. Delivery driver, spouse bin collector, 3 kids & just above the free dinner limit get nowt.

I thought Scotland set their own taxes which is why Scots pay more? So isn’t it down to the Scots to sort out the tax? Where is she getting the money ? Free money for everything here in Scotland at the moment. Pre-election give away's to buy the votes. I thought it was only last week she was saying her government were short of money.

BBCPolitics Next she'll be promising to build a wall and get Boris to pay for it. As someone that works in a hospital, it amazes me that there's not enough money when we asked for more cleaners to help with covid ward cleans, but the Scottish Government have magically found £500 for tens of thousands of staff. Am I missing something? I want more staff.

BorisJohnson where are you? Games, games and more games. The furlough and self-employment support is taxable. That is the way of it. If she was that bothered she should have added on the tax to give a net £500. She just made the gesture political. So that's £500 to every full time NHS employee, regardless of their current salary or their proximity to the 'front line' and £0 to every other public employee, regardless of their contribution to the Covid response?

Cheers to the English Tory voters helping us pay for it 👍 RishiSunak MattHancock See how easy it is? NicolaSturgeon But what about the many NHS staff and social care workers who work part-time? This group comprises especially but not exclusively women and their contribution is just as valuable. Many of them will also have worked above and beyond their contract. Zetadoc

How dare she Meanwhile, teachers (and other 'essential workers') in England have had their salaries frozen by BoJo and the Tories - not so much as a 'thank you', just pushed under a bus! Sturgeon deals with tax, in Scotland not Boris. We pay more tax in Scotland than people down south. She is trying yet again to fool people into thinking it is WM that calls the shots. Same with child poverty 13 plus years and SNP did nothing. Baby boxes do not heat homes or meals

what about the garages that have been open serving people during the pandemic right through? also what about the poor restaurants that had to close also the small businesses? My God. She is as slippery is an eel. BBCScotlandNews Ye raging Douglas4Moray Why are you not the prime minister of this country? Thank you 😊

This is a slap in the face to every worker in the private sector and to all the business's that have closed due to her mismanagement and lies, NHS staff were only doing there jobs. buyingvotes HMRC are being told by the SNP to offer a tax break on a payment that hasn't gone through due process so the SNP can complain about how bad the govmt is? Highly manipulative politics by the SNP praying on the covid pandemic,there is nothing kind with this folks.

WingsScotParty BBCPolitics NicolaSturgeon announces new investment to BREED NEW VOTERS!! With her own words ringing in her ears “once in a generation” she announces a back up plan to pay £8320 + food + more for every new voter a Scotish person can breed to create an independance voting army from 2037!

WeNurses Packs bags moves to Scotland BBCPolitics what about supermarket workers? 🤣🤣🤣 BBCPolitics So how about everyone else getting £500! Shop workers...bus drivers...always with the NHS :/ everyone else doesn't count!! Cash for votes. Classic. Boris upstaged again. theSNP Thankyou 🙏 BBCScotlandNews Cash for votes is bribery by any other word by a desperate NicolaSturgeon And what about other key workers in supermarkets, pharmacists, bereavement services, transport services, utility services (gas, water, electricity), refuse collectors, sewerage services etc. ?

theSNP The same Nicola Sturgeon who has just given £2 million away in foreign aid!. She repeatedly demands more money from the UK Gov, then gives it away to win votes. Anyone would think an election is due. Wouldn’t be able to give this money out if Scotland were independent BBCPolitics more bribes. ffs

She lives in another world. Can’t get an appointment with a GP (and it was bloody difficult before covid) and whole areas of the NHS just stopped working (and, no, their staff hadn’t been reassigned to fight the fight against covid). You can keep your blood money. What about children’s social care? We’ve been working throughout responding to children at risk, poverty, neglect, families with no food or money, parents taking their stress out on each other and their kids!!😢

A slap in the face for every other key worker who worked right through. Get a bonus for doing the job that you signed up for. Wonder if us truck drivers wi get a bonus for keeping the country running through the whole shit show There are circa 160,000 NHS employees in Scotland. That equates to £80M before you even start counting social care workers. Is this coming out of the £1Bn from UK Gov to support businesses that the Nats have failed to distribute?

Ever heard of the phrase 'if something sounds too good to be true it probably is'. No one gives a way £500 tax free cash ... not even Nicola Sturgeon .. Therell be a catch down the line..