Covid hospital numbers could get scary - Prof Chris Whitty

It comes as the UK recorded almost 50,000 new cases on Thursday - the highest number since January.

7/16/2021 12:45:00 PM

Covid hospitalisations are doubling every three weeks and could hit 'scary numbers' in future, says Prof Chris Whitty

It comes as the UK recorded almost 50,000 new cases on Thursday - the highest number since January.

Prof Whitty predicted that in the medium term, coronavirus could mutate into a "vaccine escape variant" that could take the UK "some of the way backwards" into the worst days of the pandemic."The further out in time we go, the more tools we have at our disposal from science, the less likely that is but you can never take that possibility completely off the table," he said.

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"But you know, science has done a phenomenal job so far and it will continue to do so."Prof Whitty's comments echo his statements at Monday's Downing Street coronavirus briefing where Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the final stage of unlocking in England would take place on 19 July.

The chief medical officer said the "overwhelming view" of the scientific community was that moving "slowly" through the next step of easing restrictions was "essential".He added that while the numbers of people being admitted to hospital with Covid were "not trivial", they were rising at a much lower rate than previous waves.

Explaining the government's approach, Ms Frazer told Sky News: "It is really important that we get the balance right between ensuring that we keep this virus under control and we take the necessary clinical measures to do that, but that we also recognise that there are consequences of not opening up and not allowing people to go about their daily lives."

She added that "a large number of people have been vaccinated, we've had a really tough time, we're still asking people to take responsibility and we do need to ask ourselves, if we don't open up now, when will we be able to open up?"

On Thursday, the UK recorded new 48,553 new infections and a further 63 deaths within 28 days of a positive test.Delta virus variant cases rose by 17% in the latest week, with a further 36,800 recorded, Public Health England (PHE) said.The variant continues to account for approximately 99% of confirmed cases of coronavirus across the UK.

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So is the Gov listening to the Science The doom monger CW, the end of the world is nigh. We will all get this Covid, let it run it's course and be done with it. It's a wonder he sleeps nights. If this man had an ounce of integrity. He would have resigned and told us the truth. His reputation is in tatters.

Is scary a scientific quantification? Does NHS now mean National (i.e.English ) Hospital Service. Reading of the Beveridge report would get things back on track. I thought the NHS was set up to protect the U.K. citizens, so why is it all about now the citizens protecting the NHS ? Doesn't stop them going to Wimbledon, wembly or Silverstone tho does it👍

Are you going to admit most covid19 deaths were fake. Even Boris admitted this a week ago when he said 50k cases a day by July 19, by end of next week we will start to see the effect Euro Finals and then in two weeks time how Freedom Day will probably have more than doubled daily cases within less than two weeks

Meanwhile the CMO_England takes his salary and the prestige of his position and does ……. NOTHING 🤬

UK Covid live: hospitalisation numbers could reach ‘quite scary’ levels in weeks, says Chris WhittyLatest updates: chief medical officer warns that England is ‘not yet out of the woods’ ahead of lifting of legal restrictions on 19 July I gave listening ears to her mentorship. It hasn't been easy with my investment of R5000 I received R45k in return. I didn't wanted huge return I only wanted a trusted trade educator. I want to use this time to give due appreciation to Mrs Jessica Jessica17670248 More scaremongering when hospitals aren’t overwhelmed and have low death rates. Honestly THE WORLD DOESN'T KNOWN WHAT COVID-19 IS EXACTLY, STARTING WITH IT'S TRUE ORIGIN AND WHY IT MUTATES AND ADAPTS ITSELF RAPIDLY TO HUMANS. THE VACCINES ARE FINE TO IMPEDE SEVERITY BUT NOT SO QUITE THE ILLNESS ITSELF. SO,THE WORLD WILL HAVE TO ADAPT TO THIS, AND STAY LOCKED LONGER.

'Scientist covers his arse just in case' This is a better headline Yes,but doubling of low numbers , u double 3 u get 6 So why did he stand beside the PM and agree the release measures Hoe often has this guy forecasted correctly? And why still pressing a medium term already failing vax for all instead of like for flu : vax those that really need it . Rest doesn’t need at barely to no health threat

Don’t worry, Boris will find a solution. Being Boris that means the worlds best or a world beating solution Must give people the correct medications BEFORE they deteriorate and need to be hospitalised. EARLY TREATMENTS WORK how many more deaths before govt makes cures available at home? IvermectinSavesLives COVIDTreatments Covid19UK

God help us if war comes along We shall be locking down and surrendering Everyone panic! To the toilet paper section now! CMO_England admits what he is doing is not science and looks likely to kill more people but he won't talk about how this continued spread is going to create a vaccine resistant virus

Mr Whitty, please tell us in your honest opinion, does BorisJohnson even CARE about what you say when he's decided that it's a great idea to not wear masks AND not keep 2 metres socially distanced?

Chris Whitty warns Covid surge could get Britain ‘into trouble again surprisingly fast’‘We are not by any means out of the woods yet on this’ warns England’s chief medical officer Yeah no shit 🙄 Chris Whitty is complicit though. They've all been absolutely reckless and unethical with the UK population. It's sickening. No government and individual idiocy will get UK in trouble again! Covid can only do what we are dumb enough to let it do! Monday 19th July 2021 IsabelOakeshott AllisonPearson JuliaHB1

CharlesHeslett the key word being 'COULD' like seasonal flu This man has no credibility

Covid-19: Whitty says case levels may get 'scary' and warning on organ damage➡️ Infection numbers could still get 'scary', says Whitty ➡️ Younger adults risk Covid organ damage - study ➡️ Covid staff shortage could shut meat production Here's our morning coronavirus update

Whitty warns we could be back in lockdown in 5 weeks as Covid cases spiralENGLAND could be plunged back into lockdown within five weeks as Covid cases surge during the third wave, Chris Whitty has warned. The chief medical officer says coronavirus hospitalisations are do… Please can we lock down Chris Whitty so we never have to listen to him again? Because the lockdowns are working, aren't they!! 😔

Covid-19 rules: How six countries fared after easing Covid rulesAs England approaches an end to social contact laws, how have other countries managed? UK Summary. Last updated on Wednesday 14 July 2021 at 5:45pm Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK. Deaths within 28 days of positive test. Daily 49 Total Deaths 128,530 Cases. People tested positive Daily 42,302 Include China. Life almost entirely back to normal for well over a year now. Only a handful of deaths and a few hundred cases. More than 2 million lives saved compared to the UK.

COVID-19: UK 'not out of the woods yet' and pandemic 'has got a long way to run', Professor Chris Whitty warns'I don't think we should underestimate the fact that we could get into trouble again surprisingly fast,' Professor Chris Whitty warns, as he says people should approach the end of most restrictions on Monday with caution. U have let people have the astra zeneca inian jabs when its not been approved 3 Batch numbers an mines friggin one of them absolute endless lies i will not be having anymore