Covid-hit Piers was bed-bound for WEEK & says vaccine may have saved his life

Covid-hit Piers was bed-bound for week and says vaccine may have saved his life

7/25/2021 11:15:00 AM

Covid-hit Piers was bed-bound for week and says vaccine may have saved his life

DOUBLE-jabbed Piers Morgan was bed-bound for a week battling Covid – and said the vaccine may have saved his life. The ex-Good Morning Britain presenter says he was infected during the chaos …

6Piers Morgan is pictured at the Euro 2020 final with his sons and actor Jack WhitehallCredit: InstagramMorgan said the Covid vaccine saved his lifeCredit: instagram/piersmorganThe broadcaster posed for selfies with fans at WembleyCredit: instagramAnd the broadcaster, who has won widespread acclaim for his criticism of the Government's pandemic policies, said he was struck down with a raging fever, chills and violent coughing fits.

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He wrote in theMail on Sundaythat on July 16 he suffered through a "horrible night of high fever, cold sweats, ferocious coughing and sneezing and strange aches all over my body, none of which has been helped by the very hot weather that's turned my bedroom into a Saharan furnace".

The following Monday he said he was "hit by a sudden, brutal blast of debilitating fatigue that left me flat-lined in bed all day and feeling as if I'd been run over".By July 21 he was"still flat-lined in bed".He wrote: "Been a week now and although the fever's long gone, the fatigue keeps overwhelming me like a soporific tidal wave. I haven't even read a newspaper since developing symptoms, which for a news junkie like me is unprecedented."

Piers said the vaccine had saved his life, and his thoughts were with former GMB colleague Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper.Morgan wrote: "Derek is three years younger than me and remains in a virtual coma 15 months after being rushed to hospital at the height of the first wave of the pandemic with a headache and breathing issues.

"Of course, the big and very fortunate difference for me is that vaccines have since been developed and I'm double-jabbed with the Oxford/AstraZeneca one."🔵coronavirus live blogfor the latest updatesHe said he told Kate during his Covid struggle: "I've felt pretty awful with Covid but the vaccine may well have saved my life. Derek never had the chance to take one. That just seems so desperately unfair."

She replied: "It is, but I just hope everyone who can take it, does. I wouldn't wish what we're going through on anyone."Morgan also revealed that former footballer Jamie Redknapp also caught Covid after attending the final at Wembley.

Piers wrote: "I was due to have dinner with England football legend Jamie Redknapp but when I cancelled and explained why, he revealed he, too, has had Covid."FINAL CHAOSOfficials assured fans attending the final that only fully-vaccinated spectators, or those with negative tests, would be allowed into the stadium.

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What? You get sick despite a 'vaccine ' means you did not receive a 'vaccine '. Who gives fck? Even more have survived WITHOUT any vaccine Indeed it may have. If it’s so So SO safe why don’t their CEOs take the jab? 🤷🏻 He’s a fine comedian. I liked his sketch with that socialite Michelle Martin I saw a few years ago. Or was it Michelle Maxwell? Not sure of her name but it was hilarious. It was about a middle eastern spy who slipped on a banana & then accidentally killed himself at a hospital

And he still has one jab appointment probably 4. What do you think he will survive that? Hits the obese harder, I believe. You had it mild then. I was bed bound for 3 weeks. Worst pain is ever know. This was before vaccines were available though. Glad you’re on the mend Liars. He never had 💩

Piers Morgan says he caught Covid-19 at Euro final despite being double-jabbedFormer Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has revealed he caught coronavirus at the Euro 2020 final at Wembley despite having both doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine Hi, Logo Designer is here! Order Your Logo or Mail: Thank You. He's also double chinned.

IR35 FRAUD BRIDGEWATER NHS TRUST BLEEDING tax payers money and paying locum doctors and nurses in dermatology outside ir35.. Save NHS and HMRC. Shame it wasn't for much longer and he was comatised at least then he'd shut the hell up. Battling? is he jumping on COVID bandwagon to get sympathy? attaching Harry and megan hasn't worked. piersmorgan

“Jabs Army” innit? Idiots. Dammit. Piers 'trustworthy source' Morgan Lol nice vaccine dummy camus37 It is not a vaccine. 'May'

Covid-19: Covid cost to last for 'decades' - and is UK a variant breeding ground?Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Sunday morning. thanks Well, the members of the government are responsible for not acting properly in preventing and stopping the virus from getting into the country and damaging the economy so they should be held accountable and they should pay the bill, not us the citizens. bad news, children, who are not presently vaccinated at all, can be reservoirs for covid, contract and infect others with covid, be used by the virus to develop new variants, because they're human and have lungs which they use to breathe both in and out

So it doesn't give you immunity, you can still transmit it to others and you still risk ending up in bed sick for a week. So it works well then is that what we are saying? camus37 So glad this guy has been doubled jabbed. At least we won’t have to deal with him in the near future! Damn that vaccine Only a week 🤣🤣🤣

I decided to make a meatball at home, instead of going out and buying a meatball at the gas station. Homemade meatball prolly saved my life... Please give me some attention... Thank you.❤ Who cares They should of made everyone get a test for the Euro final. Morgan thought he was invincible being double jabbed. What a tit !!!

So what! Millions have been worse than this. Why because it is loud mouth Morgan. Good to see the face covering at Wembley. I wonder if it stopped being on Twitter 24/7. Doubt it because I like thousands are blocked because he can’t take criticism and he walks away like an idiot. Don’t let Boris into your shops pubs nightclub Restaurant and Any other MPs Who support slave QR codes passport

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pingdemic Or vice versa He had a fake vaccine camus37 These pushers wouldn't dare speak up against the global drug cartel as they would be taken out by their other media assassins & left hang out without their fix. Sell out fame & fortune junkies PRO'S. Try being bed bound with a chronic illness!! I don’t trust him, attention ⚠️ seeker Muppet, The Guy was fit than ever

'May have' ? What else could have? It's premature to conclude the result. Shameless media the Sun.

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Nothing trivial we hooe. So have many people, including myself a few weeks ago. Anything for a headline this guy. Oh well at least he's talking about something else for a change and not thou who shall not be named 😴😴😴😴😂😂😂 Is there ANYTHING he won't do to get attention... Don’t you think we would have had a breathe by breathe account from his death bed if he had COVID? No! Because he’s been playing golf and travelling around to various events and on Twitter every single minute of the day. fullof💩

More attention seeking than katie price Yes ! Jabs Save Lives. All publicity is good for this tw*t....he is probably writing a book about his ordeal And..... The world is still turning. The pathetic British press supporting self serving publicity. And they wonder why they have no credibility Bed bound!!! 😂😂 utter bullshit

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He was still tweeting during that week Not been getting enough attention lately piersmorgan 🙄 itsallaboutme It's always about him

Double-jabbed Piers Morgan says he caught Delta variant as controls collapsed at EurosPIERS MORGAN has revealed that despite receiving both coronavirus vaccinations, he has since tested positive. Or, he broke covid guidance. I know someone who got covid from being a volunteer steward (said the organisation was dire!) and another who got it from his son who went to the final. All three thankfully are getting better but this packed final was just a Boris vanity project!! My barber said his friend was double vaccinated went to Wembley and caught the virus