Covid: GPs can defer some services in booster jab push

Covid: GPs can suspend some services in booster jab push

12/4/2021 8:22:00 AM

Covid: GPs can suspend some services in booster jab push

Practices in England can postpone minor surgery and routine health checks for over-75s, NHS chiefs say.

made by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation.As well as recommending that all over-18s in the UK should be offered top-up vaccines, the JCVI said the minimum gap between the second dose and boosters should be cut from six to three months.

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In aletter released on Friday, NHS England acknowledged that services were already under pressure, but said there was a new "national mission" to increase vaccine capacity.Setting out steps for ramping up the booster roll-out, the letter said the Army and "clinical students" could be called on to help deliver vaccines.

It also said theNHS's booking servicefor vaccinations in England would be updated "no later" than 13 December to allow all adults to book their top-up jabs and to reflect the change in guidance from the JCVI.Dr Gary Howsam, vice chair of the Royal College of GPs, said "capacity needs to expand" in order to meet the target of offering all eligible people a booster jab by the end of January.

"These are sensible, temporary measures that will address some of the bureaucratic demands on practices and have minimal impact on the care patients receive in general practice, allowing GPs and our teams to focus their efforts where currently most clinically necessary," Dr Howsam said.

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"We hope these measures will support primary care networks to get involved in delivering the expanded booster campaign, if they are not already and feel it is safe to do so."Dr Farah Jameel, the GP committee chair of the British Medical Association, said NHS England's plans would remove "some of the more bureaucratic and target-based requirements within practices' contracts" and free up time "to get more jabs into arms, while allowing practices to focus on patients who need their attention the most".

But the Patients Association toldthat withdrawing some services risked signs of illness being missed, disrupting the relationship between patients and the NHS.First Welsh Omicron caseUntil the rollout was expanded, boosters had been restricted to those aged 40 and over, front-line health or social workers, and those with health issues.

Priority for boosters will still be given to those at the greatest risk, with jabs being given in descending age groups and to the most at-risk groups first, NHS England's letter says.More than 19 million booster or third doses have been given in the UK so far,

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according to government statistics.On Friday the UK reported a further 50,584 cases of coronavirus and a further 143 deaths within 28 days of a positive Covid test.The rush to expand the vaccination programme comes as more cases of the Omicron variant,

where it is driving a surge in infections, are found.

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Why, vaccines are being administered by special volunteers and nurses. How does this impact and entire surgery? Just more bullshit excuses for lousy services, due to lack of funds. I just don't get it we get vaccinated but then get told to wear masks ? then this new variant is milder than the one we have now but we don't have to wear masks for the alpha one ? and we had 63 cases of the new variant today but 43,992 of the alpha variant

The GP’s haven’t done much since covid it’s bullshit all these people locked down face masks etc have covid, I’ve worked all over hospitals, transport garages and so many hires I can’t count haven’t caught a thing, and couldn’t get time off If it's more spreadable but has mild symptoms what's all the fuss !!! Let is spread and be the dominant strain ,, it's a No brainer

I don't remember the last time the reception was open in my surgery, I went in last week to ask a question (can't get through on the phone), the reception still closed down and TWO people sitting in the waiting room. My GP surgery has already suspended almost all services! Tried repeatedly over last few months to get an appointment to be told “we are only dealing with emergencies”, so I can’t get my general health concerns addressed but at least I can get endless jabs 🙄

NHS being set up to fail and will shortly be sold off just like everything else Bozo has lied about !! All those who think the answer to health is constant medication and jabs are in for an expensive and rude surprise !! Next variant AIDS This is absolutely disgusting! Don't the Brits pay extra taxes for these services? If you're going to cut some people out of their basic medical care, you should at least give them their money back.

How communistic & fascist of them to allow these rules.! 🤮🤮 They’ve deferred all their services! I don’t think ours can do any less 🙄

GPs in England get green light to provide less care and join Covid jab driveGovernment says doctors can do less monitoring of people with diabetes and heart problems, under controversial changes These GPS loosing more credibility by the dsy So, hopefully the number of people who don’t die of COVID will offset the additional number who die of heart disease and diabetes GP should use there common sense and act accordingly.not tow the line with this incompetent govt.

Given GPs have 'suspended' so much since early 2020, I really doubt that it will make any difference to their patients 🙄 They could suspend GPs doing private work for Insurance Claimants and also those administering Botox and Fillers to bump up their already generous wages. To BorisJohnson trussliz pritipatel and all MPs.We voted for u to be our government. To be government mean u have responsibility about the citizens. To protect them when they r in danger. To help them when they r in need. We r British citizens trapped in Afghanistan need help

England When am l going to get my flu jab that l have been promised? I am a pensioner with diabetes. Why don’t they defer the services of the people who aren’t vaccinated? Disgraceful GP's still exist? My GP hasn't had a service for 2 years 🙃 Honestly since covid came the shutters have been closed and phones put on silent 🤫

So gp’s are looking themselves in the surgeries once again. Mine was throwing prescription out of the window like it was Black Death out there.

Covid: Pfizer and Moderna jabs give best overall boost, UK trial findsResearchers say there are signs the boosters would still offer protection against new variant Omicron. *they provide higher antibody counts▪️They also provide risk of Myocardiatis death. Azn provides risk of Bloodclot death▪️higher antibody count in mrna goes down too fast too soon to beat risk of death making Novavax the safest vaccine. Staying safe and healthy is 💉 goal rt We all need an Overall boost Can you believe it? ( see both tweets below)

I've waited 7 months for my doctor to ring me for my 1St jab so it mustn't be that important so I'm not getting it they’re already in hiding and not seeing patients causing immense pressure on a&e depts across the country. this just gives them another excuse not to do their jobs. 'the chimpanzee adenovirus used by AstraZeneca... attracts the blood protein known as “platelet factor 4” to it.' 'which triggers a reaction from the body’s immune system that can result in clots.' It would have been nice to know this BEFORE, not AFTER.

GPs have sacrificed a lot of services recently. Is this even news. Can't get an appointment for a review of my chronic illness. 😅 Here we go again I'm an OAP and every time I've had Covid and 'flu jabs , it's been done by a nurse/ health care assistant- more recently at my local pharmacy. Never ever seen a GP doing jabs.

Shocking, blatant and unnecessary age discrimination. JamesJo76415286 Haven't they suspended all services for the last 2 years! Suspend WHAT services? You can’t get an appointment to see them now, they don’t call you when you can only book a phone call appointment, instead they just send you a text and tell what to do. They are NOT fit for purpose as it is.

This is pure ageism stopping checks for over 75s! Are older people suddenly less important? Appalling. Shame on you GPs!

New Covid drug that cuts risk of death by 79% is approved in UKNHS bosses will hope the move can give them a major boost ahead of a difficult winter. Cue the “it’s better than the vaccines” sales pitch

Scandalous. Isn't the average age of people dying within 28 days of a positive test 82? According to the worldhealthorganization OmicronVarient affects you no worse than the common cold, so stop the daft 10 day isolation period. Everyone get out and have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS ! GodSaveTheQueen and BuyBritish ! 👏👏🇬🇧🇬🇧

No wonder £15 a jab they are getting KERCHING They would have to be doing some to suspend any Are there any services left that they haven't already suspended? Haven’t been able to see a GP since this all started. They won’t accept appointments. Write about that. Defer so the gps can make there £15 a jab ! Disgraceful again

'Can suspend some services' - hasn't that been the norm for the past 18 months? GP services have totally exploited the pandemic and will continue to do so long after the virus is gone. My gp surgery suspended normal services 21 months ago. Our Go refer you to s vaccination center run by volunteers and they even book you in that's why we have nearly 50% of over 40 jabbed

UK approves new Covid drug that cuts risk of death by 80%The UK’s medical regulator has approved a second monoclonal antibody treatment for Covid-19, after a clinical trial found it reduced vulnerable adults’ risk of hospitalisation and death by 79 per cent. So, if you’re good at math, risk of death allegedly goes from 1% to 0.02% by using this unproven medicine while, at the same time, it’s guaranteed to put an additional $20 billion per year into the pockets of big pharma (whether it works or not)... 🤔

Just want to say a very big thank you to Mrs lisamiaBTC and her company platform for their transparency, I had doubts at first but seeing I got paid I deemed it necessary to share with the general public and to let them know that you can be truly trusted..thank you so much. What services apart from repeat prescriptions

Another example of public health being sacrificed at the altar of covid. A selection process for who gets treatment here and in Austria & Germany a selection process for who can go out and mix with others. Does anyone else find this a bit scary! Got mine in 11 days time.

Pregnant women fear losing jobs over Covid safety worries, survey findsExclusive: Maternity Action urges ministers to overhaul ‘not fit for purpose’ workplace health and safety rules

Covid: Trigger of rare blood clots with AstraZeneca jab found by scientistsResearchers in Cardiff and the US work out how the Covid jab may be linked to the extremely rare clots. rare...?!!! So many 'rare' reactions