Covid disruption gets worse for secondary schools

Warning of 'collapse' in attendance as 22% secondary pupils in England sent home by Covid cases.

11/24/2020 5:05:00 PM

More than one in five secondary pupils in England missed school last week, as Covid disruption gets worse

Warning of 'collapse' in attendance as 22% secondary pupils in England sent home by Covid cases.

image copyrightPA Media"The reality behind these figures is that many schools are experiencing disruption on a monumental scale and are desperately trying to cling on to the end of term," said the heads' leader.Overall attendance is down to 83% of pupils, below 86% in the previous week - and although the way figures were gathered changed in October, they show attendance dipping since half term.

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This fall is particularly concentrated in secondary schools, with 78% in class last Thursday, down from 87% on 5 November.Across both primary and secondary schools, the figures show about one in 10 pupils were out of school because of Covid-related concerns.

The great majority of pupils being sent home are because of potential contacts - rather than pupils having caught coronavirus, with only 0.2% of pupils recorded as confirmed cases.Primary schools have so far been less disrupted, with 87% of pupils attending - but the number of schools sending home one more pupils has risen to 29%, compared with 22% the week before.

Among secondary schools, 73% were sending home pupils, compared with 64% the week before.A Department for Education spokeswoman said almost all schools had remained open this term - and there was online learning for those pupils who were self-isolating.

"It is a national priority to keep education settings open full-time, and that remains equally as important in the weeks up to the end of term as it was when young people returned for the new school year," said the DFE spokeswoman.Has your child's education been disrupted? Or are you a teacher whose work has been affected? Share your experiences by emailing include a contact number if you are willing to speak to a BBC journalist. You can also get in touch in the following ways: Read more: BBC News (UK) »

As it happened: PM announces new England lockdown in TV Covid address - BBC News

Schools will close for most pupils from Tuesday as people are told to stay at home in new lockdown.

This blog too has given several other ways to go about getting exams cancelled Reasons like this alone are why exams must be cancelled the lack of attendance will effect readiness for exams that an extra three weeks simply can’t mitigate For student’s, parents and careers write to the education committee

My daughter missed school because she's being bullied. Despite anti-bullying month/week campaigns, neither the school or the police will help. 😢 It goes to show that schools are not complying with COVID rules, blame the teachers and parents. Another stock image from the BBC where the 84% are invisible, yet apparently representation is important.

And those that are in school are sat in coats trying to keep warm bc all windows & doors are open for ventilation. That is what Dfe consider safe,appropriate learning conditions? Go to rota's, go online learning..bc THIS is not working SHUT ALL THE SCHOOLS NOW This Government is full of rubbish. In the Portsmouth area we have so many schools with bubbles out its becoming pointless keeping them open.

Coronaphobia in full swing. Numpties. My daughter is in year 9 and they all had 10 days off because there wasn't enough teachers. Oh dear Oh dear oh dear....We must keep these angelic little carriers in education at all cost .? Surely that means four out of five got their much needed education? The world is heralding such percentages as brilliant for a vaccine. So STOP looking for that half empty glass and uplift the nation with it as a success story!

Why are schools still open Why are the media not challenging appropriate people My 12 year old was sent home yesterday as someone in his ‘protective’ bubble tested positive. He goes back on 8th dec provided he doesn’t get symptoms. Both my wife and I are vulnerable. CloseSchoolsNOW Schools and parents could see the perfect storm coming but the govt chose to ignore solutions such as blended learning, rotas etc. Putting hundreds of children together with no social distancing measures in place was always going to create this outcome.

Man, and only 99.96% of them will survive, even if they actually get the virus! Careful!Corona. And how many of them went back to school with no effects suffered Trying to ramp up the narrative to try gey schools closed are we We could also read this as 80% of students in school and learning... It’s ok when the teachers let the kids take Fridays off to protest climate change though

You -Eat junk -Watch news -Watch porn -Live in debt -Don't exercise -Play video games -Smoke&Drink regularly -Have a single source income -Spend time with negative people And then you wonder why your life isn't changing? Follow me to change your life That bodes well for the GCSEs Boris is insisting they need to sit. . . . . 🤔

Not convinced secondary education should have remained open during lockdown, most Uni students not getting face to face tuition, no difference between them & 6th yrs.... Piling all the kids in together was never a good idea. bbc bullshte dept and tories...Kids are safer at school.. Kinda proves you were chatting boox.

There should be testing in all schools. They pretended that schools and unis wouldn’t be breeding grounds, and now they’re paying the price😐 And the secretary of state is? educationgovuk doesn’t quite stack up to your bragging this afternoon Doesn’t help that parents are letting their kids stay home when they get a sore throat

The poison dart will turn you into an AI/human hybrid if it doesnt kill you altogether. This is literally a life or death decision for people. RESIST! Covid is the cause of these problems, it's our moronic government. All be online soon like Gates' wants.