Covid could ruin Christmas festivities 'for the next five years', warn experts

Covid could ruin Christmas festivities 'for the next five years', warn experts

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12/4/2021 3:35:00 AM

Covid could ruin Christmas festivities 'for the next five years', warn experts

The government's scientific advisory group, SPI-M-O, has warned that coronavirus may cause havoc for Christmas festivities for the next five years until it is more effectively contained

The stark view of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling, Operational sub-group (SPI-M-O) is that it may take another five years for the virus to be dealt with in a predictable endemic state.The government advisory group said that many factors have to be taken into consideration in assessing how long it will take for Covid to become less dangerous and "it will take a long time", reported BirminghamLive.

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The scientists made the warning to government at a meeting on November 24."It will take a long time for Covid-19 to settle to its endemic state," the group warned."The path to endemicity will be critically dependent on the rate of waning of immunity and chosen policies on vaccination and boosting.

"SARS-CoV-2 will continue to be a threat to health system function and require active management, of which vaccination and surveillance are key, for at least the next five years."It comes as a further 75 cases of the Omicron variant have been confirmed in England amid signs of a “small amount” of community infection, the UK Health Security Agency (HSA) has said.

The latest cases take the total for England to 104 and for the UK as a whole to 134 – including the first confirmed case in Wales.Sage scientists have said that even if vaccinations are effective in tackling the virus, there are likely to be still high infection rates and hospitalisations which puts a big burden on the NHS.

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The Sage group stated: "Even if there continues to be good protection against severe disease for individuals from vaccination (including boosters), any significant reduction in protection against infection could still result in a very large wave of infections.

"This would in turn lead to potentially high numbers of hospitalisations even with protection against severe disease being less affected."The size of this wave remains highly uncertain but may be of a scale that requires very stringent response measures to avoid unsustainable pressure on the NHS.

"If vaccine efficacy is substantially reduced, then a wave of severe disease should be expected."It added: "It is important to be prepared for a potentially very significant wave of infections with associated hospitalisations now, ahead of data being available."

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The HSA has rated the new Omicron variant as “red” for severity of infection and “amber” for transmissibility between humans.It said the variant, first identified in South Africa, was likely to reduce the protection from both naturally or vaccine-acquired immunity.

However it acknowledged that there is so far “insufficient data” to reach firm conclusions and the assessment was presented with “low confidence”.An analysis by the HSA of 22 confirmed Omicron cases in England found 12 were of individuals who had received at least two doses of the vaccine.

Two had had a first dose of vaccine, six were unvaccinated while in two cases there was no available information.None of the individual affected are known to have been admitted to hospital or died, but the HSA said most cases were very recent and there was “a lag between onset of infection and hospitalisation and death”.

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When my family and I go to the shops we wear a mask! As soon as they stopped making it law no one wears a mask! Pubs, restaurants and clubs, with high volumes of mixed breath, then we go home! It won't ruin mine. Turn of your TV, stop reading the propaganda and fear mongering that the media print. Stop living in fear and get on with life. Enough is enough.

No it can’t but the Media can ! People are sick of the daily sensationalising from cheap shot daily rags. Have a poll and see what the public think of you lot ( gutter press). Stay with your experts this year It is a very unfortunate thing. Daily Sport Mirror there will be no shortage of Turkey's this Christmas

I'm quite surprised the word Xmas has not become politically incorrect Might cure the consumer addicts Oh please……🥱🙄🥱 Or 8 years? 2+8=10, there's an overpopulation of 30millons inhabitants. Up till now more than 5 Millon people died in 2 years . 😏 Could we shift the Xmas celebrations to a different time of year?

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