Covid booster jab booking system opens to over-40s in England

Covid booster jab booking system opens to over-40s in England

12/8/2021 4:32:00 AM

Covid booster jab booking system opens to over-40s in England

Another seven million people will be able to book their top up jab, including those in at-risk groups.

Some people aged 40 and over have already been invited for their top-up, but the latest change means they can now book the appointment themselves.Booster jabs were originally offered to the over-50s, front-line medical staff and people with health conditions that put them at greater risk. Last month the rollout was widened to include the over-40s.

The programme is being vastly expanded due to the threat of the Omicron variant, which.'Bolster our defences'NHS chief executive Amanda Pritchard said: "There is a lot we do not know about the Omicron variant but experts believe that even if existing vaccines are less effective they will give protection."

Dr Jenny Harries, head of the UK Health Security Agency, said boosters were critical to "bolster our defences against this new variant" and urged people to book their first, second or booster jab "without delay".Almost 21 million people in the UK have now had their booster,

official figures show. Some 88.9% of people aged over 12 in the UK have had their first dose and 81% have had their second.Meanwhile, the NHS is appealing for tens of thousands more vaccinators and volunteers to support the ramped up programme.Another 1,300 vaccination sites have opened in England since February, bringing the total number of sites to almost 3,000.

In summer,modelling suggestedmore than 60,000 deaths had so far been prevented in England as a result of the Covid vaccine programme.Health Secretary Sajid Javid said: "We are halving the gap that people have to wait to get their booster to three months - prioritising those most at risk of serious illness and strengthening our collective defences in light of the Omicron variant, as this virus goes on the advance this winter."

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This is a lie. I'm over 40 and had second jab in July. Tried online and not eligible, called 119 and was told I'm not eligible. Even stated on the nhs website it can be booked 2 months after 2nd dose. blatantlies

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