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Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil

Covid: Bolsonaro tells Brazilians to stop 'whining' as deaths top 260,000

Covid: Bolsonaro tells Brazilians to stop 'whining' as deaths top 260,000

3/6/2021 12:26:00 AM

Covid: Bolsonaro tells Brazil ians to stop 'whining' as deaths top 260,000

Critics condemn far-right president as ‘incurable sociopath’ after he told supporters: ‘How long are you going to keep on crying?’

The far-right populist made the inflammatory declaration on Thursday, as Brazil’s already dire Covid situation deteriorated and its average daily death toll rose above that of the United States.“Stop all this fussing and whining. How long are you going to keep on crying?” Bolsonaro asked supporters in the midwestern state of Goiás, where nearly 9,000 people have died.

With vaccination stuck in first gear, infections surging, intensive care units reaching capacity and close to 2,000 lives being lost each day, the answer looks certain to be quite some time. A report in the Valor Econômico newspaper on Friday claimed senior health ministry officials believed the daily death toll was likely to “explode” to more than 3,000 in the coming weeks.

Against that backdrop, Bolsonaro’s comments – widely seen as designed to distract from awkward reports about his son’s purchase of a luxury mansion – caused outrage.“Impeachment and jail for this crook,” tweeted Ciro Gomes, a prominent leftist rival, calling Bolsonaro “the gravedigger of Brazil”. headtopics.com

The composer Zeca Baleiro tweeted: “A president who says ‘stop whining and fussing’ at the most critical, painful and heart-rending moment the Brazilian people have faced since the start of the pandemic isn’t just a bungling politician, a bad man or a moron. He’s an incurable sociopath.”

One of the doyens of Brazilian diplomacy compared Bolsonaro to the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, under whose brutal rule tens of thousands of lives were lost.“Today, in the eyes of the world, Bolsonaro occupies the space that belonged to Idi Amin,” the former ambassador to the US, Rubens Ricupero, told Thaís Oyama, the author of a book about Brazil’s president called Storm.

Since Brazil’s Covid outbreak began last February, Bolsonaro has made a succession of outrageous, insulting and demonstrably false statements about a disease he trivializes as “a little flu”.On 10 December last year Bolsonaro claimed Brazil had reached “the tail-end” of its epidemic and had emerged better than any other country. Since then more than 82,000 Brazilians have died.

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hygino_m Estamos a beira do caos. Pela ineficiência na pandemia que mata sem dó, estamos desarmados sem vacina. Pela eminência de uma guerra civil onde nossos irmãos estão sento armados pela ideologia negacionista e radical. Estamos órfãos de lei e bom senso. Esperança, não vejo. SOCORRO People who call holding on to the mindlessness of the Covid panicdemic, fortitude, give Presidents like Trump and Bolsonaro free and huge amounts of credibility, so stop doing that as an added bonus.

Kduesquisofreni He's actually not far right. He's full totalitarian which leans more left..alongside your Hitler's and maos jeanwyllys_real Dá para não ver a cara dele nem por foto? He’s a genocide psycho, please help us to get rid of him until more people die... ForaBolsonaro ImpeachmentOuMorte ImpeachmentOrDeath

Bet him and Johnson get on like a house on fire! Bessies! jairmearrependi Viramos o TOP5 do The Guardian, New Your Times, ... e pelos piores motivos! Genocidal Bolsonaro is the new Hitler as well jeanwyllys_real Obrigada Jean! kkkkkkk what a... Wow, he makes Trump look like a saint Where are the Russians and their radioactive poison?

President Jair Bolsonaro is not a man of his people. Brazil StopBolsonaroMundial Help us! He is completely mad. Brazilians should 'whine' until Bolsonaro is in jail! Daisydewdrop18 Sounds to me like its Bolsonaro thats doing the whining Charmer. Who elected him? Yep. He said that when we had almost 2000 deaths in a SINGLE DAY

Nott every brazilian agrees w this asshole Our country is sick! And I'm not talking about Covid rafalaisa e mentiu? Acho que não. He’s “The Donald” of South America He has a point. In the same way we voted for the Tories and Boris Johnson (120,000+ deaths) and the US voted for Trump (521,000+ deaths although in fairness, they’ve gotten rid of the spiv)... This is democracy! They didn’t proclaim themselves the governors. Learn your lessons!

We are facing a President who is a denialist, he did not make a National Immunization plan. We have the pandemic out of control. We need help. SOSBrasil forabolsonaro Que fase meus amigos! Que fase! 😥🇧🇷 jairmearrependi Well, this mess is of your making too. And let's be honest, you're all probably having a laugh over our situation, because this is the aim, isn't it? Killing us.

jairbolsonaro disgusting!!!!!! Please, help us. We need foreign help against that mad man. jairbolsonaro is unfit to govern. Help us! We Brazilians need urgent help, from anyone, we can't and can't take it anymore! SOSBrasil dictator It is time for the international community to raise its awareness about the crimes being committed by the Brazilian government against its own people, that probably amounts to crimes against humanity as defined in international law

Lmao and some braindeads would call that a leader An Evil man destroying his country & the garden of Brazil the Amazon rain forest jairmearrependi Any country to revive me as a refugee? jairmearrependi I'm in this prison that he made for himself, my country turned into a giant prison!! The situation is complicated with Bolsonaro in power. Everyday is a different despair. We need help! ForaBolsonaroGenocida

The International Court of Justice in Haia needs to stop this man. I am Brazilian You have no idea what we are going through here, we are wrecked in chaos, deaths and lack of empathy, he disdains, mocking the deaths and the lamentations of those who lost someone, Irresponsible, immature, unprepared, contemporary genocide, we are lost.....help

We're living in a nightmare! The world has to stop him!!! jeanwyllys_real HELP USSSS 😢😢😢😢 SOSBrasil Yet another psychopath I wish this was taken out of context, BUT THE FUCKING CONTEXT IS EVEN WORSE. A imagem de Bolsonaro no exterior. Comparado com Idi Amin Dada. Vergonha internacional. Genocidal government.

He has always been a monster. jairmearrependi Don't vote for sociopaths. They kill you, one way or another! ai gente que vergonha Brazilian genocide. Bolsonaro is the murder. jairbolsonaro is killing our people, please we need internacional help. I hate this guy more than Trump but less than Elizabeth Windsor !

He is sadistic and his followers masochistic. jeanwyllys_real Brazil needs international help against this horrifying man. Bullshit. This president is fighting for his country, taken by criminals at the head of states and cities. They want to break the country apart so they can make him unelectable in the coming elections. This is a political matter.

ForaBolsonaro THE BIGGEST MOTHERFUCKER IN THE WORLD! our people are dying while he laughs Another right wing leader unable to deal with the global pandemic in the same way as other less extreme governments. Populism politics relies on talk not action pablovillaca help us 😭😭😭😭 Yeah, stop whining you're more than twice the size of the UK and we have half that amount.... 🙄 Dictators what are they like... 😡

Brazilians should be more like the people who died from Covid: cool. jairmearrependi Please nuke Brazil. We all want this suffering to end. Please we Brazilians need international help. President Bolsonaro with his denialism is killing Brazilians. SOSBrasil ForaBolsonaro There is no greater joy than having financial stability and a life free of debts, that’s why I keep tweeting a comment about gigsfrid

jeanwyllys_real Tell all of his speech ,not only a sentence. sound3vision Everyday I wake up Brazilian *Soca a parede* 🤔 ForaBolsonaro ImpeachmentBolsonaroUrgente BolsonaroGenocida Don't you guys ever forget WHAT CHINA HAS DONE TO YOUR COUNTRY. In what world have we ended up in where barely anyone blinks an eye at this sort of headline God or someone help us.

Do you agree that everybody globally wants to end up in the kingdom of God in heaven. Nobody ever wants to end up in hell fire under the earth. GrandFridayVigil He needs to put the fork 🍴 away. oh shut up