Covid: Antibodies 'fall rapidly after infection'

Covid: Antibodies 'fall rapidly after infection'

10/27/2020 3:08:00 AM

Covid: Antibodies 'fall rapidly after infection'

This is likely to mean immunity levels decline and raises the risk of reinfection, researchers say.

Levels of protective antibodies in people wane "quite rapidly" after coronavirus infection, say researchers.Antibodies are a key part of our immune defences and stop the virus from getting inside the body's cells.The Imperial College London team found the number of people testing positive for antibodies has fallen by 26% between June and September.

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They say immunity appears to be fading and there is a risk of catching the virus multiple times.More than 350,000 people in England have taken an antibody test as part of the REACT-2 study so far.In the first round of testing, at the end of June and the beginning of July, about 60 in 1,000 people had detectable antibodies.

But in the latest set of tests, in September, only 44 per 1,000 people were positive.It suggests the number of people with antibodies fell by more than a quarter between summer and autumn."Immunity is waning quite rapidly, we're only three months after our first [round of tests] and we're already showing a 26% decline in antibodies," said Prof Helen Ward, one of the researchers.

The fall was greater in those over 65, compared with younger age groups, and in those without symptoms compared with those with full-blown Covid-19.The number of healthcare workers with antibodies remained relatively high, which the researchers suggest may be due to regular exposure to the virus.

image copyrightGetty Imagesimage captionY-shaped antibodies stick to the surface of viruses to stop them infecting the body's cellsAntibodies stick to the surface of the coronavirus to stop it invading our body's cells, and attract the rest of the immune system.

Exactly what the antibody drop means for immunity is still uncertain. There are other parts of the immune system, such as T-cells, which may also play a role.However, the researchers warn antibodies tend to be highly predictive of who is protected.Prof Wendy Barclay said: "We can see the antibodies and we can see them declining and we know antibodies on their own are quite protective.

"On the balance of evidence, I would say it would look as if immunity declines away at the same rate as antibodies decline away, and that this is an indication of waning immunity."There are four other human coronaviruses, which we catch multiple times in our lives. They cause common cold symptoms and we can be reinfected every six to 12 months.

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There have been very few confirmed cases of peoplegetting Covid twice. However, the researchers warn this may be due to immunity only just starting to fade since the peak infection rates of March and April.The hope is the second infection will be milder than the first, even if immunity does decline, as the body should have an "immune memory" of the first encounter and know how to fight back.

The researchers say their findings do not scupper hopes of a vaccine, which may prove more effective than a real infection.One of the researchers, Prof Graham Cooke, said: "The big picture is after the first wave, the great majority of the country didn't have evidence of protective immunity.

"The need for a vaccine is still very large, the data doesn't change that."What do I need to know about the coronavirus? Read more: BBC News (UK) »

Covid: Have we finally got a coronavirus vaccine?

Will the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine be the game-changer in fighting the virus, and what are the alternatives?

Keep up the Good Work!!!! Damn this virus is really going to be the end of the world Antibodies are irrelevant Immune system memory, which remains, is what matters IdiotReporting It is in agreement with the 'weakening diversity' feature of coronavirus in general, i.e., the strains of Covid are becoming weaker with more variants…这与新冠'弱化多样性'的一般特点一致,即新冠病毒将有更多弱化的变异种。

Stop posting theory,,,, nothing confirmed! Interesting findings. Initial thoughts: -More data among confirmed + cases are needed rather than a broad community sample for modeling this. -This appears more correlation than causation. -I wouldn’t be surprised if immunity wanes & reinfection is possible. It’s a coronavirus.

There are several recent studies on t-cell reaction to CV. Not to mention there have only been around 5 verified cases of reinfection out of 750 million total infections (WHO estimate). Fear gets clicks. This account is just the absolute pits. Goebbels would’ve been proud. You are just as bad as CNN. British FAKE NEWS

Why is this leading the news cycle today without any mention of likely greater contribution and longer duration of T-cell mediated immunity protecting us vs SARS CoV2 infection? Important surely, but please provide balanced reporting for scared public! eg Almost as if the chimera virus was engineered for 'efficacy' ...

More scaremongering less TV licence money Compared and contrasted to behaviours of equivalents such as flu? Seems to be sensationalising a well understood property of a virus in general! Perhaps the antibodies do, but you're not telling the full truth. T-cell immunity remains intact and its the t-cell immunity which will fight the severity of reinfection as it does with other common cold and flu infections. Investigate, tell full truths, stop the fear campaign

Surely the fall in percentage is only relevant to the sample size. So, whilst 60 down to 44 is over a 25% drop, the percentage decrease per 1000 is actually only something like 1.5% When re exposed to covid antibodies remain high. So lockdown prevents our immune systems having a top up. Makes me wonder how bad next year will be for every other disease which we have been hidden from

Whereas antibodies in circulation fall quite soon that isn’t necessarily the end of immune memory. What it does mean, though, is that the antibody test doesn’t tell us about who has immunity. In fact it looks like another failing “game changer”. Oh really - maybe explain how non lockdown Sweden doing so well then? Or is that not enough propaganda to report on for you? Proper Journalism is dead. COVID19 lockdown HerdImmunity

COMPLETE AND UTTER BOLLOCKS!!! Prof Helen Ward obviously got a significant pay rise from the government spouting this ERRONEOUS BULLSHIT!!! So, herd immunity is a load of crap. But... that’s how the immune system works, after killing the pathogen, it’s wasting body materials and are recycled by enzymes, leaving T cells incase the pathogen returns, which in turn causes a secondary response, a massive wave of antibodies produced by the T cells, ur welcome

I had covid beginning of March, had anti body test in June/July and still had antibodies. I was also pregnant when having covid. Immunity to Covid-19 may last only a few months after infection. July 11, 2020. King’s College London scientists found steep drops in patients’ antibody levels three months after infection. coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) COVID19

T cells are the key to immunity, not antibodies. BBC scaremongering again. On whose orders? And why? How many people have gotten it twice? T-cell immunity. Read up. Given that the current vaccines are based on the same auto-immune response that the body gives to the actual virus, does this not suggest the vaccines will be short lived too?

Stop scaremongering you Bill Gates owned twats. Go and look up T-Cell immunity No mention of T cell immunity. Funny that... Antibodies are not the only part of the immune system. This is easy to look up. Uh oh My father 73 contracted Covid in april. He is a dentist, still practising. He was ill, felt awful with fever, fatigue and disorientation for a week. He recovered. Back at work treating patients. Had his antibody test last week as he wants to get on with his life; treat patients.

Ah, I thought it was some reliable source, instead it’s ICL with another apocalyptic study what? .in weeks time?..thats not normal is it? wth kind of virus is this..Jaberwag had it end march/april. Been donating plasma since May 1. Antibodies tested monthly. Still high.

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Proportion of people in England with Covid antibodies has fallen, study saysFigure has dropped by over a quarter in three months, fuelling concerns over reinfection Geez, maybe because it wears off? Hard up for stories today, huh? I really hoped this was a story about spaghetti hoops. 🎃🎃🎃contactless

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