Covid alert: New Omicron variant ‘surging’ and could ‘evade immunity even more’ – expert

Covid alert: New Omicron variant ‘surging’ and could ‘evade immunity even more’ – expert

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1/24/2022 12:10:00 AM

Covid alert: New Omicron variant ‘surging’ and could ‘evade immunity even more’ – expert

THE new Omicron sub-variant BA.2 is 'surging' in Europe, possibly explained by 'much faster transmission or it evades immunity even more', one health expert has speculated.

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Its very believable, the UK is an island & can control its borders better than the EU & countries like Asia USA etc where movement is so easy. Non vaccinated can move freely across borders, technically UK entry needs vaccinated only people. Will this ever end? 🙄 Well, the media need a scaremongering story...

Covid: New Zealand PM Ardern cancels wedding amid Omicron waveNew restrictions are set to be introduced after nine Omicron cases were confirmed in the country. She is the definition of cancel culture - this will be her downfall - all woke and no substance ... Isn’t she already married? So, you're saying I still have a chance ?

‘Stealth Omicron’: Everything we know about new ‘under investigation’ Covid-19 strain😷‘Stealth Omicron ’: Everything we know about new ‘under investigation’ Covid -19 strain ⚠️👇🏼WATCH OUT!!!👇🏼⚠️ ⚠️👇🏼WATCH OUT!!👇🏼⚠️ Lol… “we need more lockdowns… quick create a new one!

The Omicron symptom that could help you predict infection BEFORE a Covid testONE Covid symptom could be warning you that you’re infected with the virus BEFORE a positive lateral flow test. As Plan B restrictions are starting to lift across England, experts are warning…

Covid-19 Omicron variant symptoms: Which signs to look forSymptoms of Omicron : Headache, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough and more

Jacinda Ardern cancels wedding amid new Covid restrictions in New Zealand‘I am no different to, dare I say it, thousands of other New Zealanders who have had much more devastating impacts felt by the pandemic,’ prime minister says Who cares whether she marry or no? She already have a kid. As a kiwi who can’t return home I’m still really proud she’s doing the right thing. She’s protecting my elderly parents and family. Tough but fair Good

Jacinda Ardern puts ALL of New Zealand on the highest Covid alertJacinda Ardern has placed the whole of New Zealand under the highest Covid alert setting after just 84 new cases in the country. How much for a fucking article?$$$ Hey AdrianaBarton adriandix keithbaldrey Schwab School