COVID-19: What can Google searches tell us about bullying during the pandemic?

People's online activity reveals a close link between cyber bullying and students attending school sites.

1/16/2022 7:52:00 PM

Around a fifth of young people report being bullied each year and victims are more likely to experience physical and mental health issues

People's online activity reveals a close link between cyber bullying and students attending school sites.

The trends in the UK match those in the US - both cyber bullying and school bullying appeared to fall when schools were closed due to shutdowns or during the school holidays.But he said that the fluctuations in searches show the opposite relationship between in-person schooling and cyber bullying.

Abby's StoryBy Year 10 it was really getting to me and I left school for a while to be taught at home.It was so draining. My life was getting bullied.Understanding the link between school and online abuse has implications for how bullying is tackled.

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Schools often support the bullies more than those who have been bullied.

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