COVID-19: Study shows one vaccine dose leaves UK's over 60s 'seriously vulnerable'

Analysis shows one vaccine dose leaves UK's over 60s 'seriously vulnerable'

1/20/2021 1:25:00 AM

Analysis shows one vaccine dose leaves UK's over 60s 'seriously vulnerable'

The evidence that the second dose can be delayed for three months looks shaky - not even the manufacturers recommend it.

So people in the UK who've had one shot of the vaccine, and perhaps feel the odds are now in their favour, are still seriously vulnerable to infection.The Israeli research hasn't been published or peer reviewed. And they haven't said what impact the vaccine had on serious infections that required hospital admission.

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Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player'First dose of vaccine should be prioritised'It's also worth pointing out that in Israel the vaccine's effectiveness was measured using a PCR test, which would have detected the virus whether or not people had symptoms.

In Pfizer's clinical trial the effectiveness was determined by whether or not people had symptomaticCOVID-19.Nevertheless, the Israeli scientists believe the UK experts have significantly overestimated the immunity from one dose of the vaccine.The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine uses mRNA technology that has never before been rolled out to protect people in the real world.

Two doses look spectacularly effective. That's been shown in the clinical trials.But the evidence that the second dose can be delayed for three months looks shaky. Not even the manufacturers recommend it. Read more: Sky News »

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We can’t even get this right? Analysis hasn’t been published or peer reviewed what’s the obsession with trying to frighten people? MattHancock got anything to say...... Vile fuckers And yet still jabbing away 👏 👏 👏 Very irresponsible!! Shocking And the flu jab is only 60/70% effective leaving people who take it “vulnerable” 😂 dickhead media reporting again

Here we go again. And boris sorting out us being allowed out in april, did he mention this was over a 3 month lockdown Kids are suffering. They need school and sport. Over 2 more months ffs The Goverment have messed up Big Time yet again and if this is correct the consequences could be devastating, you can tell by the amount of Bots on here trying to dissuade the claim.

Could have told you that months ago.... Behind every silver lining will try to find the dark cloud of misery, how is Kay Burley? must be almost time for that hypocritical maggot to return isn’t it? We are going through a normal Flu and Pneumonia season CV peak ended back in May Inflated infection rate, due to 97% PCR false positives and continuous testing PCR is THE choice weapon of mass destruction Anyone that cannot see this is blind or complicit No exceptions

This seems incredibly misleading, the analysis hasn't even been published. So we really have no idea what this is about or what it's worth. I think sky have been very negligent here. So giving the first dose then leaving the second dose for 12 weeks a waste of vaccine? I think so Are you kidding me 😩 you are worse than a tabloid with your sensational headlines “The analysis hasn't been published or peer reviewed” SHUT UP THEN 😩

These comments are unhelpful and highly irresponsible, And could lead to some elderly and vulnerable people turning down the offer of a vaccination resulting in fatalities, They should by rigorously challenged and reprimanded from the highest level BorisJohnson pritipatel ? soundcube Delaying the 2nd dose wasn’t tested 😕 and it takes weeks after the 2nd dose for the vaccine to be effective. The gov. are going against the manufacturer’s advice, regardless of this study. Even if it works, it will still take over 3 months to build immunity.

Please please please give this vaccine properly otherwise vulnerable people will still not be safe to go out or will be at very high risk of serious illness. Do it properly otherwise it's not worth doing. RobinSwannMoH niassembly moneillsf DUPleader Omg there’s always something x edglasgow59 'The Israeli research hasn't been published or peer reviewed.' and 'The vaccine's effectiveness was measured using a PCR test' So no actual analysis: just the usual scaremongering BS from Sky.

ButtonFlyOnly No it doesn’t, it simply may not last as long