COVID-19: PM confirms lockdown roadmap will progress on 17 May - indoor hospitality and household mixing to return

COVID-19: PM confirms lockdown roadmap will progress on 17 May - indoor hospitality and household mixing to return

5/10/2021 12:37:00 AM

COVID-19: PM confirms lockdown roadmap will progress on 17 May - indoor hospitality and household mixing to return

The prime minister will use a news conference to set out the next steps as he confirms the vaccination rollout remains on track

The Cabinet will meet on Monday morning to sign off on the plans.More than 50 million vaccine doses have been administered in the UK - with 35.2 million people having received a first dose, and 17.2 million people having had both doses.Ministers say the goal of offering all adults a first dose by the end of July remains on track.

'It's great for your mental health' Trooping the Colour: Scaled back celebration for Queen's official birthday COVID-19: Delta variant about 60% more transmissible than Alpha and more resistant to vaccines, PHE reports

The news conference will mark the start of a busy week for the prime minister, with the government’s new legislative agenda being set out in theQueen's Speechon Tuesday.There is expected to be a focus on policies connected to the prime minister’s"levelling up" goals, as well as recovery from the pandemic.

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COVID-19: Less optimistic Boris Johnson hints he will delay 21 June unlocking due to impact of Delta variant

Boris Johnson has admitted he is less optimistic about the easing of lockdown restrictions than he was last month and offered a strong hint he will delay the 21 June reopening.

Doesn't ANYONE find this so bloody ridiculous and sad that a government can tell you when you can or can't hug someone? I just heard that the lockdown will end June 17th, anyone else hear this BS?! All the people on here announcing to the world that they “never stopped household mixing” and assuming that because of this everyone selfishly did the same just shows how self centred and childish some have been over the past year. All is fine as long as I’m okay 😒

And here we go... operation indiancovid fuck up 3 is a go go go. I am still waiting for the government to give me permission to meet my girlfriend, cant wait for her to impregnate me. And Tories continue their corruption unreported!!! Why is this!! household mixing ? Whose household stopped mixing ? Ffs we are humans we need a good mix .

Remember Eat out? They tried to make us spend as much money as quickly as possible in the sunnier months before they tout another lockdown. Let's just hope this is the end.

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So people are allowed in doors in pubs 17th Good news, at the moment. abbie_smith1 cinemas reopening lads!

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India’s High Street Retail Rentals Decline Amid Covid-19 Crisis

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