COVID-19: Online groups attempt to confront MPs over their 'evil actions'

Hundreds of people have been plotting ways to ambush MPs in person over coronavirus, as politicians' safety concerns rise.

10/22/2021 10:58:00 AM

Anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown protesters are organising themselves online to confront MPs in person, Sky News has found

Hundreds of people have been plotting ways to ambush MPs in person over coronavirus, as politicians' safety concerns rise.

"Someone killed an MP today, probably they're all really scared now," one user writes.Several conspiracies about the killing are also shared in the group.A group member writes:"Seems a bit suspicious, now they're talking about special protection for MPs. Quite a coincidence."

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To which another member replies:"Excalty.. that why we need to serve them all and fast."Partially scuppered by many MPs and their staff working from home, the group have continued to turn up at constituency offices in the hope they may run into their local representative.

In early June, the first photo showing a small group of protesters outside an MP's office was shared in the chat. It was the office of Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer in north London.Image:Sir Keir Starmer's office was one of the first locations targeted by those in one of the Telegram groups

The poster wrote:"A picture outside MP Kier Starmers office when a few of us first arrived. We got a great community reception, if we stay persistent they will all know we are there every week! Not a bad start!!"They added:"The police were good to us too as long as we don't storm the office, leave rubbish behind, put stickers on it and are peaceful... it's our democratic right."

Another user shared a selfie in front of a Scottish MP's office in Glasgow, while others wrote messages claiming to have gone to other offices.The most recent photo was shared on 15 October.This picture showed two people holding up a"No to COVID passports" banner with the office for Lee Rowley, MP for North East Derbyshire, clearly visible in the background.

As well as attempting to confront MPs in person, the group also write to their MPs and create leaflets to encourage others to join them.Image:One of the Telegram groups created a leaflet to encourage others to join their efforts to 'take the fight directly to our local MPs'

The group has created local groups, as well as operating alongside other Telegram channels which also encourage people to physically approach MPs.Videos showing confrontations with MPs - including with the Leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg - are shared in these Telegram groups.

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The person filming questions MPs about coronavirus conspiracy theories involving Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.Many of these videos are uploaded to a video hosting site popular with the anti-vaccine community.

Videos shared in the groups or on the video site show MPs Lee Anderson, Chris Grayling and Sir Desmond Swayne also being targeted, as well as the Prime Minister's father Stanley Johnson. These videos appear to be filmed during the Conservative Party conference.

David Lammy and Angela Rayner are accosted over vaccines at the Labour party conference. Other similar videos feature Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty.Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video playerGove harassed by anti-lockdown protesters

A number of different videos of Michael Gove beingthis week are also on the site.The videos are uploaded with comments such as"Throw him to the lions! String him up!"One comment makes a direct reference to the killing of Sir David, saying:"Whers the boogyman terrorsit now to stab up c***s like GOVE, how they have the brass face to walk the streets is beyond me."

One short clip of Matt Hancock running in a marathon is also shared on the video site. It is uploaded with the caption:"WHERES THE GUY WITH THE GUN, ARRRRR DAM."TheData and Forensics Read more: Sky News »

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Absolutely no problem with anti vaccine protesters. BUT if you get the virus remember what you said and stand. Don't be going Hospital. Remember what you said Polite reminder there’s a huge difference between anti-vaxx and anti vaccine passports. a bit like petrol , tell them there's a shortage of vaccine's and they'll queue for them 😏😏😏

This is the Nazi health pass. Just a reminder for all those advocating VaccinePassports NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere Vaccinations aren't mandated and there is no lockdown. So what the F* is their point? Please refrain from propaganda in your headlines. People protesting against vaccine mandates such as passports are NOT anti-vaccination but against forced mandates. Sky News are becoming irrelevant in reporting and no longer my 1st choice as a news provider. Bad reporting

I suppose that's easier than confronting their own stupidity. Stop it. Suggestive, playing on recent events and emotions. scummedia skynews The ignorance is astounding. Did they not read about DavidAmessMP , have they forgotten or don't care? FFS. I’m anti-lockdown and pro-vaccination, which is starting to feel like a rather niche view. Why don’t these people understand that vaccination is how we avoid lockdowns?

COVID-19: Is the UK being too relaxed about coronavirus?Sky News looks at attitudes to coronavirus in the UK compared to other parts of Europe after the NHS Confederation warned the government must reimpose restrictions following a 16% rise in cases and 10% spike in hospital admissions. Still having to wear masks and have app to enjoy a night out, id say no. Yes it's like Covid never existed!! YES...This Javid is talking a load of BOLLOCKS basically

UK Summary. Last updated on Thursday 21 October 2021 at 4:00pm Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK. Deaths within 28 days of positive test. Daily 115 Total Deaths 139,146 Cases. People tested positive. Daily 52,009 Police focus too hard on that then once again another radical terrorist slips through the net and kills on the streets 🤙🏻

this is terrible news

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