Covid-19: One in 80 has Covid, and an Olympic opening ceremony like no other

Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Friday evening.

7/23/2021 7:58:00 PM

Covid evening update: One in 80 has Covid, and an Olympic opening ceremony like no other

Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Friday evening.

1. Covid cases down for fourth day in UKCovid cases aredown for the fourth consecutive dayin the UK, latest daily figures show. The UK recorded 36,389 new infections on Friday. But experts say it is too soon to say if cases have peaked, given that the statistics do not capture the impact of the relaxing of restrictions that happened in England and Scotland on 19 July, as well as in Wales on 17 July. Separate figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggest one in 80 people in the UK (1.3% of the population) has the virus now. That's up from a week ago, when that figure was one in 100. The Delta variant accounts for nearly every case. And Public Health England has warned there is an increased chance of catching this variant, even if you have had Covid before. Friday's figures also showed 64 further deaths in the UK within 28 days of a positive test.

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image copyrightPA Media2. An Olympics opening ceremony like no otherThe Olympics being staged during a pandemic meant it was never going to feel like it had in previous years. But Tokyo put on a poignant show for theopening ceremony Read more: BBC News (UK) »

Sir David Amess: Boris Johnson pays tribute to MP who was killed - BBC News

Conservative MP Sir David Amess was stabbed to death while meeting constituents in Essex.

“I spoke to 6 doctors until one believed me”: women explain their long Covid frustrationWhy are some women finding it so hard to get a diagnosis?

NHS Covid app sends record 618,903 into isolation with pings in ONE WEEKOVER 600,000 Brits were told to self-isolate by the NHS Covid-19 App in a WEEK, according to NHS figures. A record 618,903 alerts were sent to users of the app in England and Wales in the week up … Just delete the app then. Simple YAY! It's working MrHarryCole The app isn’t the problem is it. Covid transmission is. The Sun like to present it as the problem as they want any semblance of protection stripped away - with footfall and advertising the only thing in their minds.

‘We were just shocked’: community mourns after Covid death of Sydney removalists’ motherChurch group pays tribute to 57-year-old mother of five Saeeda Akobi Jjou Stu, who immigrated with her family from Iraq in 2016 Had the lady had a vaccine shot? RIP. this is terrible news Removalist?

Life lessons: what a doctor learned from death and dying in Covid wardsAs the Delta variant surges across the US an ICU physician recalls the horror of the first Covid wave good People being hooked up to ventilators still refuse to believe Covid is real, no wonder humanity is on its way out 🔥🤪 Lie lessons

Man with Covid wears niqab and pretends to be his WIFE to board planeThe man, who has been named only as DW, wore the Muslim garment which covers his body and face while boarding the Citilink domestic flight from Jakarta to his hometown of Ternate. Look it was worth a try. Should get charged with terror offences the inconsiderate dick🤬🤬 That's why Niqab should be banned. You never know when some peaceful shall disguise as a woman, & than, KABOOM...

NSW Covid update: premier warns case numbers will keep rising after state records 124 new infectionsGladys Berejiklian said the Delta variant was ‘spreading like we’ve never seen before’ Well, that's clearly her & Health Hazzard's intention - to let it rip otherwise there'd be a statewide hard lockdown They need to impose stage 7 restrictions. We're headed for disaster if they don't. They're so useless. Kerry Chant isn't slick or PR savvy like Sutton. It's like Chant is an actual doctor in a non political role & that doesn't sit with me because EVERYTHING is political.