COVID-19: Negative test requirement for people arriving in England delayed until next week

The new rules apply to returning UK nationals but not to hauliers or children under 11.

1/14/2021 2:27:00 AM

COVID-19: Negative test requirement for people arriving in England delayed until next week

The new rules apply to returning UK nationals but not to hauliers or children under 11.

Announcing the changes last week Transport Minister Robert Courts said:"Both globally and domestically we are seeing significant increases in levels of coronavirus, including the emergence of worrying new strains."It is therefore imperative that we ensure we are doing all we can to protect travel, reduce the risk of imported infections, including from new variants, and protect our NHS while national lockdown and vaccinations take effect.

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"We already have strong safeguards in place, including a requirement for mandatory 10-day self-isolation for the vast majority of arrivals and our Travel Corridors system remains critical in managing the risk of imported cases from high-risk countries.

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Other countries took this measure months ago... still baffled as to why the UK didn’t do introduce this sooner You're joking, right ? When I first heard I thought they were stopping all flights. I thought 'at last, they finally got it'. No, just need a negative test 3 days before flight. Now ? That can wait, no rush ... Let a few more thousand die first.

We should have done this last March and nearly 12 months on we are still can’t organise it. Unbelievable! 😂👎👎 That’s so they can get the Brazilian strain in and lock us down some more LeeHunt6 It's already nine months too late, what's a few more days! We prefer to stay here in EU ...nowadays is more safe COVID19 UnitedKingdom EU

Why why why. 😂😂😂😂 it’s ok it’ll be the people’s fault only been a year since the 1st people arrived back from wuhan 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ BorisJohnson MattHancock Again 🤦‍♀️ Will somebody credible explain why our govt cannot suspend flights with immediate effect, Their must be a very important reason why they don't,Because it would save so many more lives if they did , So it must be vital to keep these disease ridden flights coming to the UK but WHY

Don't even require 1 to fly out the country some politicians and their business bum Chums must have people arriving here over the next few days We must act now 🤜🏻 !! Starting next week Any flights in from Brazil ? What a joke ! Conservative donors must be due in on a flight with covid this week Misleading headline from sky yet again . Its a two day delay abs concerns other countries not us. Although why anyone is allowed to travel in a pandemic I have no idea

Honestly why Got to get these other variants into the country somehow 🙈🤦🏼‍♀️ grantshapps No rush babe, it’s not as though anyone will die. P.S. When a Tory councillor tested positive for Covid and went for a wander through her local town centre... are you sure self isolation is a powerful enough tool?

Plenty of time to let that Brazilian strain. Good effort. Why In the current circumstances what’s the downside These clowns are unbelievable BorisJohnson pritipatel Just sums out government up doesn't it really. They'd be late to there own fucking funeral. Useless This measure has to be very short term and gone by the spring, cause absolute devastation to the aviation and tourism sectors if not.

TOO SLOW ...AGAIN .. Well things really cannot be that bad then. Seriously where is the logic in that. Put it in place, all those escaping the UK to Dubai or wherever are as tone deaf as they can be, when the rest of the country suffers Too late now anyway. By just under a year. 😂😂😂😂. We are a laughing stock.

ArleneHarris11 It's ok. The virus is in a holding pattern over England. NHS shaw_80 But why? Fuck sake! Haha must get all the ‘wana celebs’ home from Dubai to keep the country moving Which one of his cronies needs to finish their holiday first 🤔 Wouldn't it be better to test positive. Absolute piss take! This should have been a requirement from the start of testing!

May as well not bother then.... this should have been implemented a year ago like other responsible countries with a sensible reliable government👿🤬 jimbohughes Why - who do the government want to let in? It’s already 11 months late! What’s a week hey!? 🤦🏼‍♂️ Unbelievable. They're late with everything and cock everything up.

So you have one more week to bring in the latest variant... so come on in you are all welcome... Are you serious😡 in other countries they say a date and stick to it.this should have been done early this year. if your choice is to travel abroad we would all understand that testing needs to be done but to delay it wouldl be a disaster..

Why madness will cost more lives DELAYED. !!!! clueless government , its already 10 months late . 🤡 Oh ffs 😡 whats the point of us staying in our homes then ffsk gemandmoll They need time to organise a method of profiteering. Another cock up by this useless government How so?! 🤣🤣 On a serious note, why are we just accepting this? They’ve proven multiple times they just don’t care What will it take to get this rancid Tory government out?

Announced AFTER Johnson finished up with his grilling by Yvette Cooper What a f*£king surprise. ToryIncompetence ToriesHaveFailedTheNation Are we really this incompetent?!? Stop people now coming in and out the country with this new Variant from Brazil. Stop all travel before we get it here ! Why next week? Arent scientists worried about the new variant from Brazil, that has 70% transmission. If this had been set up last year in airports/ports we could have maybe curbed the spread to begin with, why wasn't it set up when they shut the airports last year.

🙄🙄🙄 Why? Sums our government up THE DEMOCIDE PARTY. They must be stopped now. 10DowningStreet are 11 months too late with this, what’s another week. The amount of deaths due to letting people pour into the countries from Covid hot spots for months must be unimaginable “Time to prepare” .. they’ve had a bloody year to prepare.

🙄😠 It really won’t make a massive difference. I could get a negative test 72 hrs before I fly but catch it within the 24 hrs after that. The only think that will stop the spread of incoming travellers is quarantine on arrival. Boris strikes again 🙈 This is hilarious!! It has been implemented in many countries within 2-3 days like last June!!

This is why we are in the mess we are in More incompetence by the Government. Travel should just be stopped, unless passengers live here. Anyone who does arrive into this country should self isolate with or without a test result. A test result prior to departure does not mean they will not have virus on day of departure

“Shit there’s a downward trend in the infections, what can we do?” That's bad Why 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ It’s delayed by 3 days - not good enough,but not as dramatic as the headline Madness What’s the point of this? Here’s an idea why don’t you set up testing on arrival for the next few days telling all they have to self isolate until they get the results instead of a delaying the start. Unbelievable.

Why WTF? During that delay how many more potential positive people can enter the country? This Government has lost the plot completely they need to go That’s it give foreigners another 72 hours to bring another variant of COVID-19 into our country! Yet another failure of a government that has covered itself in anything but glory.

I presume this is probably because one of Boris Johnson’s friends or relatives are due back Saturday? For what REASON? How incompetent can we get? 😨 This government is a shambles. Things like this should have been put in place last year. I don’t blame people flying off as you’re probably more safe elsewhere than here.

Seriously! 11 months into pandemic, 18 million passengers into the country. Bit Slow to react as usual 🤔 Ffs! Here's a plan to plug a leak! Oh wait a minute! Can we delay it a week? KieranConnolly5 “At least they are doing it from Friday......... Another feckin shambles, other countries can do it at the drop of a hat.

UK Summary. Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK. Last updated on Wednesday 13 January 2021 at 4:00pm Deaths within 28 days of positive test. Daily 1,564 Cases. People tested positive. Daily 47,525 coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) COVID19 UK why has this been delayed. This is totally shocking new & again the Governments failure to keep the UK protected. So if there is a delay they should stop people coming in like other countries have done. But I guess the thousands & thousands of people dead 💀 means nothing to them. Disgusting

Thank goodness the virus will hang around and wait until the new measures are in place.. oh wait... only a year late. The Government are incompetent! This was meant to start Friday what logic are they using to delay it, especially when there's a new variant strain in Brazil, also this is another u-turn for Boris Johnson, after saying today this was starting Friday. ToryLies ToryIncompetence

mmusJu So, stop anyone arriving till then... Incompetence again. This should’ve been in place MONTHS ago. Amazing. We are run by clowns And you want to know why the UK is one of the worst countries for Covid.. This should’ve been done 10 months ago!!!! Lol omg are we just total crap at everything ? Oh come on! You have got to be kidding!! They'll be reporting death figures up next week, no wonder we'll be wearing masks forever!!! What a farce

So that’s another fail 👏👏👏👏👏BorisJohnson Shambles They just want herd immunity on their schedule, open and close taps on their terms since the beginning Un-fucking-believable! Ooooohh that’s nicey nicey of us. FFS this is f’kin serious. Sort it out. We are too slow at decision making. T2 and T5 arrivals is already frequently a shambles. I have very little faith that the authorities will have planned this correctly and Introduction of this will be the cherry on top of what is already very big TURD.

What a shambles. This is why we are in this situation now. Most of the public have done there bit since March. Some maybe let us down. But the people in charge and behind the scenes controlling other things have let us down even more UK run by arseholes since 19canteen BorisFailedBritain 🇬🇧🦠 Is this so we can have another week of infections rather than stopping it from coming into the country like a competent government would do

10DowningStreet MattHancock piersmorgan this is a fucken disgrace - new Strains in Japan, Brazil, country at breaking point and these morons won’t close the damn airports- take back control of what!!!! Why? Why?