COVID-19: Legal challenge launched against COVID pass in Wales

Campaigners insist there is 'exceptionally weak evidence' to support the scheme.

1/19/2022 8:16:00 AM

A legal challenge is to be launched against the mandatory COVID pass policy in Wales

Campaigners insist there is 'exceptionally weak evidence' to support the scheme.

It has also begun a legal challenge against the COVID pass scheme in England, and is urging the UK government to scrap the English scheme by the end of January.The group's director Silkie Carlo said:"We support proportionate measures to protect public health, but there is exceptionally weak evidence supporting the role of COVID passes.

"We're calling on the Welsh government to disclose the documents and advice they say they're relying on to impose the COVID pass scheme on people in Wales. Their refusal to do so raises suspicions that the government's case is weak or non-existent.

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This pass to will lead to black market dealings to get one..

Hong Kong to Kill 2K Animals After Pet Store Hamsters, Employee Get COVID-19Hong Kong authorities said Tuesday that they will kill about 2,000 small animals, including hamsters, after several tested positive for the coronavirus at a pet store where an employee was also infected I blame doctor fauci for funding Eco health alliance to do gain of function research at the Wuhan lab.

COVID-19: Loss of smell due to coronavirus could be down to genetics, scientists sayThe precise cause of this sensory loss related to coronavirus is not known, but scientists believe it is caused by damage to infected cells in part of the nose called the olfactory epithelium - which is found in the nasal cavity.

AK Inmates sue a prison for giving them ivermectin to treat COVID-19The lawsuit claims that four inmates at Washington County Jail were given the drug in August 2021 after testing positive for COVID-19. Why would they sue? They probably got better a lot faster.

The number of children in American hospitals with covid-19 is rising fastIncreases in the number of children hospitalised in America and England have been caused in part by the greater transmissibility of Omicron is there a graph/number for total hospitalizations?

Covid-19: Staff absences in half of NI schools in term's first weekMore than half of schools had teachers absent due to Covid-19 during the first full week of term.

More than 900 Covid deaths recorded in England and Wales in first week of JanuaryONS records increase of 58% from previous week but rise is artificially high due to figures being affected by bank holidays 'with' or 'of' Given that England and Wales have taken different approaches to handling covid - and the fact that England’s population dwarfs that of Wales - it’s utterly meaningless from a Welsh perspective to report ‘England and Wales’ together. It’s like attaching England’s figures to China. This is now overwhelmingly a disease of the unvaccinated or the very old. GetVaccinated GetBoosted