COVID-19: Johnson expected to delay 'Freedom Day', as poll shows more than half of people back him

COVID-19: Johnson expected to delay 'Freedom Day', as poll shows more than half of people back him

6/13/2021 7:20:00 AM

COVID-19: Johnson expected to delay 'Freedom Day', as poll shows more than half of people back him

With cases of the more transmissible delta variant increasing, the coronavirus restrictions are likely to remain for a bit longer.

Boris Johnson is expected to agree to the delay of lockdown easing in England and, according to a new poll, just over half of the UK public is backing the move.The lifting of the last remaining coronavirus restrictions had been planned for 21 June, so-called Freedom Day, under the government's road map.

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But, due to concerns about the rapidly-spreading delta variant, this is likely to be postponed - possibly until the middle of July.Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video playerBoris Johnson says he would rather be cautious about easing restrictions

An Opinium poll of 2,002 UK adults found that 54% thought the lifting of restrictions should be postponed, up from 43% two weeks ago.Just 37% thought they should go ahead as planned or earlier, down from 44% two weeks ago.Most of those wanting to postpone the easing are older adults, including almost two-thirds of over-65s, while young people are more evenly split - 45% of those aged 18 to 34 back postponement and 46% say the easing should go ahead on 21 June or earlier.

Around six in 10 people backed keeping the requirement to wear face masks, as well as keeping nightclubs closed and limiting large outdoor events. Read more: Sky News »

COVID-19: Infection rates rise across most of UK - but 'possible signs' of slowing in England

The highest percentage of people testing positive for COVID in England was in the North East, while infections increased in all regions except for the East of England and the South West, Office for National Statistics figures show.

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This makes me really happy!! Saving lives is more important than opening up nightclubs Do they?😂😂 Theresa May said in parliament on Friday. “ this virus is never going to go away” it will kill 20,000 a year like influenza So he must admit the government has failed yet again Arsonist Firefighter Syndrome : PILE UP the populations in URBAN AREAS to support land & rental SPECULATION, MASS Trade, Tourism, Pharma & INTENSIVE agriculture..'s CRIMINAL (Penal Code-Endanger human life or safety of others) DIRECT DEMOCRACY RETHINK EVERYTHING

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Boris 'to delay June 21 reopening until July 19' after surge in Covid casesGovernment officials said they would rather delay 'Freedom Day' than be forced into a u-turn and have to reintroduce restrictions. Lol Heh. 🔥THAT'S going to go down great with the people who think lockdown is a scam.

Must all work in government jobs where pay is guaranteed because where I’m from there is no backing at all. Do they fuck. There will always be a new variant. We have got to live with this thing. Those polls are fake, everyone I've spoken to have had enough. Bollocks That’s complete bollocks The nhs isn't being overwhelmed by covid patients so there is no need to delay ending restrictions. Delaying everytime a 'new variant' appears means they will never end. Learn to live with covid, it's not going anywhere.

'Half of people' You lot make me sick honestly I bet you are delighted

Covid-19: June unlocking delay considered and honours for vaccine heroesFive things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Saturday morning. Remember Johnson saying the Roadmap out of lockdown would be irreversible on June 21st? Reckon it’ll be two weeks. So much briefing for four so that Boris can “follow the science” while generously give us back two Rule clarity and sensitive Policing of un-easing is key to people been kept on side

Which poll? Nobody or Polls asked me for my vote!! And, I didn't see a poll anywhere on this. UKlockdown

COVID-19: Ministers fear PM could delay 21 June lockdown lifting by up to a monthMinisters fear Boris Johnson may delay the final stage of lockdown lifting in England potentially by as much as a month It was a certainty this was going to happen when they let the Indian variant (Delta) into the country instead of stopping flights because they did not want to offend Modi. They need to resign for making the same mistake a third fu*king time! It's not Boris 's fault it's the failing of people are they stupid enough to think covid has gone away because they can go to the Pub

Moscow orders 'non-working week' to stop the spread of Covid-19Moscow's mayor Sergei Sobyanin made the decision after figures showed daily infection rates have risen from 2,936 on June 6, to 6,701 yesterday.

Two passengers on cruise ship test positive for Covid-19 during voyageThe guests, who were sharing a room, are being monitored by the company's medical team, Royal Caribbean said. Contact tracing is being conducted with expedited testing for close contacts. Wtf are people doing on cruise ships I’m a pandemic The vaccine is a joke We're being played!!

‘We may die inside’: How India’s prisons became sitting ducks for Covid-19Overcrowded prisons with inadequate medical facilities have inmates in India terrified for their health as measures to contain the virus fall short. akshijain10 reports from Delhi Covid19India Covid19 akshijain10 No different from the prisons here. akshijain10 ITS OK SON. A VIRUS CAN ONLY BE CONTAINED BY A FAUCI BIOLAB