Covıd 19

Covıd 19

COVID-19: India added to UK travel red list as it records world's highest-ever daily case figure for second consecutive day

The India travel curbs come as cases there surge - with many hospitals on the brink and oxygen in short supply.

4/23/2021 10:17:00 AM

India has reported a global record of more than 332,000 new COVID19 cases in a single day. Medical Director of Niramaya Hospitals, Dr Amit Thadhani describes the situation as 'grim' as hospitals face a shortage of intensive care beds and oxygen. More:

The India travel curbs come as cases there surge - with many hospitals on the brink and oxygen in short supply.

"That is the best part. And I am having a child with autism so it's better that he stays at home with us and have all his food preferences at home."Hotel quarantine costs £1,750 for one adult for 10 days. An extra adult or child over 11 in the same room is £650, and a child aged 5-11 is £325.

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University of Stirling student Jetal Zala, who went home to see her parents, couldn't get a flight to the UK before the restrictions kicked in and will now miss out on campus teaching."Our classes were meant to be face-to-face from the month of May," she says."That's why I planned to move at the end of April and start studying at campus and have experience of college and university life in the UK."

Does the Indian variant make vaccines less effective?The travel restrictions are disrupting businesses too.Ranjit Mathrani, the chairman of MW Eat restaurant group, says most of his highly trained Indian chefs went home during the UK lockdown and are now stuck.

It could jeopardise his plans to reopen."Here we are, after five and a half months of lockdown, losing vast amounts of money, looking forward to limping back to normality in the first place, and we are going to be stuck with the probability and possibility of being unable to reopen, except probably on a very restricted basis in some of our key fine dining restaurants," says Mr Mathrani.

Image:A patient in a car waits to enter a Ahmedabad hospital for COVID treatmentThe government has said it had to act, with the health secretary saying the decision to put India onthe red listwas"difficult but vital".However, some scientists think it should have happened sooner because of the dramatic surge in cases and the new Indian variant, which could have some resistance to vaccines.

More than 130 casesof the"double mutation" - known as B.1.617 - have so far been detected in Britain."I think we should have probably seen the writing on the wall, we've seen cases increasing in India for several weeks now and it would have been prudent to put India on the red list earlier," says Professor Mark Harris of the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Leeds.

"It's obviously a tough decision because there's a lot of communication and travel between India and UK, but I think it would have been the right thing to do a few weeks ago."Image:A worker loads empty oxygen cylinders onto a van in Ahmedabad

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With India's cases soaring and many hospitals full, some people have been using hashtags such as #COVIDSOS to share information on medical facilities which may have space - or where oxygen or medicines can be bought.But hundreds of millions in the country, mainly poorer Indians, do not have smartphone or social media access.

"Access to anything - beds, oxygen, medicines, doctors - is becoming more and more difficult," said children's rights activist Baidnath Kumar, who has been using WhatsApp to help people in need in Jharkhand state.Image:Workers prepare to remove the bodies of six COVID victims in New Delhi on Monday

"One needs to know someone or appeal on social media for a quick response. But how many people can do that? It doesn't work."Indian Prime Ministerhas described the situation as a"COVID storm".So far, India has only administered 130 million vaccine doses out of a population of 1.35 billion.

Currently, only frontline workers and the over-45s are eligible for a jab, but all adults are expected to be allowed a dose from May.The number of COVID-related deaths in India stands at 186,920 after another 2,263 were reported by the health ministry on Friday.

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Hugging will be allowed but people should consider the vulnerabilities of their loved ones, he says.

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Everyone knows both the daily infection numbers and the death numbers are several times higher than being reported. But why are we so shocked? Where precautions have been missed...Yeh tho hona h tha? India needed to make more of an effort MONTHS AGO, due to the high population. When will awareness ever evolve?

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COVID-19: India crematoriums 'underreporting bodies' as suspicion grows over true number of coronavirus deathsEyewitness: There's growing concern that India's official tally of coronavirus deaths does not match what grieving relatives and others are seeing on the ground. Read our special correspondent AlexCrawfordSky's full report 🔽 AlexCrawfordSky SURELY RATHER THAN PROJECT FEAR 24/7 THERE IS SOME OTHER GOOD NEWS TO REPORT ON 🥱🥱🧐🧐🧐 AlexCrawfordSky Please do not transmogrify the situation. It is bad. True democratic country where unfortunately Modi Jee took his eye off the situation. AlexCrawfordSky Thank you Alex for showing the truth! Our media, along with our political class has screwed us down big time! Mandir/ Statues/ renaming cities - none of this helped! Hence, they want to suppress the truth! Thanks Alex narendramodi TIRATHSRAWAT myogiadityanath vijayrupanibjp

Covid-19 in India: Cases, deaths and oxygen supplyMaps, charts and graphics explaining what is happening and what the authorities are doing about it. 'Lack of understanding' of the ground reality of Afghanistan is 'astounding': McGregor ... I'm too stupid to understand without pictures.