COVID-19: How many pubs, restaurants and clubs closed their doors permanently in 2020

A report warns that a lost Christmas season and continuing lockdowns are set to force thousands more businesses over the edge.

1/22/2021 11:17:00 AM

Emma McClarkin, CEO of British Beer & Pub Association, says no pubs will be able to survive until May 'without substantial enhanced packages of support from the government' Read more here:

A report warns that a lost Christmas season and continuing lockdowns are set to force thousands more businesses over the edge.

Karl Chessell of CGA said:"With stop-start trading for much of 2020 and a widespread shutdown during what should have been a bumper Christmas, nearly 10,000 licensed venues have not been able to make it through, and it is sadly inevitable that thousands more casualties will follow.

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"But consumers are desperate to get back to eating and drinking out, and we can be confident that footfall and sales will return when the sector can finally reopen."In the meantime, the case for government support over the next few months is urgent and compelling."

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player'Economy to get worse before it gets better'UKHospitality used a submission to the Treasury ahead of the March budget this week to demand additional help from Chancellor Rishi Sunak given the likelihood it will take businesses time to get back to full speed when pandemic restrictions allow.

Its wishlist included an extension of the VAT cut to 5% for another 12 months - to cover the whole hospitality sector.It also called for another 12-month business rates holiday and has previously suggested that a fund of more than £2bn of business rates relief returned to the Treasury to date, mainly by supermarkets, is used to help prop up hospitality firms.

Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKHospitality, said of the industry figures:"The loss of 6,000 premises is a dreadful blow to this country's hospitality sector, but it is going to be the tip of the iceberg if we continue on our current course."The sector's outlet numbers have contracted 5% and one in five businesses say they do not have enough cash to last beyond February.

"The entire sector continues to be hit hard, but restaurants have arguably been hit hardest of all. Not surprisingly, many of the worst off are independent businesses teetering on the verge of collapse due, in large part, to the issue of rent debt.

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This was not caused by the coronavirus crisis. It was caused by the government's chosen measures to address the crisis. There were alternatives. There still are. It was not the virus that did this. It is lockdown. No, it was the government that did the hammering. “How To Join Forces in Influenza” lecture in January 2019 brought to you by ChathamHouse 👀👇🏻funded by government agencies and philanthropists

A lot of ppl I know have basically handed the keys back for their shop to the landlord. They are done. The so called 'corona crisis' did not hammer the hospitality sector - the government did. Deliberately. The same way it has destroyed this country. Why save lives.....WHEN THERE IS NO LIFE TO LIVE!!? unlock

Almost 10,000 licensed premises - including pubs, clubs and restaurants - closed permanently last year as lockdowns & restrictions hammered the hospitality sector, according to new figures - FIXED IT FOR YOU! No, the lockdown has caused the closures. Misleading tweet. The permanent closures of those businesses are due to the multiple lockdowns and governments too slow to correct bad decisions. The ‘Rona itself doesn’t destroy small businesses, the engines of growing economies. Bad policies of incompetent politicians do that.

Can’t they just be bought and re-opened in the future? bergersmicer It has been devastating to the US hospitality sector, as well. Shame but you know what, that is exactly how capitalism works, when trading conditions improve new people will step into these businesses, this is what people vote for and have lived with for 100 years, the catalyst is the virus but it is a normal day really.

Many of these were dead in the water anyway. Like the demise of the high street, Covid just accelerated things.