COVID-19: At least 50 people infected with Omicron variant at Christmas party in Norway

COVID-19: At least 50 people infected with Omicron variant at Christmas party in Norway

12/3/2021 7:14:00 AM

COVID-19: At least 50 people infected with Omicron variant at Christmas party in Norway

The news comes as Norway joins a number of other countries trying to control the spread of the variant with tougher rules.

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Many governments have announced stricter rules, including travel restrictions and bans on large gatherings.Norway, which reported its first two Omicron cases on Monday, will bring in new national and regional restrictions from Friday.Omicron symptoms: What are they, and how do they compare to other COVID infections?

The tightest rules will apply to Oslo, including an order to work from home where possible, a 100-person limit at private indoor events in public places or rented venues, and restaurants being told to register patrons.Among the national rules being brought in is a requirement for anyone entering Norway to be tested within 24 hours, either at the border, a public test station, or using a self-administered test.

The country has already recommended the use of face masks on public transport, in shops and in shopping centres.Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store said:"It is likely that the Omicron variant will spread in Norway, and that is why the government believes in stricter measures."

"We still have to keep our distance to get control of the spread of infection, but that does not mean that we cannot have good contact with each other," he added.

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Get your case of strong fear here lol..go media lol We don’t live in Norway? 🤔 Sooooo, are any of them even in the hospital? Last I checked, there hasn't been any 'Omicron' cases ending up in the hospital. How many of these are poorly tho, Seem to have missed that important bit of info out of the story.

How many at the party weren’t infected? 🥱 Trying to scare people from going to Christmas party’s. l see what you are up to now!! Largest Foundation in history donates to media, creates panic, provides intravenous solution. All these cases around the world and NOT ONE SINGLE DEATH from it !!! Maybe just maybe covid might be burning out


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Status of these people please Hospitalised dead or totally fine? You guys are working overtime in instilling fear and panic. Give it a rest already. If for nothing at all, early findings have revealed that this variant is not as deadly as you nut cases are propagating. Enough is enough! Lol, Cmon! International nonsense.

Any of them actually sick though? Thats 50 lucky people who now have 6 mnths immunity. Where can I get it? People aren’t listening to this stuff anymore. And? Really......

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