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'Couldn't be happier' Andrew Neil confirms he will never appear on GB News again

'Couldn't be happier' Andrew Neil confirms he will never appear on GB News again

9/23/2021 6:09:00 AM

'Couldn't be happier' Andrew Neil confirms he will never appear on GB News again

ANDREW NEIL has taken to Twitter to confirm he will not be appearing on the GB News again.

 [OPINION]Let’s remember GB News is more than just one presenter. We’re a dedicated team working tirelessly to provide a channel that stands for free speech & fair debate. Those who watch will see that. I count myself lucky to learn and work alongside some brilliant people.

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— Lucy Jones (@ByLucyJones)September 22, 2021And the BBC North American editor Jon Sopel has even warned this might not be the end of it.Mr Sopel, who worked alongside Neil during the Scotsman's last time hosting a BBC programme, when covering the 2020 US Presidential Election, claimed:"Something tells me this isn't the last we've heard about this..."

Mr Neil's comments have come just a week after he announced he had resigned from his position as GB News' chairman and as the channel's flagship presenter.Following his resignation, Neil then appeared on the BBC's Question Time programme in Croydon.

Andrew Neil, 72, resigned as GB News' chairman(Image: Getty)GB News(Image: Getty)During his return to the UK's national broadcaster, the veteran journalist said he was in a"minority of one" among senior management.Neil also told viewers to"draw your own conclusions about why I'm here and now with GB News" after he was asked whether the channel had become the British version of Fox News.

He went on to explain: “More and more differences emerged between myself and the other senior managers and the board of GB News.“Rather than these differences narrowing they got wider and wider." Read more: Daily Express »

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Back to the south of France and young hookers then? 🙄 I’d love to know the reason… I think those that were on his side when GBNEWS was in the womb … then after two weeks he’s a gonna…talking now like he is is a stab in the back for those who left jobs to sail with him…not nice & rather odd… loyalty it seems don’t come into it

He might be wrong... * GB News people a bit petty and vindictive and will probably show Mr Neil's holiday snaps over and over... I only looked at GB News because he was on it so don't need to see it again. I suspected it was going to be rotten when I read that Dan Wootten was going to be on. Andrew Neale is old hat. GB News is young at heart and counters the liberal left wing media. We need a Fox News but GB News will do.

GB News is the one to watch. The presenters are brilliant - Patrick, Mercy, Tom, Nigel, Alex and others. They cover the real issues, allow debate without aggression or interruption and encourage the viewers to participate. Well, for what it’s worth I’m still watching. There are some great presenters, and good lively debate. It’s sad that AN won’t be a part of the channel but it’s not the end of the world is it. GBNews

He hardly appeared on it before. BrexitBuster What is GBNews?

Andrew Neil 'won’t return to GB News' as contributor after slamming channelANDREW NEIL will not be returning to GB News after leaving his presenting role on the channel, despite promising to come back as a 'regular contributor' it has been reported.

He is just another Farage, runs away at the first hurdle, not worth any news report. Blue on blue… GammonBased News Sounds like he was hooked on one thing then told to deliver another. Such a public spat has done the channel no good whatsoever, allowing the vultures to circle. Where's his head in that picture?

I'm thinking they're much better off without you afneil. GBNews PawPatrol

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