Could a ‘workation’ banish your January blues?

1/19/2022 5:27:00 AM
Could a ‘workation’ banish your January blues?

Banishing the January blues with a ‘workation’

Banishing the January blues with a ‘workation’

A shift in location is the surest way to turn remote working from a slog to a joy, writes Helen Coffey

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The best Blue Monday travel deals including easyJet, Jet2 and HavenIF you’re suffering from a particularly bad case of the January blues today, you’re not alone – as today is classed as Blue Monday, recognised as the most depressing day of the ye…

Forget the ‘January Blues’ – 6 women on why it’s their favourite month of the year'It’s clean and new and full of opportunities.' JanuaryBlues

Christmas trees collection delayed in Cornwall

Christmas trees collection delayed in CornwallCollections scheduled for the week beginning 10 January have been delayed by Covid-19. Blimey, big news day today…

Boris Johnson could announce update on Plan B Covid rules this weekDowning Street said today that it was keeping a ‘very close eye’ on the data with ‘encouraging signs’ infections are falling across the country.

A history of Las Vegas residencies, from Liberace to Adele

A history of Las Vegas residencies, from Liberace to AdeleBritish star will begin her residency at the legendary Nevada gambling resort from 21 January Wow , weekend concert means a money printing machine

Subscribe to a craft beer box and drink quality cans at home this JanuaryWith a whole year of (hopefully) great times ahead, January is the perfect time to join the craft beer gang. So, we've recently launched a brand-new beer club called Hopmsore, so that existing and budding craft beer lovers can join and receive a monthly beer box and discover the world of craft beer and lager.

Don't show me this message again ✕ (Getty Images/iStockphoto) P eople are looking at me a little strangely as I run along the seafront.: 15:48, 17 Jan 2022 IF you're suffering from a particularly bad case of the January blues today, you're not alone - as today is classed as Blue Monday, recognised as the most depressing day of the year., many people choose to write January off altogether.Image caption, Christmas trees remain on the roadside, 18 days into the new year Christmas trees have been abandoned on streets after a planned service to collect them was hit by staff being off sick with Covid-19.

They take a glance at my face and avert their gaze, distinctly uncomfortable. After a few more paces, I take stock and wonder if it’s because – without quite being conscious of the fact – I have been staring at each person I pass full in the face while beaming from ear to ear. 2 The Blue Monday travel deals include Disneyland, Greece, Egypt, Spain and many more destinations. I suppose, on reflection, it is a little alarming to see a thirty-something stranger, red as a beetroot, gurning sweatily while looking deep into your eyes. But not everyone feels this way about the first month of the year. The thing is… I can’t help myself.. I am experiencing such paroxysms of delight that they physically cannot be contained. Cornwall councillor Rob Nolan said on Twitter he had been trying to help people who had not had their trees collected and tweeted that there were "still lots left," as reported by the Local Democracy Reporting Service .

Every time I try to rein it in, within a few paces the creepy grin is back – somehow even wider than before. From 20 per cent off at Disneyland Paris to £49 breaks, we've rounded up some of the best offers to take advantage of. So, to help you reframe the way you think about January, we asked women who love this month to share the reasons why. I’m jogging along Hastings boardwalk as the sun sets, flying on a potent cocktail of endorphins and the kind of awe that can only be conjured by a sky turned flamingo, reflected in mirror-like splendour by the sea. Do I sound like I’m gushing? Well, I am. Disneyland Paris. It is nigh-on impossible to believe that 48 hours ago I was trapped in a grey ball of misery in a London basement flat - trying not to inhale the damp-imbued air too deeply lest my lungs start growing black mould. “It’s clean and new” “I love January for two reasons. The post-Christmas come-down, coupled with (for this office worker) an indefinite shift back to working from home, had plunged me headfirst into a case of January blues so strong I couldn’t figure out how to snap out of it.

It wasn’t just that I felt flat – it extended into my work, making it hard to muster the energy or interest to do even the best bits of the job: editing a beautifully written feature by one of my favourite writers, say, or cracking out a strident opinion piece of my own on the latest travel testing rules. It felt on the cusp of anhedonia – the inability to take pleasure in anything – an experience so at odds with my usual gluttonous appetite for life that I was utterly flummoxed by it. It’s all there for the taking. It is nigh-on impossible to believe that 48 hours ago I was trapped in a grey ball of misery in the bedroom of my London basement flat But it suddenly occurred to me that the very thing that had sparked struggles - the return to WFH - could also be the fix. We were back to a spot we’d been in at various points during the seemingly endless pandemic cycle. Working remotely could either be seen as a prison cell or a get-out-of-jail-free card, releasing us from the shackles of the office. It’s a gentle time of frost and fog, with animals hibernating.

I used my last vestige of spontaneous energy to put a plea out on social media – suggestions for a seaside location to escape to, no more than two hours by train from the capital – and watched the beautiful crowd-sourced answers flood in. Thirty minutes later I had booked five days on the East Sussex coast in a cheap but cute Airbnb apartment, 10 minutes’ stroll from town and beach, along with train tickets. These steps alone gave the rest of the day an added buoyancy – I positively floated through the afternoon’s tasks.” Miranda, 32, London “In nature, it’s a pretty mystical time of the year – the earth is still sleeping. Recommended .