Coronavirus: Will PM's top aide resign? Number 10 appears determined to tough it out

Number 10 will face down the incident but there is likely to be a huge backlash from the opposition and restive Tories.

5/23/2020 10:49:00 AM

Will the PM's top aide resign over allegations he broke lockdown rules? Sky's BethRigby says Number 10 will face down the incident but we should expect a 'backlash'

Number 10 will face down the incident but there is likely to be a huge backlash from the opposition and restive Tories.

And allies sought to justify that decision by referencing remarks made by Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jenny Harries on 10 April when she described being too ill to look after a small child was an"exceptional circumstance" and she pointed to accessing family support (among other options).

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But will that defence wash with a public that has been told for weeks not to visit elderly relatives under any circumstances, and especially if you have the virus? You are not supposed to leave your home if you have symptoms, let alone jump in your car and drive for 250 miles.

As the neighbour who spotted Mr Cummings in his parents' garden put it:"I was really annoyed. It's one rule for Dominic Cummings and one rule for the rest of us."Davey: 'If this is true, Cummings must resign or be sacked'Mr Cummings helped Mr Johnson win an election framed around a message of the"elite versus the people". But his actions will be read by many as a sign that he is part of an elite for whom the rules don't apply.

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BethRigby he wont resign he loves the power and position BethRigby Will BethRigby and actually report on the news in the next 3 months? I guarantee that's a big fat No. Lamestream media at its finest BethRigby And you’re telling me that all of the public have obeyed the lockdown BethRigby Stop salivating hes not going anywhere.

BethRigby The only backlash is towards you and Beff. Useless irrelevant, incompetent biased media. BethRigby BethRigby Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah BethRigby ..... “allegations he broke lockdown rules”. As these are just allegations, surely he is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Or does that not apply? Probably because of his political stance and threat to the left.

BethRigby Double standards if he doesn’t, same applies to Robert Jenrick. We will get revenge on the Double Standard party at the next election, we the masses have long memories and we will keep this information alive BethRigby If Boris can find a way of skipping 3 June PMQ’s and then go to the G7 with subsequent 14 day quarantine back in UK, he could hide until July 1st.

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