Covıd 19

Covıd 19

Coronavirus: Watch the moment an NHS worker is reunited with her daughters after nine weeks

Suzie Vaughan says she had to keep away from her daughters so they would be safe during the pandemic.

6/3/2020 12:25:00 PM

A nurse who has been working on a COVID19 ward reunites with her two daughters after spending nine weeks apart. Read more here:

Suzie Vaughan says she had to keep away from her daughters so they would be safe during the pandemic.

She even had to spend her birthday apart from her daughters, instead working a 12-hour shift in an intensive care unit."Now they won't let me out of their sight. When I put them to bed they said, 'Am I dreaming mummy?'"I do hope it doesn't have a knock-on effect on them, but kids are quite resilient," she said.

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The family will now spend the next week together before the girls return to school.Ms Vaughan added:"We still have patients coming in but it's not as bad as it was, and now I am fully donned with PPE when treating a Covid patient."I just kept thinking of the girls, I wanted to keep them safe. And I was able to put more hours in at work and help the patients at work who needed it."

How schools in England are keeping staff and pupils safeShe also urged the public to continue following lockdown rules."There are so many people making sacrifices and until you experience it yourself you don't always appreciate what has gone out," she said.

"To see people suffer the way I have had to see patients suffer, I wish people could see the other side of it and think of other people."Tonight and tomorrow night at 8pm, Dermot Murnaghan will be hosting After The Pandemic: Our New World - a special live programme about what our world will be like once the pandemic is over.

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