Coronavirus updates: Rules relaxed for those shielding from virus, government confirms - BBC News

Some 2.2 million people shielding in their homes can go outside for the first time on Monday, the UK government confirms.

5/31/2020 7:10:00 PM

'We do believe it is possible to open schools safely... it's extremely important we do this in a safe way... in modest steps' Communities Minister Robert Jenrick addresses fears parents in England might have about sending children back to school tomorrow

Some 2.2 million people shielding in their homes can go outside for the first time on Monday, the UK government confirms.

Some 205,634 tests were available on Saturday, the government said.At the start of the coronavirus outbreak the UK’s limited testing capacity was soon overwhelmed by the number of new infections. Lockdown had to quickly be imposed to stop the virus spreading and overwhelming the NHS with coronavirus patients.

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Testing capacity has been ramped up significantly in recent weeks to reach the 200,000 figure.The latest daily figures show 115,725 tests were carried out or kits sent out. The bulk were community swab tests for people concerned about symptoms and wanting to know if they have the virus.

Although rates of the infection have decreased substantially with lockdown, the virus has not disappeared from society. People can still catch it and experts believe 8,000 a day in England currently are. As lockdown eases a new system called test and trace is being used to help keep the virus under control - identifying possible outbreaks.

Having enough tests on offer will be vital, as will be getting rapid results back so people can be informed if they might have the virus and therefore need to stay at home to stop the spread. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

Doesn’t sound like the government are listening to your advice. ** I know what, let's further open our Primary schools! Then why on earth has the government relaxed lockdown. It's still too early!! Jenny Harries: 'It's a critical time, we need to be very careful.' Govt: 'Ok, well let's send children back to school.'

What about simple face masks indoors? J_Bloodworth Deaths clearly are plateauing as the graphs Govt posted itself it the Briefing show! Government: mancunianmedic Deaths cases and admissions all plateaued. Therefore the 5 tests can not possibly be being met and all lockdown easing planned for tomorrow must be reversed with stricter lockdown for a week or two to crush transmission properly. We have 20 times Spain’s cases.

😤 BBCPolitics Dr Harries asked how will we know if it's a genuine call from track & trace. Her response 'It will be obvious these are professionally trained individuals'. I certainly won't be given out my personal details to anyone. It won't take long for bogus phone calls to start. If you believe it is safe to open schools then we are all totally screwed!

DominicCumins this applies to you too Reception children aren't going back, this will be their first introduction to school life and I can't see it being anything other than distressing for them. Don't touch, don't go there, don't move about.....they are better off at home It’s a shame Aunty Beeb has to be impartial because the Government should be pilloried for the handling of the Cummings situation. The Government and Police have had the rug of authority pulled from under them.

Good. You only have look around you and in the news reports around England. Lockdown is already over. The sensible people can only rely on themselves to keep away from the ones that no longer care. Funny that-of all the parents I’ve spoken to over the week,none will be sending theirs back to school,tomorrow! A parent of a 13 yr old, said her child needs written special permission by the school headmaster,to stay off! Child will be staying home with or without permission!

With death rates still the highest in Europe, is it a wonder that patents just might be fearful of sending their children back to school. Interesting to see how many do go back tomorrow . Funny that because the rules have always applied to all of the people, Only those strange bods who calls themselves journalists doubt that.

Tell that to the protests at the moment It’s such a straight forward anomoly- I gather private schools aren’t going back til September. So just the parents of state school kids bearing the brunt of donating their lives to test whether it’s safe yet then? How can anyone non-elitist think this is reasonable ?

The only safe way would be to wait until the track and trace is up and running fully and open in September Covid19UK schoolreopening Forget Cummings and look at the hundreds of idiots in Trafalgar Square. The blame lies with people like these idiots that have flaunted the rules since day 1. There were exceptions to the rules, to allow for one off situations

After what her colleague said yesterday she issues a warning? She has been very compliant I would say but she has her limits? English Government going to provide 6k Homes for the Homeless over the next 12 Months. If course they are thousands of people in council homes have Died since the start of this Pandemic. Sad to say there will be many more.

BBCPolitics If you go after DC for looking after his child, MSM should hound others who have not stuck to the ‘spirit’ of the rules, including.. Blackford MP, Kinnock MP, Duffield MP, Raynor MP, Corbyn MP, Ali MP, Lloyd MP, Gethings MP, Jones MP, Campbell cretin DominicCummings Jenny Harries basically telling people too bad it’ll be your own fault If you fall for scammers calling up about TrackTrace !

I wonder how many of the governments children are going back to school 🤔 Who is this 'we' kimosabe? Try telling that to all those demonstrators in London today we might as well forget about lockdown notmovingontillDomisgone They are indeed!!!! That includes those in large crowds everywhere. When the minister says the risk level is “ 4, transitioning into 3”, please remember it’s still 4. The easing was not meant to happen till we reach 3, and the relaxation of shielding when we reached 1.

But not Tahir Ali MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Rosie Duffield MP, Kevan Jones MP, Stephen Kinnock MP - don’t forget Vaughn Gething (Labour’s Health Secretary in Wales) or former adviser Alastair Campbell (not in Speedos). What they have in common? Remind me? BBCPolitics ....... this is complete crap....... we are watching crowds gather in London and then we are seeing this on the TV!? 👏WHATS👏THE👏POINT!👏

See it for what it really is , they have not met their estimated death toll of 500.000 yet. Then Jenrick should go also I'd love to know how many of those ministers who have children are sending them to school, or even if their schools have decided to open. Anyone got the answer. Lancashire county council don't believe you and are correctly keeping primary schools closed.

I’d rather go with the scientists saying it’s not yet safe - wouldn’t be sending children back yet - end June maybe if looking more stable. Suspect if they have children they won’t be sending them back Damn right see agrees with me Jesus let it go Secret DomCum question Yay! But her answer to the public question, about scam callers, has destroyed her credibility!

Re question, how will we know if call from the tracing service is genuine? Answer was we will be able to tell from the professionalism of the caller. Really?! Has Jenny Harries got any idea how professional scammers can sound?! There needs to be a way to check call is genuine! bbc5live Yes but one has only to look at pictures from any seaside resort, riverside or park to realise that social distancing advice is being ignored by large sections of the population whether purposely or unavoidably even before tomorrow when the problem is likely to get worse.

Are you looking professional web designer.We are capable to build any kind of website according to your requirement. 'They are all rules for all of us, excluding Dom'. if there are no penalties there are no rules Another one condemning Cummings. If only the Government were led by the scientists eh.... Armageddon

Any questions on the MP Rosie Duffield? Expecting doctors, nurses to be on complaining? No one is being careful. Second wave June 12th until mid July. It appears the scientists won't abandon their position, the government's plans, are their plans. We've had enough of experts will ring through the death the ringing of the demise of the Tory party, if they're not careful. Wealths' no buffer, Sun and Liverpool.

bbc5live Well the 7 day rolling average shows a clear plateau now. So let’s hope the experts are indeed alert to this, since they didn’t seem to have spotted it! COVID19

Coronavirus - all you need to know as UK warned obey rules or face second spikeLockdown flouters have been warned by Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, the deputy chief medical officer, that the UK could face a second spike of deadly coronavirus What rules? The only rule that seems to be left is the 2 metre one. I'd be more surprised if there wasn't a second wave. Nobody knows what the rules are anymore as they have been twisted and bent so many times by our weak and appalling government

Labour MP Rosie Duffield quits as whip after flouting coronavirus lockdown rules to meet partnerLABOUR MP Rosie Duffield has quit as party whip after flouting coronavirus lockdown rules to meet her partner. The frontbencher apologised after it was revealed she went for a long walk in her Cant… You missed out the words ‘cheating’, ‘extra marital’ and ‘affair’.. But still keeps her high paying job... yawn KYgel I thought anal was illegal?

Coronavirus: Jonathan Van-Tam says lockdown rules 'apply to everybody' after Dominic Cummings rowIt comes after Jonathan Van-Tam was asked a direct questions over Dominic Cummins during the daily press briefing. Don't care didn't ask drama as usual They do ? Oh Sky about having a look at that peaceful march in London

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Border dwellers grapple with English and Welsh lockdown rulesConflicting coronavirus regulations can make life complicated for residents and businesses It's the new, post-Brexit 'United' Kingdom. Everyone 'taking back control' 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 😉 Are they that thick ? I live on the border and I’m not confused thanks. I just continue to apply common sense and stay at home where possible.