Coronavirus updates: Quarantine measures to prevent second wave - Patel - BBC News

New measures are to be introduced at the UK border to guard against a second wave of infections.

5/22/2020 7:16:00 PM

'Now we are past the peak of this virus, we must take steps to guard against imported cases triggering a resurgence' Home Secretary Priti Patel says people arriving in the UK from abroad will have to self-isolate for 14 days

New measures are to be introduced at the UK border to guard against a second wave of infections.

Hugh PymBBC News Health EditorWe're expecting the briefing to start at any moment.But earlier more light was shed on the controversial decision to suspend community virus testing and contact tracing in March.Two senior officials from Public Health England (PHE) were questioned by MPs on the Commons Science and Technology Select Committee.

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Professor Yvonne Doyle said it was stopped in the middle of that month"because of the sheer scale of cases in the UK" after half-term, and said contact tracing"could not possibly have had the capacity to address that".Professor John Newton told the MPs that a million cases of Covid-19 in the UK were predicted at that stage.

They added that PHE had contributed to discussions by the government's scientific advisory committee Sage which had concluded it would"not be worthwhile" to continue contact tracing.Professor Newton said ultimately"it was a decision of course of the government, informed by all advisers".

The prime minister's official spokesman, though, said government experts at daily press conferences at the time had set out why they had reached the decision.A new drive to increase testing was started in April and the government has promised a fully integrated system to trace contacts of patients testing positive by early June.

But the debate on the policy in March to halt the system in operation at that time won't go away. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

If you return from your holiday via Dublin dies it mean you avoid this insane quarantine proposal and can go straight back into normal life? Well done, doing a brilliant job Thankyou Why! Perhaps Priti and the cabinet should look at the fb posts that Joe public post to get a real understanding of how we feel about illegal immigrants! Anyone that gets here thru a safe country should be sent back to that country to seek asylum!

The air bridge should be all of Europe schengen zone where the virus has retreated. Get the economy going and allow people to recharge after a mental battering year. bbc5live GOVUK public spirit is draining away by the second. There will be no aviation industry or tourism industry to get going again because everything you now currently touch turns to shit. clearlyincompetent. There will be a massive backlash from the people of this country.

bbc5live Where exactly does Priti suggest we get the air to build these bridges? Her new release yesterday over internet is top of the charts. An airbridge is based on agreed access at both of it's ends with equal levels of contagion control. But given their comparable covid19 fatality rates, that would mean that UK could only realistically have direct links to Belgium and Sweden

Home Secretary Priti Patel bbcnews re Freedom of movement in 30 countries inc crop pickers has been robbed from British people by the worst series of abuses of democracy & subversion in modern British history.This theft will never be forgiven.! BBCPolitics But she’s an imbecile. Which countries would want an air corridor with one of the most ineptly managed Covid strategies and the worst death rate in Eur!

This pantomime gets more ridiculous by the day BBCPolitics So I guess people entering the country are expected to isolate for twelveteen hundred and fifty ninety thousand days? “That’s for the government to decide” . Scientists fighting back ! Where’s the full list of exemptions. TomBurridgebbc I cannot stand this woman. £1000? Fine for anyone breaching, how are they going to monitor send officers round to every property? Bloody ridiculous.

Hear!Hear! For remembrance of victims of terrorism. She was reading off paper, didn’t even mean it. Was a formality then dashed out Completely unconvincing. I believe Priti Patel gives the remotest shit about people’s suffering and grief as much as I believe in the fucking tooth fairy. BBCPolitics I think we should have water tunnels

Why has nobody pointed out that whilst its possible to travel from Ireland to the UK with no quarantine under the new rules, it's not the same in reverse? The Irish government have said restrictions apply to entering from the UK as they do to any other country, 14 days quarantine What's the catch? Looking to study abroad? You can get into universities in Ukraine for as low as $2,000 per academic year. No IELTS needed just your SSCE for Bachelors degree and your Bsc certificate for Masters. achieving dreams is all what we want in life get the certificate and your dreams

Said same kind of thing in march when he said yirus is hear so the numbers coming in wont make much difference has he got boris on the end of a ventriloquist stick up is rear saying what boris is telling him Can’t watch this awful bi*ch. Chase was good! How does the 14 day quarantine affect airline cabin crew

Priti Patel displays about as much empathy as my patio doors! Attempt to divert attention by appealing to misguided demagogue narrative against Islam in a month that muslims are celebrating Eid. Your job is to give a briefing on COVID 19 which the government who've being part have incompetently dealt with so far. Am embarrassed for you

Idc about what's being said. I just love the energy the sign language interpreter has the whole time lmao. They should bloody do something and soon. They are crippling our aviation industry. It’s an absolute disgrace that they cherry pick who they give loans to and prevent them operating at the same time.

obviously .......... night What when you catch it in the immigration queue because you can’t use the e-barriers, as you have to wait for one of them sullen little self opinionated Board Force to work out which way to put your passport in the scanner and read the instructions on the screen. TomBurridgebbc Ffs.....just take it as read, (as such) and it isn’t going to just burn out (MUCH as I’d love it to😩)

TomBurridgebbc How can anyone contemplate going on holiday if upon return they have to self isolate for 14 days - who’s going to do that or have the time off to cover it 🤔 TomBurridgebbc Could we not just test people when they arrive in country, positive - self isolate, negative - then carry on. Isn't 'air bridges' a synonym of Ryan Air?

Unfortunately these will probably be one way bridges, as I cant imagine British tourists being welcomed in many countries for quite a while yet. Everyone flies into France then flies to UK, no quarantine. Next She seems quite incompetent, how does one get into a position like this? TomBurridgebbc But ... they have not extended the advice from FCO so holiday companies are keeping people’s deposits for July and August Given that most companies want final payment 10 weeks before you depart.

TomBurridgebbc What if you have already booked one? TomBurridgebbc It seems the Government want you to spend your money and holidays at home at the same time as denying the country profits from global tourism etc DailyBriefing TomBurridgebbc No, no, go abroad... and die - pardon my language, but what a expletive stupid question- you do realise these buggers actually get paid to come up with this tosh - journalists: making the weatherman look good! 🤨

TomBurridgebbc A bad second wave is a media invention, to justify bad policy decisions. A certain percentage of the population is already immune and viruses tend to become weaker with time. The epidemic is also dying down is a lot of places. England will you hurry up and wake up to the fact that these imbeciles are playing you like a fiddle - they have no empathy, no soul, no conscience. This daily PR exercise needs to end. Get out of your entrenched Brexit rabbit holes and demand new leadership!

amygyles1 BBCPolitics My god proposing to government make all foreigners who work for the NHS British citizens my god get a job in the NHS and you will get British citizenship so get a job with NHS for 1 day and your british sorted how stupid She needs to have a bloody good look at whats happening in the english channel on a daily basis.

TomBurridgebbc Awesome dogs and cats having fun TomBurridgebbc I take it she hasnt seen the photos of all the beaches over the last couple of days TomBurridgebbc If anyone thinks it’s safe to travel, then maybe go but please don’t rush back. When you do get back please stay well away from the rest of us.

TomBurridgebbc I see you question didn’t fit exactly to the script she was given Dentists in Germany have continued working despite Corona. The work with great care and heavy protection. No big problem. Will someone ask how the hunt for counter terrorism suspects is going? Speaking of road haulage, if lorry drivers are found to have illegal migrants on the truck they are fined up to £2k for each migrant but the laughable Border Force running a bespoke taxi service in cahoots with the French in the channel can escort 50+ at a time with no fine!

This is ridiculous. It's time for all government advice to be published, cos this stinks of idiot politician to me. TomBurridgebbc Cats,dogs,happy,fun,pets,pet,YouTube,enjoy,cat,dog,excited,awesome TomBurridgebbc The decrease of cases is clearly slowing down! Why has no one mentioned this? 22nd May 2020 - 80,297 Tested - 3,287 Positive.

So the Scientists are prepared to let people with dental problems continue to suffer. That’s not science, that’s cruelty. night Now is too late BBCPolitics Can’t see that working - can you? night Particularly liked the line from Priti, those who don't comply won't be allowed in... 🤔 TomBurridgebbc TomBurridgebbc Stay safe stay home.

Unless you are an illegal boat person who has a UK wedding booked! DON'T FUCKING DO IT!!!!!! No clear answer from either My best friends dad passed away tuesday, not covid. Fantastic bloke who would norm have 300-400 at funeral. Hes allowed 10 so cant pay respects. Be interesting if covid appears on his death certif though as many seem to have this put down

Shrewd move from Sir Patrick passing the gathering sizes to Priti vacant Patel I suppose we've waited 2 months for it so another 2 weeks won't make any difference😂 So none UK citizens may get deported of they refuse to sign the form but what if you are a Brit? Refuse to sign the form and then not allowed home?

night Along with the thousands of illegal immigrants being allowed into the country. Spot checks like the HSE that Boris said would be carried out? Best to say nothing then you can’t lie. y r u showing it live , you can't edit it And of course illegal boat people! Illegal immigrants who are breaching our borders without restrictions and indeed support from France and the UK!

Are illegal immigrants also exempt ? Just asking for France that’s all so they know they have 14 days till we send them back ! If they are then turn them boats around and back to where you come from She’s back 3 months too late. Does anyone know what’s going to happen at ports ? BBCPolitics well hope medical professionals are tested and tested

Goverment keep on about social distancing when are they going to sort out the amount of people travelling on trains in london they are keeping on to other members of the public all over the country but the worst place is on the train stations in london Stay in your lane idiots Nobody wants to hear from this odious little person. The gov never learns. She is not fit to be talking to the public so stop putting her on the box with that awful smirk. thanks!

Don’t let her lack of knowledge about return of schools stop you asking about it. Or ask The Scientists Awesome dogs and cats having fun Just no consistency, different ministers most days of the week. There can’t be many cabinet ministers that haven’t stood at that podium. Are journalists dumb. It makes sense to quarantine if no-one from Britain has travelled. And aww some will be upset and tourism with suffer. Couldn’t give a shit. I miss having a holiday but I like being alive and also I don’t want to murder someone.

Hope she’s been practicing her teens and units! Eleventy twelve days quarantine Do you mind if I don't? She's dirt. Hope she’ll be able to answer questions about the scientific advice re schools 🤪 That’s brave wheeling Priti Vacant out again. Only 10 weeks late No thank you. Unbearable. Oh god. Not watching. Sorry. She’s a disgrace.

I'm sorry you feel as though the Home Secretary is giving the televised briefing tonight. Where’s that remote control..... off ASAP. Cannae wait to hear how careful she is when reading out the numbers! Between this lot, how many connections to companies that get undertable NHS contracts?

Coronavirus - all you need to know as police could enforce spot checks at homesThose coming into the country may have to provide an accommodation address where they will quarantine for 14 days under the measures to guard against a second wave of coronavirus

UK coronavirus live: travellers face £1,000 fines in quarantine plans to be unveiled by Priti PatelUK government set to reveals is plans isolate new arrivals for two weeks; independent Sage committee warns against schools reopening There is anew saliva test available. If you spit bile, you are a supporter of Priti Patel. Too late. Pretty much irrelevant now. So if Brits have a holiday, when we get back ,we do 14 days isolation. Ok fair enough,who pays for the extra 2wks off.

Coronavirus updates: UK to trialling 20-minute coronavirus test - BBC NewsFollow live: Health Secretary Matt Hancock leads the UK's daily coronavirus briefing, amid calls to finalise the test, track and trace strategy His name is Peter Pandemic...not Matt handcock PM Johnson no show, again. Must be knackered after the beating he got from Sir Keir yesterday. BILLY LIAR you mean

Greece's tourism season to restart on 15 June and international flights on 1 JulyGreek PM says arrivals to undergo coronavirus tests rather than be quarantined But as of the moment, not from the UK. 🙏🏻 No way would I go to Greece. I don’t believe anyone’s figures!

Coronavirus live news: global cases near 5m as EU health chief warns of second wave‘The question is when and how big,’ says Europe CDC chief; world sees largest daily rise in cases; Trump considers in-person G7. Follow the latest updates FUD! What's EU? Honestly, I personally do not care. I just feel sorry for the elderly as they are not protected.

UK coronavirus live: launch test and trace or risk second wave, NHS leaders warnGovernment told it is running out of time to kick off testing system What’s the cheapest option? Rigsby has a tight budget They can’t be heard over all the clapping. .... based on yesterday’s pictures of beaches etc, there’s no need for Testing and Tracing ... You can assume most of them out will probably have it and most out will be most likely be spreading it🤔 TestAndTrace