Coronavirus updates: Lockdown slowing hospital admissions, UK official says - BBC News

UK officials warn it is 'too early' to say when restrictions to fight the coronavirus will end.

4/6/2020 7:42:00 PM

'I spoke to the PM on Saturday, [that] was the last time I spoke to him,' says Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab Boris Johnson is in hospital with 'persistent symptoms' of coronavirus

UK officials warn it is 'too early' to say when restrictions to fight the coronavirus will end.

Paul RinconScience editor, BBC News websiteGetty ImagesCopyright: Getty ImagesFurther insights into that female tiger that tested positive for the coronavirus at the Bronx Zoo in New York ...The news follows on the heels of a laboratory study published last week that shows domestic cats can become infected with Sars-CoV-2 (as this coronavirus is officially known) when given high doses.

The racism that killed George Floyd was built in Britain | Afua Hirsch UK coronavirus deaths rise above 50,000 Trump claims he was in bunker for a ‘tiny' period of time to inspect it

Furthermore, the team of researchers from institutes in Harbin, China, were able to show that cats were able to transmit the virus to other cats.And a cat in Belgium has reportedly been infected with the virus by its owner.Dr Sarah Caddy, a veterinarian from the University of Cambridge, said the news about the tiger was not wholly unexpected, given the Chinese study.

But, she said:"It is surprising that the tiger has become infected with what must have been a fairly low dose of virus – we can assume the tiger did not have continual close contact with the asymptomatic zoo keeper."She said one possibility was that tigers in captivity could be more susceptible - in part, perhaps, because of their genes. There is a 5% difference between the genomes of tigers and domestic cats. The genome is the DNA contained in the nuclei of cells

Interestingly, the Harbin study found that ferrets were also susceptible to the virus, but dogs, pigs, chickens and ducks were less so.So what does this all mean for the vast majority of us who are in lockdown? There is no evidence that pets of any kind can be a source of the virus. The current pandemic is undoubtedly driven by human-to-human transmission.

But some scientists have advised that pet owners should take the usual precautions of hand washing, and might choose to avoid overly close contact with their animals - especially if they think they might be infected with the coronavirus. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

bbclaurak I used to look for you in current affairs programmes bbclaurak as having an insightful eye for the facts. But your questioning and reporting of the current government has been woeful and almost sycophantic. I've lost my respect for you as a journalist. bbclaurak Say anything sensible? 😂 bbclaurak I thought it was clear. When we have it clearly under control there will be a relaxation of the restrictions, bit by bit. Once it is obvious things are improved. Next time what about asking what time will we start the exit strategy? Journalists my arse!

bbclaurak They haven’t got one. bbclaurak There is absolutely no point to these abysmal, pathetic excuses for so called journalists! bbc5live bbclaurak You would have thought that the journos might look at who is taking the questions and them something about their speciality ie Raab Foreign Sec What you doing to get UK citizens home ... but no.... what’s the strategy to end lock down... we need it increasing not decreasing

bbclaurak Very disappointed at the questions asked by journalists today briefing. Each one seemed to ask same question and got the same answer. Use common sense... Are we likely to be in lockdown longer. Yes look at Europe and now BJ in ICU. No frolics on the beach Easter weekend!!! bbclaurak Typical nonsense from Kuensberg.

bbclaurak Who exits a roller coaster heading for the top of a peak ? Come on Laura!!! BBCLookEast bbclaurak If this inept government got it's act together & started mass testing for antibodies then we would know if we are destroying the economy & putting far more lives at risk unnecessarily. Because the government failed to prepare they are prepared to fail.

bbclaurak Er ... question, how long’s a piece of string ...? 🙄 bbclaurak Hope It all goes away? bbclaurak Yet another dumb question......! night bbclaurak All you journalists are interested in , is getting back on your political bubble Gravy train. Same questions knowing there is no answer. . ITS GROUNDHOG DAY!!!

bbc5live bbclaurak The question from that guy from TheSun was mad, some of these journalists just have shit for brains. Why even let them have air time? BBCPolitics So it's been two days since the deputy PM spoke to the PM - that's a worry it these fast moving times. BBCPolitics “In person” ? Physically?

Did Raab throw his toys out the pram because he's not got the reins 😂 Change your reporting. We are fed up.eith stupid point scoring bbclaurak Questions I want you to ask: a) how many Covid-19 patients have been discharged to date; b) what’s happening with the various contact and symptom tracking apps - is there a coherent strategy, how will the public know which is best to sign up for?

This is the result of an 'Unwritten Constitution'. Now, The whole country is at RISK. I wonder what Putin and Chi are doing and thinking right now ! ParliamentaryDemocracySucks 'gave him a hug and a kiss that's all, wasn't me' This is less than encouraging. Because the news is bad! The most stupid question asked. Seriously?

Good choice; I don't think it makes sense leaving the public to draw conclusions on matters such as this. They can barely digest the difference between radio waves and pathogens... Well done Professor. Everyone should utterly respect the privacy of a patient. Too much attention to the PM’s health ... we have a government with protocols and ministers in place above any one person. Stop the panic...move on.

bbclaurak Turning the updates off before the repetitive media questions. bbclaurak Can the questions from the journalists be reviewed before being asked? 15 minutes of the same questions being asked in different ways! 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ And here you have it: Journalism embarrassing itself... AGAIN FFS 🤦🏼‍♂️

Quite right too . Have you not heard of patient confidentiality. You are always quick to report breaches of this You are vultures... How about you focus on what's important, like getting ppl like me waiting on wages to be paid the info we need, tbh idgaf about his health, just my wages and supporting my family... I have a little savings, others are not as lucky. DO YOUR FUCKING JOB!!

Quality of questions tonight is appalling not just from the beeb but most journalists. Very disappointing and a waste of time. Medics clearly told not to answer anything contentious. So much for neutrality. It’s called patient confidentiality press people!! Stop rewording your questions to try and trip the speakers up!!

Integrity is always the right answer and CMO_England appears to have plenty of it. So nice to see him well. I’m going to start turning this off after updates from podiums. Journalists just asking the same questions and it’s embarrassing. MH wants to ramp up antibody testing see he can 'seasonally adjust' the testing figures

bbclaurak Like we know yet bbclaurak I think everyone knows that friends in success of lockdown and people complying only then will they be able to measure impact. If everyone goes out then exit be different

UK plots end of coronavirus lockdown amid fears firms won't survive after JuneMinisters have appointed a team to come up with options where the UK's coronavirus lockdown restrictions would be lifted only when new Covid-19 hospital admissions begin to drop

Haven extend the closure of UK holiday parks to May 14 over coronavirus lockdownHAVEN has extended their closure dates to May 14 after the holiday park shut their doors due to coronavirus. They were originally closed from March 20 to April 16, but have been forced to remain sh…

Coronavirus updates: Raab leads UK government briefing - BBC News'The efforts all of us are making to stay at home and save lives are working' 'But the big question is, is the virus spread slowing down enough to make hospital admissions stabilise and then even fall,' says Professor Dame Angela McLean Dear Journalists, please can you up your game? I can't help but shout at the TV with questions such as, what decision will you be making at the end of the week? (how will they know until the end of the week) and the lack of understanding over the terms precautionary and tests. This is the result of an 'Unwritten Constitution'. Now, The whole country is at RISK. I wonder what Putin and Chi are doing and thinking right now ! ParliamentaryDemocracySucks Nigel_Farage KTHopkins Absolutely awful questions today. Need to get some new reporters if that’s the best they can come up with. Sorry but truly dreadful.

UK coronavirus death toll rises by 621 to 4,934 as 47,806 people test positivePublic Health England, NHS England and other authorities have shared the daily update on the latest numbers of people infected with coronavirus (Covid-19) Nearly 1in every 10 what’s the chances it’s going to be 1 in every 5 will test pos for it stupid idiot ignored the signs should’ve been on lockdown long before Boris decided to play roulette with our life’s 😡 UKs normal death toll is 1700 per day so is it 621 or 2321? Have we dismissed the fact that far more people die of heart disease, cancer, alcohol related, dementia etc etc than die of COVID19? Yes we are taking measures to prevent mass infection but let's not forget others.

Coronavirus pandemic - all you need to know as prediction 20,000 in UK could dieThe UK’s coronavirus death toll rose on Saturday by 708 to 4,313, including a five-year-old child - while the total number of cases in the country now totals 41,903 Or at least keep track of those who are the minority and enforce those idiots. I've been home for 2 weeks now and no symptoms... If the minority idiots continue to ruin this for everybody else, then the people like me are gonna hate them so much! Do it now - 2 weeks too late! Evidence up , down UK - day in day out, that some people just cannot be trusted. This has already cost lives, some of those the lives of others trying save lives or delivering service to support those on the front line. Its not hard, most are helping MattHancock this needs to be done. It’s not just London with a problem all around the country people are flouting the rules putting others in danger. Please please can we have a proper lockdown properly enforced as other European countries have to save lives

Whether in the UK or the developing world, we're not all in coronavirus togetherIn the slums of Delhi or Lagos, social distancing is a dream BCG vaccinations for the win :) Nigeria population 206.1 million people. For every dead, 6 recovered. Confirmed: 214 Deaths: 4 Recovered: 25 Active: 185 We go to the government for food, shelter and education if we don't want to work. That's the idea. An option.