Coronavirus: UK will do well to keep deaths below 20,000 - NHS official - BBC News

A senior health official says if the death toll in the UK is kept below 20,000, 'we will have done very well'.

3/28/2020 7:49:00 PM

'I cannot emphasise enough to everybody watching today that you have the chance to save a life' NHS England medical director Stephen Powis 'it really is as simple as that'

A senior health official says if the death toll in the UK is kept below 20,000, 'we will have done very well'.

What’s happened so far today?Global infections have topped 600,000. According to latest figures by Johns Hopkins University, the number of deaths in Europe has surpassed 20,000.Here in the UK, fatalities have risen by 260, bringing the total to 1,019. Business Secretary Alok Sharma is set to deliver the press briefing at 16:00GMT.

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Spain’s coronavirus death toll has risen by 832 in 24 hours, bringing it to 5,690. However the number of people recovering from the virus is also increasing, with a total of 12,285 out of over 72,000 cases.The Chinese city of Wuhan, where the virus first emerged, has partially reopened after more than two months in isolation.

South Korea says it has more people who have recovered from the virus than infected.The US has approved rapid testing kits. They will be able to detect coronavirus within five minutes.The USNS Comfort, a US Navy hospital ship will leave Virginia on Saturday and station itself in New York City, the epicentre of the US outbreak, to help it cope with an overload of patients.

The Indian government has defended its handling of the outbreak after a strict lockdown left millions without food. India's population of 1.3 billion was given less than four hours' notice of the three-week lockdown on Tuesday.

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20,000? where are you getting these figures from? Why not under 2000? Also what are the guarantee the healthcare workers will survive? what is the probability of the front line workers in the NHS surviving after all of this? No comfort when transmission rates are exponential Urgent Coronavirus Message to the World CoronaUpdate coronavirus COVID19 covid19UK

Done well with 20.000 deaths, casually said. In Spain they are scared of the virus but also scared of the police. If you are out when you shouldn’t be you are treated like a criminal We should have had the same lockdown as them over a week ago. The government had the chance to save lives when they were warned a both a potential pandemic pathogen. In January. The government reacted with jokes about singing whilst washing hands...

But we will keep takeaways open as they are essential 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Mini trump It's time not to be complacent about how to combat this threat since it is not acting any differently from the other places and it is our preparation not luck that would help us ride over this crisis with expanding our capacity building and creating more resources and aids.

Down to us as a nation, it really is that simple.......StayAtHomeAndStaySafe But will he be losing his job? We must continue to shine a light of were folks congregating against government advice and close them down. Full lockdown needed, before more die. here's a simple explanation on social distancing and how we all play a part in saving lives:

So where has 'herd immunity' gone? Was it in Dom Cummings' rucksack as he legged it away from Downing Street last night? Room for a few more. HerdImmunityismurder Agree The government also must now follow WHO guidelines Trace Test Treat Better late than never Try telling the to Leeds and Bradford mosques !

indeed complacency should not be encouraged. When will the uk Gvmnt start disinfecting the streets and public places across the u.k .... and at what intervals will disinfection occur? thank you Did he say, if we keep deaths below 20,000 we would’ve done very well? Mr Boris Johnson is a strong man👍 Why can’t you address the question directly, which was how full are intensive care beds around the UK. I know for a fact in Scotland they are no busier than a normal winters day. Start to regionalise the strategy or the publics mindset and support will change 2 weeks from now.

If Kings College London are talking about 6.6 million Brits may have the virus already, how in the world can there only be 600,000 infections globally ? If that many Brits have the virus, then the fatality rate is very low indeed. 20,000 deaths is not 'doing very well', try telling that to the family & friends of those 20,000! The warnings were there from China & Italy but government failed to act, & why are our borders still open, risking more infections entering, when so many others have closed theirs?

Did Churchill throw a sickie? BBCPolitics Is that another BBC deliberate mistake: 'We're at capacity yet in London' They should be saying 'We're NOT at capacity yet in London. ScraptheBBCLicenceFee Subtly seems to blame people being slow to follow guidance rather than Govt. delay in acting, failure to plan for pandemic since 2016, failure to support NHS re 10000 doctors 40000 nurses short since 2010 despite aging population, lack of PPE, respirators, ICU & bed shortages

Indeed....but is it true that we are still unable to track and trace to enable strict isolation, stopping 'spread and transmission'? By not taking supressing measures at the start, the virus has spread beyond control We are now following 'herd immunity' but without vaccine, regardless lockdown StayAtHomeAndStaySafe

Alok Sharma & gov't medical expert say it is imperative for public to follow social distancing advice.... coronalockdownuk The figure I can’t understand ... NHS Nightingale, has 4000 beds, the same as 8 operating general hospitals. It’s appalling that it’s taken a mass pandemic for the goverment to fund that kind of increase in our NHS. What will happen with the equipment after COVID19?

Why can’t we do testing on every one, lock down should have been weeks ago then the country could carry on working eventual x Where are the 1.5m letters supposedly sent to vulnerable people KarlTurnerMP Indeed, now is not the time to be complacent. Unfortunately 6 weeks ago was not time to be complacent either, but the government clearly were...

mitigation and suppression of COVID19. In consideration of that few of English people have accepted COVID-19 virus detection. The real number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus must bigger than annouced. I think ,maybe nearly 100,000 have been infected by COVID-19 virus. It's now clear that we can use technology to work, completely invalidating the case for HS2. Get it cancelled and save taxpayers £150B!

Why use the word ‘ makeshift ‘ - cant you support the efforts of very hard working people by more thoughtful and supportive use of language ? Spain is going through hell now. Your Gov't should take immediate action: confine people at home, close all shops except for supermarkets and pharmacies and basic needs stores, get medical supplies, right NOW. We, Spaniards, regret not having done it much earlier.

Of course he continues to lead, that's his job. Stop trying to point it out as an act of heroism. Difficult to lockdown when you can't get food deliveries. So please, why are factories, offices and construction areas still operational? Surely a tighter lockdown will make a bigger difference. Why do 10DowningStreet feel we are better than Italy etc?

20,000 deaths - imo that’s unacceptable. Oh tell , they may not already know that bbc5live Because of Europe ? What will be the excuse this time Tell that telegraph moron that the reduced projection isn’t a new study - was always that with lockdown

New Zealand coronavirus deaths during lockdown could be just 20, modelling suggestsRestrictions would need to remain in place until a vaccine or other treatment was developed Modeling. We get a police state home detention because of modeling. That would be nice. I don't think most of us are being quite that optimistic. When controls are lifted after 400 days, an outbreak occurs with a similar peak size as for an uncontrolled epidemic,” the researchers wrote

Tenant given UK’s first ‘coronavirus injunction’ after hosting 20 people for house parties'Residents must realise that the restrictions put in place by the Government are to minimise the spread of the virus and must be adhered to' What is wrong with them☹️

Coronavirus pandemic - UK death toll hits 759 as Boris Johnson tests positiveThree key points from that press briefing: * A ‘new alliance’ to increase testing for frontline workers * Hundreds of tests to be carried out this weekend * New make-shift hospitals in Birmingham and Manchester More in our coronavirus live blog - simonmaginn HUNDREDS what fking good is that simonmaginn Hundreds? What the fuck happened to 250,000? simonmaginn Only one of those things is going to happen anytime soon.

UK coronavirus death toll to be 'just' 5,700 - but only if lockdown rules obeyedCoronavirus could kill as few as 5,700 people in Britain with the peak of the outbreak as early as next Sunday if people stringently follow the government's social distancing advice That’s a big jump from the current 600 , despite the fact that 2 weeks ago it was predicted we would be the same as italy this week ! It’s bullshit ! 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿1 News does me! Even if it Blackout Sky! Had enough of screeching headlines designed to panic every1 out! ITV tonite.2Women wailing & with kids.Starving!👀Wot can I do?Housebound.Wheelchair user!So I gave £10SALVATION ARMY.£10 TO SHELTER! Please DO TOO!careful what U watch

Coronavirus latest news: UK death toll passes 1,000 after 260 more patients die in 24 hoursThe UK coronavirus death toll has passed 1,000 for the first time, after 260 more patients died in the last 24 hours, the Department for Health and Social Care has announced. “The UK coronavirus death toll has passed 1,000 for the first time”... seriously? Don’t you have subs. Don’t believe anything Trump says He was offered some off Brussels....but guess what

UK coronavirus death toll surpasses 1,000 as further 260 die overnightBritain has today recorded its worst death toll in 24 hours yet as the number dying in the UK rises to 1,019 today, leaping by 260 from 759 the day before Its about time donald, the usa isnt immune to covid 19 , best of luck,x It's also time to quarantine China politically & economically that gifts such lasting cheating information to UN & related organization. Tragic and infuriating that they have to warn against this.