Coronavirus: Trump wears mask in public for first time amid surge in COVID-19 cases

Coronavirus: Trump wears mask in public for first time amid surge in COVID-19 cases

7/12/2020 4:20:00 AM

Coronavirus: Trump wears mask in public for first time amid surge in COVID-19 cases

The US president was visiting a hospital as the number of virus deaths in the country stood at over 134,000.

patients.The pandemic reached the US in March, and has infected more than 3.2 million people and killed at least 134,000 - a higher number of deaths than in any other country.Image:Mr Trump said 'it's expected' to wear a face covering in a hospital

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But, despite health officials recommending face coverings as a way of limiting the spread of thecoronavirus, Mr Trump has previously refused to wear them at public events.The Associated Press quoted sources close to the president as saying he feared wearing a mask would make him look weak and that it would shift the focus away from the economic recovery.

AdvertisementHe has acknowledged that a mask should be worn if people are close together indoors but he has accused reporters of wearing them to be politically correct.He has also retweeted messages making fun of his Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden for wearing a mask.

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Coronavirus breaks out again in New Zealand after 102 days

Coronavirus has broken out again in New Zealand after 102 days.

Let's face it, he only resisted wearing one as it would ruin his fake tan. Just needs a striped jumper and he will look like the thief he truly is Because he’s lied all the way through!! Killed thousands and now he knows how serious this situation really is!! Too late now you’ve done the damage ! It's now a must.

Damned by ScumMedia if he doesn’t ... ridiculed by ScumMedia when he does ... that about right ? Masked morons everywhere 🙄 😷 It’s a visit of hospital moron !! Why don’t you mention it on your headline ? Hahaha, Trump witha a mask, is not new for him, he did that all his life without paying tax People on trump Doesn't wear mask: why is he so stupid etc etc gets abuse. Wears mask: WHY DIDNT HE DO THIS BEFORE!!!! *continues to get abuse* 😂😂😂

He was in a hospital you 🤡 As trump said , there is a time and place. Here he was visiting a hospital. His neck vagina is hard to stomach. Higher Higher Perhaps realDonaldTrump is a bit worried before the uselection that the woke Liberals and scummedia would love a plan to take him out of the game, stopping him getting a glorious second term. I wouldn't put anything past the mindless Liberal snowflakes.

he looks cute in a mask Sly news, he was in a hospital, also the man is a germaphobe, it was never in doubt that he would wear a mask, he just said he wouldn’t wear one in news interviews and press confrences I’m painting a door today. It will save him a lot of tan He was in a hospital 🤦🏻‍♂️ Man reluctantly wears mask to secure votes. Hopes everyone forgets he is corrupt, incompetent and truly unfit for his position.

Why are the eyes not covered? Won't the virus thru them? Plz CDC advise us on the type of mask the US President shd wear. Bet it wont happen again. Proof, if needed, that this planet is indeed existing in the underworld. The mask highlights my eyes 🤪 You failed to mention that he was at a veterans hospital at the time. Funny that. FakeNews ScumMedia

Thank God he didn't wear a white mask, imagine the meltdown the Mob would've had over that! Teflon Trump may be far from perfect. But the MsM's hate filled obsession has lead to these constant & petty implied mud slinging articles, most people just roll their eyes at the MsM now. Surprised he didn't go for a big Stars and Stripes one

He said he wore one once and he looked like the Lone Ranger. he just get sense now Pumpkin🎃 wearing a mask Yeah story !!!! Misleading ? Inaccurate .... who gives a crap... it’s a story !!! Nobody gives a shit He was in a hospital ffs. He didn't 'appear reluctant'-he opposed them! He said corona virus was a hoax -come on Sky News ffs.

Can Sly News write just one article involving the president of America without a ‘gotcha’ attempt or negative slant? And? Alterior motive? Ivanka about to move into mask production? Why is this news? Cause the military told his bitch ass to wear it. They were like f your knowledge of the bounties and not doing shit! Look at his ass trying to look all tough but looks more like a fool.

'Leader of struggling 3rd world country wears a mask'. It's a cry for help he's declining quicker than a cheap avocado Aawww.... such a clever president 😕 Just the beginning of his Darth Vader helmet he’s working on... Finally he gets it! 👏👏 Beautiful mask ! They be bad for us in a day or two that's how the left work.

Next time use gaffer tape What the Chinese achieved by their Virus to the western economy was to retaliate for western sanctions against China 🤑, so quick and deadly effective 😂😂🤧😎 He would wear a tutu if it go him votes Sky bias at it again the obvious was stated in the story yet the headline once again misleads

Same as UK, months of saying masks aren't necessary then having to U turn when they realise they're wrong You are obsessed with realDonaldTrump, hardly breaking news. If only this was funny... What the Chinese virus did to the west was more effective than nuclear weapons 🤨🤧🤨😎 It should have been a hood!

Stop this bullshit fear mongering It's too late to lead by example Mr President, you did too much to deter your supporters from wearing facemask How is it not gold? He's really off brand with this So what's PM. Johnson up to and wearing? Sky remember when Boris got ill and the President wish him well? Why are you mocking something you have no business in?

Who cares That’s the best looking mask I’ve seen on a world leader so far— Trudeau’s mask looks like a baby 👶 nappy—as they say if the mask fits wear it! Wear one or f**k off was why he has got one on. Yep he definitely “looks good” in it and his resemblance to the “Lone Ranger” is uncanny! The Loan Arranger rides again! Too little, too late and he’s only done it for another photo op. At least it hides his orange face. 😃

This was yesterday’s news fuck sake 🤦‍♂️😂 He realises the country is fucked... Do not congratulate. No wonder he didn’t want to wear a mask. He looks like Hannibal Lecter. He looks like a boss 😎 🔥 😍 who cares about Trump wearing a mask or not? When you going to talk about Adam Schiff and the Standard Hotel? Or all those Pedos in Hollywood who are about to get busted.

He looks like a G!!!!!!! TRUMP2020LANDSLIDE BOUT TIME!! Sometimes you have to look and play the part. Even if you, deep down know all of this is utterly bullshit. Its real, but its a money and Wallstreet and......ELECTION SCAM! ENJOY TH3 SH0w🙃 Facts.....Jack Should we give him a medal? Or ridicule his neck, which is his special talent?

Tomorrow lefties will say don't wear a mask. He wore that mask because he was in a hospital. It had nothing to do with the coronavirus numbers No safe distancing though! he shouldn’t get applauded for doing something that should be mandatory lol Idiot Woof woof 🐕 now just needs a lead too 👍 Does his face mask also gag him If so - it’s genius 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Wearing a mask has better chance of winning the race than not wearing one ~ I wear a mask - where my standing fucking ovation! He was visiting a hospital.... Covid-19 must be disappeared in 2 months if everyone wearing face mask when being in public. Reporter tests positive for coronavirus after attending two White House press briefings with Kayleigh McEnany.

Now that is what you call presidential realDonaldTrump should have worn a mask every day for the pat 3 months. Real leader lead by example. what a wanker until it reaches to one’s own home, no one will care it Just show my opinion he’s fake I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti Thank you....finally

Not the first time wtf y’all are supposed to be trustworthy news At a military hospital for a whole 35 mins!

Fauci says he hasn’t briefed Trump in two months as Covid-19 cases risePresident said public health expert ‘made a lot of mistakes’ while nearly 3.2 million have contracted the coronavirus It's because Trump doesn't care how many Americans die. He only cares about getting reelected. Does need it ... This moron doesn‘t like to hear the truth

Donald Trump wears mask in public for first time during Covid-19 pandemicPresident wears face covering during visit to military hospital as cases of coronavirus surge across the United States Improvement Trying to distract from his latest criminal act Meaning president Trump has started wearing mask

Trump wears mask for first time after saying Covid-19 'would disappear'Donald Trump was pictured at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, on Saturday with the face mask on but has in the past downplayed the need for the equipment If he starts 6 months ago every american and his allies will follow him satisfactorily! False we don’t need anyone teach us how to manage our own affairs we aren’t weak lemmings in need of government officials to teach us how to live our lives. W ......anker

Trump attempts to blame Fauci for coronavirus 'mistakes' - follow liveFollow the latest updates . 1.) You can not yell 'FIRE!' into a crowded theater. 2.) You can not breathe NovelCoronavirus into a crowd. Our freedoms are not absolute. 2Stupid2Mask 2Stupid2Quarantine I rather suspect Dr. Fauci isn't a nice man. Perhaps a shrewd evil man. International media who imply Donald Trump has caused coronavirus deaths and police brutality on blacks can't be trusted either.

Trump claims border wall stopped US being 'inundated' with coronavirus despite 133,000 deathsDonald Trump claimed on Friday, without providing supporting evidence, that the United States would have been 'inundated' with coronavirus had his administration not erected over 200 miles of barrier oh brother LOL 🤣😂 more with the stupid wall.. 🙄🙄🙄 🤣

Dr Fauci last briefed Trump on coronavirus two months ago, he saysHe last met in-person with Mr Trump on 2 June Hi there, I am SEO Expert. I can do any website Google Top Rank in a short time guarantee. click this link Fiverr Even then I suspect Trump stuck his fingers in his ears and went 'la la la'...... Oh my fucking God - where is the Presidunce getting “advice” these days? Trump Presidunce TrumpIsKillingUs