Coronavirus: The Italian COVID-19 hospital where no medics have been infected

Coronavirus: The Italian COVID-19 hospital where no medics have been infected

3/31/2020 8:16:00 PM

Coronavirus: The Italian COVID-19 hospital where no medics have been infected

Armed guards patrol all the corridors and there are walk-in disinfection machines that look like airport scanners.

This was a whole different level to anything we have seen before.The staff treating the sickest patients are wearing super advanced masks - much nearer to a gas mask than we normally see our hospital staff wearing.Italy's hardest-hit city wants you to see how COVID-19 is affecting its hospitals

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They are clad in thick waterproof suits that means the doctors and nurses are effectively sealed in.Incredibly, so far at least, not a single member of the medical teams has been affected - it seems it can be done, you just have to have the right gear and follow the right protocols.

We sensed a sudden change. A nurse rushed past us desperately drawing medicine in to a syringe. A patient inside one of the treatment rooms is deteriorating fast.As we watched on, he prepared an injection outside the treatment room.He never goes inside but communicated through a window to colleagues with the patient. They never come outside during crisis moments, and this is one.

Coronavirus: The infection numbers in real timeWhen it's ready, the medicine is passed through a compartment door.Remember he's not been inside and hasn't touched anyone or anything - but he immediately removes his gloves and scrubs down. This attention to detail is an absolute constant.

This hospital is the exception in the south of the country. It was already the most advanced, but we began to realise that keeping the medical teams safe is possible.What they're noticing is that everyone and anyone can get infected, not just the old.

There are many young patients being treated here and interestingly they are finding that the middle classes are being infected the most.I asked why? The answer is obvious really - they travel.What is really striking here is that the rules of separating infected environments and the clean areas are followed by everyone.

But armed security guards are on every connecting corridor in case anyone forgets.Image:The staff treating the sickest patients wear super advanced masksWe're moved back and the corridors locked down as a new patient is brought in. This happens every time as preparation is the key to stopping the virus.

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"This is the first thing to do in this kind of hospital," the head of respiratory medicine, Dr Roberto Parrella, told me as more patients were wheeled past."It's very, very important to separate the street [corridor] and so on, to organise how [to] dress and undress, how [to] put a doctor or nurse in the room, how [to] put your mask on right, it's very important."

I asked him if having the right equipment is equally important."Yes, we fight for, fight for [it], however now we have," he said.We are shown into the sub-intensive care unit where the patients are either recovering or haven't deteriorated yet, but the same separation rules as the ICU apply. A red and white tape marks the line that can't be crossed.

Clean area nurses and doctors assist infected area staff across the line. They keep the two absolutely separate.That separation is the key. It's a separation the doctors here acknowledge was almost impossible for doctors and nurses in the north to observe because the tide of patients arriving was so great.

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The medical staff constantly refer to the"tsunami" everywhere we go.Two of the wards are run by Dr Giuseppe Fiorentino. He is absolutely in control of the staff as they work gruelling hours to contain the spread of the virus.He walked me through the wards explaining how they treat the patients. The advantage all the staff here have over their colleagues around the country is that they are used to dealing with very serious diseases like HIV/Aids and tuberculosis.

He explains the measures they are following for COVID-19 is second nature to them. That knowledge has protected his staff.20 March: Sky visits Cremona Hospital in Lombardy where staff face a fight to save every patientThere is a higher number of infections in the doctors in the north, he told me, because they couldn't keep the separation lines working. He isn't blaming them, it's just a fact.

"In this hospital not one," he said.He knew that I had been to the most badly affected hospitals in Italy, particularly the hospitals in Lombardy, and was desperate to know what it was like.I got the sense thatand distributed around the world were every doctor's nightmare.

As the pandemic spreads, we are seeing the number of infected and dying jump every day.Health workers are right on the frontline and they're succumbing to the illness too.

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ShelaghFogarty ramsaysky Please can we have this NOW before more health professionals lose their lives. Please ramsaysky Important to watch. ramsaysky Great reporting. Let’s hope that we can pull it out the bag and give NHS workers the PPE required to work safely. We done a fantastic job at NHS Nightingale but after watching this report it now seems a very dangerous environment for the staff. BorisJohnson

ramsaysky And look at the PPE they have 😳 InfectiousDz ramsaysky masks with valves...during SARS these were recalled b/c valves didn't close...interesting they're being used here devisridhar ramsaysky Yeah they had time to react and they prepared well, well done! If only others did the same. ramsaysky This is how medical staff should be protected. Unfortunately the opposite is going to be the case with the NightingaleHospital. An open plan space like that will be a death trap for patients and NHS staff alike. The virus will spread like wildfire. Rethink it MattHancock.

ramsaysky This video is getting censored by Twitter this is very unfortunate jack ramsaysky The UK authorities told the public at least eight times from January to March that coronavirus posed a “very low” or “low” risk, research by Declassified UK has found. ramsaysky China ramsaysky Please get US health care system these suits....ASAP!!!!

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ramsaysky May God through his son Jesus Christ heal all the patient has strengthened the doctors in Jesus name amen.

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