Coronavirus: Spanish deaths rise as European toll passes 30,000 - BBC News

Spain records a record daily death toll as Europe passes another grim milestone in the pandemic.

4/1/2020 3:06:00 PM

'I find myself on the other side of the illness' Prince Charles talks about the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on older people in a video message in support of charity Age UK

Spain records a record daily death toll as Europe passes another grim milestone in the pandemic.

AFPCopyright: AFPMuslims circle the Kaaba in Mecca's Great Mosque during the Hajj in August 2019Image caption: Muslims circle the Kaaba in Mecca's Great Mosque during the Hajj in August 2019Saudi Arabia has asked Muslims planning to take part in the annual Hajj pilgrimage to

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson under pressure to sack Dominic Cummings by 15 Tory MPs, bishops and NHS staff What is Capt Tom's £33m actually being spent on? The West must stand up to China as its ruthless regime flexes its muscles

delay booking trips with tour operators amid uncertainty over the pandemic.Some two million people were expected to travel to Mecca and Medina this July and August for the Hajj, which all Muslims who are physically able must undertake once in a lifetime.

The Saudi authorities have reported 1,563 cases of Covid-19 and 10 related deaths.In other developments in the Middle East:The official death toll inIranhas risen to 3,036, after the health ministry reported 138 fatalities in the past 24 hours. The number of cases has risen to 47,593. Meanwhile, President Hassan Rouhani said the US had “lost the best opportunity to lift sanctions” on Iran to help it fight the coronavirus, a day after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held out the possibility of a “re-think”

Omanhas reported its first death from Covid-19 - a 72-year-old Oman man. The sultanate has reported 210 confirmed casesInIsrael, where 5,591 people have been infected and 21 have died, the defence ministry has said it has converted a missile production facility to make ventilators, amid a shortage of the machines. Meanwhile, the Israeli military said its

. On Tuesday, he and two other senior commanders went into self-isolation after it emerged they had attended a meeting with an officer who later tested positive

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DrAmalinaBakri may everything ease on you DrAmalinaBakri Thats over 90% survival rate on reprted cases, take away the deaths miss reported as deaths due to covid so I guess 95~98% survival rate... Report that you old soaks... Well done bojo! These figures should be all the encouragement Conservatives Number10press BorisJohnson needs to start actual widespread testing. That figure means we're currently running around 7% mortality rate, which is far too high. Any mortality rate is. But it can be lower and help more.

God bless World 🙏🏻 Let’s not forget this Tory government are ideology opposed to the NHS and want to see it ended and replaced with a privatised health system like they have in America where they are expecting over 250,000 to die from this virus. night Nearly 8% fatality rate. Why govt is not starting disinfecting public places and transportation. Other Countries are washing places by antiseptics and that is only way to kill these bugs. People have to go outside in lockdown also so this is necessary BorisJohnson tariqahmadbt NHSEngland MattHancock

🙏🙏🙏 563! this is so depressing, please please stay home. We need a complete lockdown!! This is getting nasty and next week the peak is predicted... Rest in peace to all these people and god bless all the families affected 🙏 night Very sad, deepest sympathy to their families. NHS staff aren't all being tested when they have coronavirus symptoms. They don't all have adequate PPE.

What does this mean? there are no benchmarks. How many died yesterday of non-coronovirus related deaths? How many died of none Covid 19 flu yesterday? how do the numbers yesterday stack up against previous annual figures. Its all meaningless. The number was always going to get bigger. It may be even bigger tomorrow. But we was told this so shouldn't surprise anybody. RIP to those who have passed. COVIDー19 coronavirus CoronaCrisisuk RIP coronaUK

BBC_Cumbria How many people have recovered We should redefine “cases” as “tested positive”. That’s the true unit. Many people are not being tested. 1. Wash your hands often with soap more than 30s 2. Disinfect your outfit when you back from out side including shoes 3. Wear a mask when you go outside 4. Do not touch your skin before wash your hands 5. Don’t touch anything in public if you don’t wear gloves. Stay safe.

Does the NHS actually deserve that clap?yeah they building these impressive hospitals but there not actually saving anyone statistics show Too many people getting off planes from around the world not getting isolated which is crazy. I’m in Oz and since last week anyone who lands gets escorted directly to 4 or 5 star hotel room (paid by government) It may be huge cost in money but better than huge cost in life.

Looks like to me the NHS isn't saving anyone Sheeple will call for more and more restrictions on the people of this country.. as the home office , border farce and government have open borders and make no effort to stop people coming in from overseas. hi, I’d like to ask why junk mail is still being delivered during the current crisis. Surely this is non essential and raises the risk of passing on infection? My 83 year old father, who lives in Logan, Cumnock, Ayrshire today received 2 pieces of junk mail through his letterbox!

bbcmerseyside I’ve come to the conclusion that the media & all other news outlets are getting off on who’s gonna be reporting the numbers first. They think it’s like reading the Saturday afternoon football results. 563............... igeldard You MUST also report the number of ppl recovered each day possible! I hardly ever see that in your tweets.

(2/2) have left China... certainly would never have reached Europe/USA. Running the world your way caused this to be a pandemic, as well as being largely responsible for global warming. Kids' parents... you've ruined humanity's future. I accuse you all of crimes against humanity. The other important news as you say in your top story “ more than 2000 frontline staff tested” sounds good doesn’t it But you forgot to sY as the guardian does “ out of 500,000” frontline nhs staff.. sounds different snd is the news!!!!

The majority of Britain’s 68 million population have or have had the virus. So if COVID19 is on the death certificate, despite other underlying illness, it’s now being recorded as Coronavirus death. That’s why govt so reluctant to mass test. Part of the plan. Strange how our death rate is around 8% which is higher than anywhere else. takeitonthechin

night night How many have died BECAUSE of Corona virus? But brexitTards didn't Bojo promise an extra 350m for the NHS because of Brexit? This really seems to pail insignificants compared to that Jacob_Rees_Mogg where's my Brexit dividend? He looks a prick but well done exercise man. And I thought the public paid taxes to ensure the essentials required by the NHs were funded through the government

BBC news just government bashes , BBC needs to have licence fee revoked . People like Hugh Pym (failed lib MP) using his job to score political points . When is the BBC going to ask how they can help rather than slag the government off The 'other side' of the illness with great social isolation is called the graveyard—not one's comfy office in one of several getaway palaces.

Hardly news. The ramblings of an old man. Go and do some reporting. How many staff were there to support him in his 'isolation' He's no chicken himself.

Andrzej Krauze on the coronavirus lockdown in Europe – cartoonAcross Europe, governments have imposed lockdown measures to combat Covid-19. But they are working in isolation rather than together Who? Another hysteric pseudo jornalist? Did he wrote this article from his house ? How come guardian doesn't report from hospitals? Funeral houses? All those place that should be booming with activity?

Australia may cancel autumn tour to Europe because of coronavirusAustralia said it may call off their tour in order to reschedule Super Rugby - a move that could free up space to finish the Six Nations Might be a good idea.. Are you looking for Data Entry, Graphics Design, Virtual Assistant, Photo Editor Expert? About my service click on the below link: It should be cancelled. We will play, if we alive.

US steps up efforts to combat coronavirus as country's death toll passes 4,000 – in picturesCases of Covid-19 in the US now account for roughly 20% of cases worldwide, with warnings that deaths could reach 240,000 Trump said he’s going to restart things for Easter Sunday? More like Labour Day...2021, if they’re lucky. It's alright, good for u In India we are still stuck in politics 😡

Spain coronavirus death toll passes 9,000A total of 9,053 people have died from coronavirus in Spain, an increase of 864 since yesterday, health officials said on Wednesday. The total number of cases reached 102,136 - an increase of 7,719. 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 See how the coverage compares against other news outlets on Ground News Coronavirus Medical Madrid Europe

Spain coronavirus hell: Cases hit 100,000 as death toll soars - terrifying updateSPAIN has reported the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has soared beyond 100,000 while the number of deaths reached a new record in the latest terrifying update from the crisis-hit country.

UK coronavirus live: death toll rises to 1,415, up 180 in past 24 hoursPrince Charles comes out of self-isolation; BrightHouse and Carluccio’s enter administration; Nicola Sturgeon says Glasgow’s SEC Centre will be turned into a temporary hospital Recovery rate update? It’s not the past 24 hours, there’s a 1-day lag for deaths number reporting There are plenty of companies that already make approved ventilators. Why is the UK Govt not purchasing from companies that already make approved ventilators?