Coronavirus: 'Restrict toilet access on flights'

Coronavirus: Restrict toilet access on flights, new rules suggest

6/2/2020 2:44:00 AM

Coronavirus: Restrict toilet access on flights, new rules suggest

A UN agency has endorsed coronavirus flight safety recommendations for governments around the world.

Data on how the coronavirus can spread between aircraft passengers is in short supplyAir passengers should have restricted access to toilets on flights as part of wide-ranging coronavirus safety recommendations, a UN agency has said.The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines also include limiting or suspending food and drink services on short-haul flights.

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The new guidelines are designed to protect air passengers and workers from the Covid-19 virus as lockdown eases.Airlines could see revenues plunge £314bn in 2020, the ICAO added.The aviation industry has been struggling as lockdown measures around the world have limited flights and passenger numbers.

As those travel restrictions begin to ease, the ICAO has issued guidelines for governments, with the aim of airlines and airports having a unified response when trying to keep passengers and staff safe from coronavirus.What will flying look like after lockdown?

The ICAO stopped short of saying that passengers must be socially-distanced on planes, but it did say they should be seated separately"when occupancy allows it".Passengers should travel as lightly as possible, with small hand luggage stowed under their seat. Newspapers and magazines should be removed, and duty free sales should be temporarily limited, the UN's civil aviation body said.

Short-haul food and drinks services should be limited or suspended, or be sold in sealed, pre-packaged containers.Access to toilets should also be restricted, the ICAO said. Where possible, one toilet should be set aside for use by cabin crew, and passengers should use a designated lavatory based on which seat they have.

'Biometrics for duty free'The new recommendations cover airports, aircraft, crew and cargo.In general, face masks should be worn in line with public health guidelines, and social distancing should be made possible where it is feasible, the UN body said.

Areas should be routinely cleaned, and passengers should be checked for signs of coronavirus, by screening temperatures, for example. Contact tracing methods should also be explored.At airports, staff should have adequate personal protective equipment, which"could include gloves, medical masks, goggles or a face shield, and gowns or aprons," the guidelines said.

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Passengers should be encouraged to check-in before getting to the airport, and to use mobile boarding passes.Airports should also use contactless technology, including facial and iris scanning, for"self-service bag drops, various queue access, boarding gates and retail and duty-free outlets", the guidelines say.

"This will eliminate or greatly reduce the need for contact with travel documents between staff and passengers," the UN agency added.The recommendations are extensive and detailed - a blueprint for aviation in the Covid-19 era; and one fact stands out. Flying, for a while at least, is not going to be a whole lot of fun.

From the moment you arrive at the terminal building, armed with your pre-printed boarding pass and luggage tags, human contact will be limited, social distancing the norm. Masks will be obligatory, and supplies of hand sanitiser everywhere.If you don't like potentially intrusive technology, tough - ICAO suggests that"contactless biometrics such as facial or iris recognition"should be used wherever possible, to reduce physical contact between staff and passengers.

And it continues on board the plane: there are instructions to"limit interaction on board" - so no striking up a conversation with your neighbour - to reduce or suspend food and drink services, and to restrict lavatory access.What ICAO is trying to do here is create a common and consistent framework for the industry to follow around the world - allowing people to travel, while placating even the strictest health authorities.

It insists the new measures should be temporary.But for the moment, anything that was left of the once-lauded romance of flying looks set to disappear in a pungent cloud of disinfectant.Airlines and aerospace firms have been struggling amid the coronavirus crisis.

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Could get messy 11 hours to LA. Have a serious bladder issue so I’ll just wet the seat, that will assist with a change in policy. Only let one in at a time. coronavirus I don’t see why people are still flying? Close the borders Toilet’s a basic need. They should improve thorough deep cleaning after each use not restricting access. Can you restrict No 1 or 2 if you need to go?

Ryanair RyanairPress ahead of the curve on that one....!😂 Adult nappies, the way ahead. My new business venture. This calls for a dirty protest 😂 Yeah that’ll work. 12 hour flight home would be fun 🤔 I’ll be using the sick bag then, That will work well, especially for young children. If you deny people the toilet, you can't complain when they do it somewhere else. Cleaning costs will be immense 😂

Utter bollocks. “Is it ok to use the toilet facilities?” “I’m afraid not sir”. OK, I’ll just take a dump here”. You couldn’t make it up. Oh wait, it’s the BBC “News” feed .... Who the fuck are these people? All because people complained about budget airlines ‘taking the piss’. You only have yourselves to blame now they’ve stopped.

If I'm not allowed to use the bathroom, they can upgrade that 'lost revenue' number. I don't go in to one of those because they're a fun place to hang out....... Looks like I’ll need to start buying Depends much earlier than expected. Do what everyone else does and shit in your seat... That will be a bit of a laugh then! Who has ever been on a flight that as soon as the belt light goes off the weak bladder brigade form a queue for the toilets? Then more alcohol from the trolley dolly`s! Repeat queueing!And that is just for the short haul flights!

separate toilets for Black Why can’t they use that UV light technology to clean up the toilet every tine after use? No, another 'sh1t' headline from the BBC news team - it's about having a dedicated toilet by seat/row to stop pax wandering up and down the cabin, not you cant go to toilet. It’s all nonsense Even in “pandemic hotspots” the risk of Covid to people of school and working age is in the same range as a daily car drive to work. And for older people not much more. We should accept no restrictions or changes.

Er... What about people with disabilities ? They need redesigning anyway so we can get in with another adult who needs supporting. How about self cleaning ones that spray between, lid goes down & it disinfects self. If yr going to have to spread seats out theres space to redesign Wtf just booked a Ryanair flight to get round the, no fucking strangers in your home rule, stop moving the goalposts

Oh no, I would not want to fly on that plane ✈ eeew! NO fluid or anything hard the night before you fly !... Everyone flying will just need to wear Depend* Always* whatever your druthers No kids on planes then. They'll keep pushing while you keep taking it. So many filthy planes will be around Fuck that noise.

Better stop selling beer then Excellent, people who use the toilet on short haul flights that are glorified bus trips should walk... and while they’re at it, lock down the overhead lockers... you don’t need that stuff Seeing as the virus 😷 was found in air vents in a Wuhan hospital, I fail to see the point in this if your all on the flight breathing the same enclosed air. People need to be checked, e.g. temperature before boarding.

1st class reporting. I wish that I was paying for this type of content. O wait. FFS, I’m paying for this content 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Why? Should we bring our own pee-jar, or will the flight attendants hand them out? Better start making those sick bags able to hold a lot more than sick... That's the mile high club disbanded then.

Now you cant poo or have pee in peace. this is taking the piss. 🤔😖 they should have more room in the toilets and much better air circulation ! they had rather customers soil themselves in their seats I guess . That's my rule anyway, especially long haul Airlines that have this practice will go under. No one will tolerate this practice.

Well airlines better get flights on time coz sitting round drinking cuppas in lounge isn’t gonna do much good if u can’t go to loo on ✈️ Now there is a monumentally stupid idea At this rate, I think my future holidays will only be driving holidays to Europe. Vomit bags, triple use? Will they be passing out depends? So asking adults to use sanitizing practices while using a bathroom wouldn't be the mature thing to do?

Ewwwwgh 😱 Am I meant to just shit in the aisle? How the hell will that work Yes that will work with me and my motion sick kid. Won't be flying I guess. Sounds fun. Ummm. I don't think that idea is going to 'fly' very well. Whaaaat, that is new, and why I guess Bags of sawdust on planes then is it?

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Greece U-turn as Brits allowed to come on holiday with strict quarantine rulesThe announcement comes days after the country's government said that it would be banning the UK when international flights resume on June 15 because of our poor coronavirus record No U-turn. They never banned Brits in the first place. This was a made up story by Andy Rudd. I corrected him day after day. And now that there has been a press release by the Greek government, to cover up his journalistic malfeasance, he is claiming it is a U-turn FakeNews. Big mistake greece Who wants to go on holiday with strict quarantine rules ruins the point really

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