Borisjohnson, Coronavirus

Borisjohnson, Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Prince William and Kate wish PM 'a speedy recovery'

Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains in intensive care after his coronavirus symptoms deteriorated.

4/7/2020 4:51:00 PM

BREAKING: The Queen has sent a message to Carrie Symonds and the Johnson family wishing BorisJohnson a full recovery. Sky's royal correspondent, SkyRhiannon has the latest. Get the latest coronavirus news:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains in intensive care after his coronavirus symptoms deteriorated.

15:18PICTURED: Flowers are delivered to 10 Downing Street from the Pakistan Embassy to wish Boris Johnson well as he remains in intensive care.15:10#ClapForBorisHealth minister Nadine Dorries, who was the first MP to test positive for coronavirus, has backed a campaign to organise a round of applause for Boris Johnson tonight.

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#ClapForBoris has been trending on Twitter throughout the day as well-wishers try to galvanise people into taking part, much as people have been clapping for NHS workers on the last two Thursday evenings.Ms Dorries tweeted:"Boris is the most relentlessly positive person anyone could meet and would be so touched by such an uplifting gesture for him and every patient in ICU struggling to beat this awful disease."

14:53'Stay at home over Easter', warns Irish PMIrish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has appealed to the public not to visit holiday homes over the Easter break."Please do not visit a holiday home or caravan park this Easter weekend," he tweeted.

"The spread of the virus is slowing but people travelling could give it a boost - spreading it and seeding it in areas unaffected so far."Stay at home and flatten the curve."14:41Prince William has also sent best wishes to the PM, via the Kensington Palace Twitter account.

"Our thoughts are with the prime minister and his family, who like so many in the UK and around the world are affected by coronavirus," said the Duke of Cambridge."We wish him a speedy recovery at this difficult time."14:39The Queen has sent a message to Boris Johnson's family and his pregnant fiancee Carrie Symonds, Buckingham Palace has said.

"Earlier today the Queen sent a message to Carrie Symonds and to the Johnson family. Her Majesty said they were in her thoughts and that she wished the prime minister a full and speedy recovery."14:31Man jailed for coronavirus cough at officers

A man who coughed at two police officers and said he hoped they would pass on coronavirus to their children has been jailed.Michael Gray, 41, was sentenced to 19 weeks in prison after he admitted assaulting an emergency services worker and using threatening words and behaviour following an incident in Brixton last Thursday.

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Two patrol officers had approached Gray as he appeared to be harassing three women, and upon checking his details they found he was wanted on warrant for failing to appear at Croydon Magistrates' Court.On his arrest, Gray - of south Norwoood, south London - intentionally coughed towards the officers and while in custody he threatened to spit at them.

He stated that he hoped to infect them with COVID-19 so that they would pass it on to their children.He's been given eight weeks for the assault on police officers and 11 weeks for a separate drug driving offence - plus a £100 fine for the public order offence and a 26-month driving ban.

14:18Figures from Northern Ireland now: there have been three reported deaths of patients since yesterday, bringing the total to 73 - according to the Public Health Agency.There are also 97 more confirmed cases, bringing that total to 1,255.14:13NHS England say a further 758 people who tested positive for coronavirus have died, bringing the total number of confirmed reported deaths in hospitals in England to 5,655.

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Patients were aged between 23 and 102 years old and 29 of the 758 patients (aged between 23 and 99 years old) had no known underlying health condition.14:10Another 19 patients have died after testing positive for coronavirus in Wales, bringing the total number of deaths there to 212.

Public Health Wales said 291 new cases had tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Wales to 3,790.13:39WATCH: Former Prime Minister David Cameron's message to Boris Johnson13:35The former deputy leader of the Labour party's child has made a get well soon card for the Prime Minister

13:31WhatApp is trying to fight fake newsWhatsApp has introduced new stricter limits on forwarding messages to try to spot the spread of disinformation.There have been a number of rumours swirling around on social media platforms related to the coronavirus outbreak.

Messages that have already been frequently sent on, will now only be able to be forwarded to one chat at a time.13:20In New York, the city's mayor is offering food for everyone who needs it, at more than 400 locations.13:16WATCH: The diary of a business owner trying to keep things going during the lockdown.

13:09Read: Which European countries are beginning to lift their lockdowns?13:04Talking about Dominic Raab, who has been placed in charge while Mr Johnson is in hospital, the spokesperson said that he does have the authority to respond to any attacks in the prime minister's absence.

However, he is not allowed to hire or fire anyone, nor will he attend the weekly meeting with the Queen.Should the foreign secretary become incapacitated, chancellor Rishi Sunak would be the next in line to take charge.12:57The Prime Minister's official spokesperson also said that an update on the lockdown would come later this week.

They added any decisions made will be guided by the science.12:52An update from today's lobby briefing on Mr Johnson12:45Rachel Johnson, the Prime Minister's sister and panellist on Sky News' The Pledge, has retweeted this tweet from a Conservative MP, displaying a get well soon message to Mr Johnson.

12:4374 deaths have been registered in Scotland in the last 24 hours, taking the total number of deaths in Scotland to 296.12:40The Mayor of Heanor in Derbyshire has had to apologise after she said Boris Johnson"completely deserves this" following his admission to the intensive care unit.

Sheila Oakes, the town's Labour mayor, responded to a Facebook post about the news, and the local Labour party leader has said there will be an enquiry into her comments.Pic: Amber Valley Borough Council12:27The number of people who have died following a positive test for COVID-19 in Switzerland is 641, according to health officials.

12:25A protester outside St Thomas' hospital, with signs simply saying 'PPE'.Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently in the hospital's intensive care unit.Notably, protesting is not one of the reasons you should be leaving your house under the rules of the lockdown.

12:03Want updates on your Twitter feed?Like the tweet below and you'll get special coverage from Sky News11:56Nine prisoners in the UK are thought to have died after testing positive for COVID-19, the PA news agency understands.The number includes three inmates at HMP Littlehey, Cambridgeshire, with others being held at Birmingham, Manchester, Altcourse in Merseyside, Belmarsh in south-east London, Whatton in Nottinghamshire and a female prisoner at Low Newton, County Durham.

11:50The Head of Sky News, John Ryley, has shared his thoughts on how coronavirus has affected every day life at home, and the newsroom.11:49WATCH: Coronavirus: Life in lockdown11:33Micheal Gove has given an update on his situation.11:19Sky's Sophy Ridge shows just how pervasive COVID-19 is.

11:11WATCH: Michael Gove gives speaks to Sky News from his home, telling Kay Burley that Boris Johnson is receiving the best possible care in hospital.10:54Sky News understands that Michael Gove, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, is self isolating.

He is not said to be showing any of the symptoms of coronavirus, but rather a family member is.10:46Dominic Raab, who is taking charge while Boris Johnson is in hospital, has left Downing Street following the daily coronavirus meeting.10:45The World Health Organisation has said it is important not to ease measures aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19 too early, and risk a"fall back".

10:29Spain's health ministry says that the number of people who have died in the country after testing positive for COVID-19 is 13,798 - a rise of 743 on yesterday.10:26Police in Lincolnshire urge residents to jump on the latest social media craze - the #stayathomechallenge

10:21Sky's Kay Burley shares a picture from her commute after finishing her breakfast show today.10:14The Queen's message in full:"On the occasion of World Health Day, I want to thank all those in the healthcare profession for your selfless commitment and diligence as you undertake vitally important roles to protect and improve the health and well-being of people across the Commonwealth, and across the world.

"In testing times, we often observe that the best of the human spirit comes to the fore; the dedication to service of countless nurses, midwives and other health workers, in these most challenging of circumstances, is an example to us all."My family and I send our enduring appreciation and good wishes."

10:13The Queen has sent a message to health care staff for world health day.10:04Former Conservative leader William Hague has offered his well wishes to the Prime Minister.10:03Details below on our Q&As live on Sky News today.09:54In Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has declared a state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka and six other regions, to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

09:49Office for National Statistics death figures have been released for the week ending 27 March - showing there were11,414 deaths that week with647 of those mentioning COVID-19 on the death certificate.Sky's Ed Conway has taken a look at the numbers.

09:46The Prime Minister is not on a ventilator to treat his coronavirus symptoms.09:39China has been getting back to enjoying the outdoors after officials announced that there had been no new coronavirus related deaths in the country in the last 24 hours.

09:33Labour's Keir Starmer: 'Follow govt advice' to get through this'09:31The chief medical officer Chris Witty has gone into Downing Street this morning, after spending a week in isolation.09:29Labour's shadow health secretary tells Kay Burley

@Breakfast that parliament can't carry on in the same way09:28Michael Gove, thechancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster has said a decision about ending the lockdown will be taken by the cabinet next week.08:20China, the country where the COVID-19 pandemic began, has recorded no new deaths related to the coronavirus in the last 24 hours.

Officials said that there had been 32 new cases, which all involved overseas travellers.The country has frequently reported deaths in the single figures recently - but the number is likely to be higher.

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SkyRhiannon SkyRhiannon BREAKING NEW 🤦🏻‍♀️ SkyRhiannon 🥳🇬🇧❤️👑 SkyRhiannon Defying the study room/ bookshelf background view SkyRhiannon What is breaking SKY? SkyRhiannon I'm Irish and I wish Boris a full recovery too. I'm might not agree with some of his policies but I wouldn't wish him to be unwell.

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Keir Starmer leads best wishes as Boris Johnson's condition worsensEmmanuel Macron has led a wave of political leaders and celebrities from across the world in wishing Boris Johnson a speedy recovery after he was moved in to intensive care battling coronavirus . They berate him for weeks and then when he's clearly gravely ill they all pretend they care. 'What am I?' 'Chopped liver?' 'No, IsraeliPM, but we heard of the opposition in your country and the courts.' 'Those courts.' Our prayers are with you🙏

Keir Starmer leads best wishes as Boris Johnson's condition worsensDonald Trump has led a wave of political leaders and celebrities from across the world in wishing Boris Johnson a speedy recovery after he was moved in to intensive care battling coronavirus . This is news? That's simply becuz u need to treat ppl at hospitals, under doctor's supervision before they got in these life threatening stages... wish he got will soon.. and get over this weaked virus, yet other people need to be hospitalized and treated earlier!!! Each life is precious!!!