Coronavirus: Police want spit guards to protect officers from 'vile behaviour'

Coronavirus: Police want spit guards to protect officers from 'vile behaviour'

4/7/2020 12:13:00 AM

Coronavirus: Police want spit guards to protect officers from 'vile behaviour'

The use of spit hoods is controversial - there have been incidents where people have died in police custody after wearing one.

Sergeant Simon Kempton, speaking for the Police Federation, the body that represents rank and file officers across England and Wales, has said it is time to issue all officers with spit guards, or spit hoods as they are also known.Sgt Kempton told the committee that every single force had access to spit guards, but often they are only used in police custody suites.

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"We need those on the street as well," he said,"because I've got just as much chance of being spat at on the street as I have in custody."The use of spit hoods is controversial.They have been used in several incidents in the UK and US where people have subsequently died in police custody.

Coronavirus UK tracker: How many cases are in your area – updated dailyHuman rights charity Liberty called the mesh hoods"dangerous and degrading" and said they had no place on Britain's streets.But Sgt Kempton said:"It's an emotive issue for me, because I've had other people's blood in my mouth after they've spat at me.

"Now more than ever, while COVID-19 is being weaponised, we need those spit guards in the pockets of every single police officer, not just in custody, but on the street as well."The sergeant said those dealing with someone with a knife, or trying to punch them, knows that once that situation is dealt with, the threat is over.

Lockdown: The dos and don'tsBut the same was not true with a coronavirus threat, where there is real concern an officer could be taking that back home with them."The crime of spitting or biting someone is terrible at the best of times. But during this crisis, when COVID-19 is being weaponised against my colleagues, it heightens that fear."

The home affairs select committee also heard an admission from chief constables that there were"inconsistencies" in the police approach to maintaining the lockdown, in the first few days after the prime minister ordered people to stay at home.

The MPs were told by the chief constables of Derbyshire, Bedfordshire, West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire that the vast majority of people now understood the spirit behind the new powers and have adopted social distancing.Bedfordshire's chief constable, Garry Forsyth, said the very rapid introduction of the new legislation had resulted in some initial areas of confusion.

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He told the committee:"It has been a challenge and I think that's why we've seen some of the challenges around the difference of interpretation early on.. I think we're passed that now."Mr Forsyth said that the Bedfordshire force had a policy of not allowing officers to issue fines, until they had been fully trained in the use of the new powers.

So far, throughout the entire Bedfordshire force, officers have only issued one fixed penalty fine for non-compliance with social distancing laws.All four chief constables told the committee that they were working on the principle of trying to engage and persuade those in breach of the law to disperse and head home.

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Give each police officer a truncheon any police officer spat at should be allowed to beat the culprit over the head with it. If they don't respect the law and police officers want regard do they hold for the general public? Spit guards, give them guns instead. Only one question. Why haven't Police, Prisons, Border Force, Paramedics etc already got spit shields for them and spit hoods for the spitters?

Let lose police dogs on them give them a heavy metal bar instead I'm sure it will help more When someone spits it produces uncountable number of micro drops that float in the air and travel in many different ways. Unless you shield your head completely you will breath the micro drops and probably get infected. Charge the ones that spit under the Terrorist act.

No. 10 must support the police & ensure they are safe. They are critical to the strategy to manage CV, maintaining the communications message & enforcing laws / rules. Undermining the police is dangerous when we have a public who are scared. Tazer to the face should do it. But spitting at someone now should be a very, very serious crime. Years in prison.

Send them to North Korea & see how smart they are Just kick the shit out of em like like they would in a normal country Taser should work. Who can blame them? Arm them! Shoot them in the knees, and see how clever they are then

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'Isolation fatigue' could see coronavirus lockdown ignored if extended beyond Easter, police warn‘People’s frustration at not being able to do what they want to will grow,’ says Derbyshire police and crime commissioner It's almost as if there are no other countries enduring harsher & longer lockdowns with very few problems. What is it about the UK that makes it so special? People in this country need to get real. Why can the likes of Italy manage to do one yet we still have morons going out killing people. STAY INSIDE TO PROTECT PEOPLE What is wrong with people, it's only been 2 weeks. Crikey what's it going to be like in a couple of months!

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Police investigate UK far-right groups over anti-Muslim coronavirus claimsMonitoring group says it has had reports of false claims online as well as physical attacks The worst part is, that those right wing nut jobs initially claimed that it was just a flu and lock down was a left wing conspiracy “Far-right activists in the UK are increasingly united in their view that globalisation and immigration are to blame for the ongoing pandemic.' The same is happening in the USA. Why don't they investigate the Muslim community instead?

Coronavirus: Some Britons defy lockdown again - and one police officer had clearly had enoughA police officer has been seen pouring a helmet filled with water over a barbecue after two beachgoers allegedly refused to leave during the coronavirus lockdown. For the latest on COVID19, visit: The majority of people are staying home and listening to the advice from government- the other idiots are busy being super idiots and ignoring all advice - helping to keep the spread going! Stay at home and have a BBQ! Whilst breaching the social distance rules. Good, well done to the police officer. That child needs some tough love. How dare they be so self entitled to even meet,let alone but others at risk like this. Selfish, so they got what was required... good old fashioned bobby on the beat mentality, well done officers.

Police shoot dead man after challenging him for not wearing a facemaskThe man was not wearing a protective facemask and was cautioned by a village healthworker in Nasipit, Agusan del Norte, on Thursday. He then threatened police and officials with a scythe. Are you looking Graphics design like Logo design,business card design,vector tracing,t shirt design etc. So you can contact me: And so the war begins. Emergency dentistry non existent...described as a nightmare by one official..people cant go on like this she said.....Thousands at risk, tumours untreated and infections and fractures being sidelined...simply nothing is happening