Coronavirus: PM spends the night in intensive care after struggling to breathe

Boris Johnson tested positive for coronavirus 11 days ago, and his worsening condition is a severe blow to the government.

4/7/2020 7:28:00 AM

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spent the night in intensive care after his coronavirus symptoms worsened and he suffered breathing difficulties

Boris Johnson tested positive for coronavirus 11 days ago, and his worsening condition is a severe blow to the government.

Sky News understands that the decision to move the PM into intensive care was made by his medical team after his condition worsened over the course of Monday afternoon.It is understood he remained conscious at the time of the announcement and was moved to intensive care as a precaution should he require ventilation to aid his recovery.

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Image:A police officer stands guard outside St Thomas' HospitalBesides concerns in government about the Mr Johnson's absence during the coronavirus crisis, his move to intensive care will be enormously distressing for his pregnant fiancee Carrie Symonds.

She has also been self-isolating, but has said she is now on the mend.Friday: 'I must continue my self-isolation'Since being diagnosed with coronavirus symptoms on 26 March, the prime minister has attempted to play down the seriousness of his illness - posting videos even though he has looked unwell.

Before moving into intensive care, he posted an optimistic message on Twitter, writing on Monday:"Last night, on the advice of my doctor, I went into hospital for some routine tests as I'm still experiencing coronavirus symptoms."I'm in good spirits and keeping in touch with my team, as we work together to fight this virus and keep everyone safe."

Later, the shock news of his move into intensive care was greeted by, and from political allies and opponents in the UK. Read more: Sky News »

Time to get rid of Burley and Rigby The coverage and serious bad attitude to the Virus and our PM has been truly shocking. You are losing viewers. I will not watch Kay Burley. I have seen a clip of her today outside number 10 and her opening comment was 'a very good morning'! Can we bring in stricter lockdown measures now and ramp up the efforts to stop the spread.

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Keir_Starmer And so you should it's not a time for fighting each other. Keir_Starmer Didn’t take long for him to miss read the situation! Never mind the criticism bit, come full square behind the government and leave at that for now, twat! Same news broadcasting company who yesterday confirmed that Boris wasnt currently Incubated. 😂

Why is she stood there? Who is she expecting to see come out the door? My prayers to Boris and all those suffering. As a united world we will win this war. Get well Boris! HaveACuppaForBoris BorisJohnson BorisJohnsonCoronavirus COVID19

Boris Johnson moved to intensive care and Dominic Raab takes over PM duties - follow liveFollow here for the latest updates Is this a picture of the covid19 team clearing the route for boris? 🤔 It is a terrible disease, I hope everyone who has it recovers. Boris Johnson should, however, be pleased that he is part of his herd immunity program. Is there any immunity and, if so, how long does it last? Would having had other viruses provide some protection? Again adding sensationalist photos with headlines. I love but not this shameful, tabloid style image selection.

Boris Johnson in intensive care - all we know as PM battles coronavirusThe Prime Minister was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit at St Thomas' Hospital in London after his breathing worsened. He had been admitted on Sunday night due to 'persistent' Covid-19 symptoms Sending prayers and positive thoughts Prompt rétablissement Boris my bro come on we need you to lead us during this pandemic period,God bless you. Hope to see you and hear again on daily pandemic update.

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The Coronavirus Newscast - PM in intensive care - BBC SoundsUK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in intensive care after his coronavirus symptoms 'worsened' CoronavirusNewscast’s bbclaurak jamestgallagher and adamfleming have the latest on the PM's condition bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Coronavirus COVID 19 Statistiques du début au 6 avril 2020 Records : Décès = Italie 15362 morts | Contaminés = USA 273808 personnes bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming PrinceHarry and Megan to be stripped of their 'Du... bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Wishing for a speedy recovery Boris!

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