Coronavirus nurse 'kicked out of flat by heartless landlord' after catching bug

Coronavirus nurse 'kicked out of flat by heartless landlord' after catching bug

4/9/2020 11:10:00 AM

Coronavirus nurse 'kicked out of flat by heartless landlord' after catching bug

Clara Serrano had just moved to Madrid to work on a Covid-19 ward but after quickly catching the virus her landlord allegedly pressured her to 'leave immediately'

Clara Serrano said she was booted out by her landlord just days after moving in when it was confirmed she had Covid-19.The 31-year-old admitted to local media in Madrid, Spain, that she was petrified after the property owner allegedly pressured her to "leave immediately".

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Ms Serrano had arrived in the Spanish capital on March 11 from the town of Quintanar del Rey in Cuenca to begin working in a hospital the following day."I was sent to a COVID-19 ward," she said, reports the Daily Star."On the 19th I started to notice symptoms. On the 22nd I was tested and on the 23rd I was told I was positive.

"That same day the landlord told me that I had to go away."Before the official diagnosis, the hardworking nurse had initially proceeded to isolate herself in her bedroom, only leaving to use the kitchen and toilet.She agreed with her flatmates to use the kitchen in turns and she disinfected it after using it while only using one of the multiple bathrooms in the flat.

However, the landlord allegedly insisted she move out and was backed up by one of her flatmates.Ms Serrano said: “I was very scared. I tried to explain to him that I would leave but it might not be immediately but he did not listen to me."He did not stop putting pressure on me on the phone and he did not stop telling me that I had to leave immediately.”

According to reports, she was given a room at the Hotel Colon in the city, which has been converted into a medical building - thanks to nursing union Satse and the community of Madrid.Read More Coronavirus outbreak It is not clear if Ms Serrano plans to take legal action against her landlord or whether she lost out on any money.

But she has said one of her nursing colleagues - also diagnosed with the virus - has suffered a similar situation. Read more: Daily Mirror »

Actually volleyed her out did he ? Who can help medicals and nurses I feel sorry for the nurse, but we don't have the right to blame the landlord, he just did what normal citizens would have done

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