Coronavirus: Next chapter of life for 106-year-old who survived COVID-19 and Spanish flu

Coronavirus: Next chapter of life for 106-year-old who survived COVID-19 and Spanish flu

5/24/2020 5:01:00 AM

Coronavirus: Next chapter of life for 106-year-old who survived COVID-19 and Spanish flu

Freda Hodgson fell ill in April but says she is back to drinking her brandy and ginger as her memoirs are about to be published.

"We've had to spend more than we had in our budget for things like PPE for example, but we've lost money from things like fundraising events and for the hire of our facilities that we often use to bring in more income to support us."

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Freda has certainly lived a colourful life. She was born in 1913. As the daughter of a baronet, she had a privileged upbringing and was raised in a castle.She had four children, and brought them up in what is now Zimbabwe, before fleeing the country with just a pound in her pocket.

They grew up to look like a collection of film stars, she says, but sadly only one is still alive.Freda is no stranger to royalty and has even cooked for the Queen."It's not regular cooking," she recalls."She had lamb chops. Two each. They were standing up against other bits of meat. There were big piles of different kind of vegetables, brussel sprouts, peas."

Dressed in a bright red hair tie, matching nail varnish and gold clip on earrings, you wouldn't think that Freda was 106.She has survived two world wars, one civil war, bankruptcy, the Spanish flu and now COVID-19. Her granddaughter, Natasha Hyde-Smith is understandably proud.

Coronavirus: How many cases in your area?She said:"She has been through a lot, lots of sad things... but all of those have made her what she is; she is a very strong, determined, stoic lady and has a very good sense of humour."When gran was growing up, I don't think she felt truly loved because of the generation... that's why she had four children to bring love into her life."

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Thank you for showing everyone how amazing our Freda is As a housing charity supporting the elderly & those of limited means we are so proud of the work the team are doing at this time. Please support us and allow us to continue at: Fake Sky News is comfortable to called out Spanish flu but it's racist to called COVID-19 as Wuhan Virus, Hypocrite!!

The Grand Old Lady. Stay safe. BBCNews It's amazing how many super centenarians have had CoVid and survived. You dont get to 105 without a super immune system and yet so many people wrote off all over 70s. ageism Brandy and Ginger - sound like I should add that to my beverage menu. We just have to live with this Virus totally, just like every other sickness. Everyone is now tired, many has died actually but we need to get our lives back. AMERICA has reopened their economy, Nigeria should follow suit immediately. Reopen the interstate borders. Thank you

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