Coronavirus: 'New variant may be associated with higher mortality' - PM - BBC News

Boris Johnson says it's more important than ever to be vigilant in following rules and staying home.

1/22/2021 8:18:00 PM

“We think it transmits between 30-70% more easily than the old variant - we don’t yet know why” Sir Patrick Vallance says “there is a lot of uncertainty” but it appears this variant 'has an increase in mortality as well as an increase in transmissibility”

Boris Johnson says it's more important than ever to be vigilant in following rules and staying home.

SummaryIt "appears there is some evidence that the new variant... may be associated with a higher degree of mortality," the PM tells a Downing Street briefingThere are more than 38,000 people in hospital, 78% higher than there were at peak of the first wave, he adds

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There is “a turning the corner” in the number of people catching the virus but coming from an “exceptionally” high level, England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty saysOn mortality, Sir Patrick Vallance says in hospitals, the outcomes look the same between the original variant and the new variant

But overall data from people who test positive with the new variant suggests greater mortality, he says, though the data is currently uncertainA further 1,401 people have died in the UK with coronavirus within 28 days of a positive testUK R rate estimated to be between 0.8 and 1 - meaning the outbreak could now be shrinking

The percentage of people testing positive decreased slightly in the week ending 16 January, the Office for National Statistics saysSir Andy Murray is to miss the Australian open after failing to find a "workable quarantine" solution as he recovers from the virus

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I can live with that. End lockdown Not good news The counts mentioned are not matching to the reality. Reality shows 2.7%, but the example shows 0.01% vaccination Covid_19 This context won’t get much traction it’s not a good headline BBCPolitics They will do anything to keep this going ! They'll never let normality come back ! It'll be interesting when the summer comes, can't see people staying in then, the whole population will be out doing what they want and living life !

Where are these figures coming from? If it’s to illustrate fear...well done 👏 The depressing thing is, while we all sat at home throughout the spring, the gov left our borders open and illegal immigrants continued to invade the coast of Kent. Then (unsurprisingly) a new variant was located and where? Boris, we’re doing our bit, i suggest you do yours.

Are we sure more people aren’t dying because ICU nurses have gone from caring 1-to-1 to 1-to-8? Because, that’s not the virus’ fault that’s the shit response since the virus was discovered. How many are dying without a positive result for covid?! How many are dying due to the pressure and fear of covid? How about show us a more balanced view

Vallance has got to be tried legally. ALL he cares about is the NHS. He came up with that s*** because how else is he going to explain how huge numbers are dying in hospital. Some other government scientist was on this morning refuting every word he said. Should we then be looking at inoculation for all the 60s and over?

Based on a flawed model, no actual clinical evidence exists and it is becoming increasingly regular now that uksciencechief states these models as if they are fact. This is a dereliction of duty, he should resign and be charged with crimes against humanity. Gtfo not even worth getting out of bed for.

I thought the speech treated us like children. What is he going to say when we get regional variants in our cities as this virus is clever as it is always one step ahead. The lockdown will create local strains because of isolation of areas. BBCPolitics More to do with trying to get people to follow the rules. Lockdown what lockdown? - just look at the picture from Heathrow airport - that says it all about behaviour. People don’t give a toss.

Well there clearly something in the 💉 vaccine Trying to kill us off So people awake up! BBCPolitics But fails to provide a shred of proof not even one of his dodgy graphs available Does anybody believe this constant drivel coming out from this lot? Got to (reluctantly) give credit to the way they are able to keep a straight face though whilst knowingly talking boll*cks.

Johnson needs to be held to account for all these deaths,every single last one of them! ResignJohnson BBCPolitics People who underestimate the seriousness of covid need to see the people dying in hospital or talk to those who have lost close relatives and friends. Talk to the doctors and nurses caring for them. Anti-Vaxers, conspiracy theorists, skeptics get real. It’s you who scare people.

算吧,英國,最貪心就是你這個首相,沒有協助過我就想一直得到 BBCPolitics And on the very same day they said it was more infectious but not more deadly. Making it up as they go along. Operation Yellowhammer is in full swing. “If you took . . . a man in their 60s, the average risk is that for 1,000 people who got infected, roughly 10 would be expected to unfortunately die with the [old variant] virus. With the new variant, for 1,000 people infected, roughly 13 or 14 people might be expected to die.”

What happened to the point? BBC news just reported this as a 13% chance of 60yrs olds dying from the variant. 13 in 1000 is 1.3 in 100 & a percent is per hundred. Or for every 100 people 'roughly 1' but now '1.3 or 1.4' ... why inflate the starting figures other than to instill fear and anxiety? what next.... for every 1,000,000

So what ,I'm 60 I'll take 13 in a 1000 . Restore our freedoms and civil liberties now BBCPolitics Ten in one thousand is the same as one in one hundred. So out of one hundred people in their sixties getting Covid-19, on average, one in one hundred will die. The ancient Romans called that decimation. BBCPolitics 1% rate.

Yet again, a distraction from BrexShit *Might* Twt. 😂😂😂😂 what a load of bolloks, still trying to keep up the e charade of the deadly “pandemic” 👻 Nobody believes this constant changing bs your feeding people along with a vaccine that nobody knows if it actually helps whatsoever. What a joke. Well it’s all FUBAR ain’t it.

Oh for goodness sake. We don’t live forever. We’ve got 99.9% chance of recovering from this virus and there’s nothing but fear. I’m not sure how people ever drove on a motorway or bungee jumped before. It’s all about saving the NHS from providing the care we pay for in our taxes. I'm sorry. I'm not an 'antivaxxer' or anything like that, but I watched this as it was being broadcast. It was ridiculous. Boris was doing it, so I was expecting something tangible and important. No. It's all been, for ages, just number pushing. We all need a target time.

If you're a 59 year old man eating a scotch egg, sat away from others by the distance of a cow, with the windows open, before 9pm, what's your risk? He also said at the start there would be 1 death per 1,000 cases. So barely different Why is there no government & public challenge to China at the release of this virus into the international community? Whilst I realise the immediate containment responsibilities of each country, don’t we need to call China to accountability also ?

I’m glad that I’m 42 and I’m not allowed to interact with anyone 🙄 Roughly, might, maybe,ifs and buts.. Nonsense! No exceptions Boris get a handle on this NOW!!!! you are killing people and livelihoids by dithering. Take advantage of being an island. No one in whos positive. Why do we have to stay locked down and not see family and anyone can flock in ridiculous!!!!

I keep forgetting BSL and ASL are different and when I see British Sign Language I keep thinking they hired a fake interpreter again Well done for fixing your completely misleading headline from earlier. Whilst this one is still completely shocking, at least it is a far more accurate representation of what was actually said.

They’re already getting carried away with this. They don’t have a lot of data. What data there is suggests that a 1% chance of dying at 60 could be 1.3% chance with the variant. There are currently more people being infected from different places. It’s too soon for conclusions. Is that because the covid strain is directly more deadly, or other confounding factors such as people not being admitted to hospital because of the nhs pressure and so not receiving optimal health care?

Project fear in full swing: fake numbers and Bullshit...they keep inventing new strains like it’s the football World Cup The indwelling of The HOLY SPIRIT in the Church is to Transform the life of a Christian to be CHRIST-LIKE and Resist the devil and sin. ExpressNightExpo 'in *his* 60s'. Don't want to be pedantic.

That's better. Scaremongering fools. It’s over once vulnerable are vaccinated. No more NPI’s. Vaccine is flop . This vaccine is producing new variant and increasing mortality . Rates increased after vaccine . So instead of 1% of over 60s being fatally affected it’s 1.3% or 1.4% under a much smaller sample size. Interesting ...

BBCHughPym I am curious if there could be a flu/Coronavirus variant? There is one case where someone contracted the virus and was dead within 15 minutes. That's scary. BBCHughPym I hope someone has informed that muppet that this is a bad thing rather than it being world leading in any other sense BBCHughPym Why are the population suffering because the Government literally didn’t shut down borders at the beginning

BBCHughPym Just in time to extend the lockdown after people questioned if the current one would end by march. funny that.