Coronavirus: 'Keep cats indoors', vets recommend

Vets stress that pets pose little to no risk to their owners but recommend keeping cats indoors to prevent spread among animals.

4/8/2020 11:19:00 AM

'Keep cats indoors' to help prevent spread of coronavirus among animals, British Veterinary Association recommend Owners 'should not worry' about risk of infection from their pets, it adds

Vets stress that pets pose little to no risk to their owners but recommend keeping cats indoors to prevent spread among animals.

There is also evidence humans can transmit respiratory infections to wild great apes, which makes.In all of these cases though, it is infected humans that pose the threat to other species."We know that the virus did make the jump from an animal into humans [at the beginning of this crisis] but that appears to be because people were eating those infected animals," Prof Charleston said.

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There is no evidence animals can pass this disease back to people."Treat pets like other people in your household. So if you're feeling sick, it's better not to interact with them," said Dr Almendros."I hope pet owners can sleep a bit better with the right advice and information," he added."It isn't easy these days, I know."

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In New York city, USA, there was a confirmed case of COVID 19 transmitted from one cat to another when 1 of the cat owners became infected then spread the virus to the cat then CoronaVirus Tip of the Day! As we do our part self isolate, make sure to keep pets away from personal stash! Dogs Cats LegalizeIT MichaelStusser

Owners easily kiss their dogs, cats, so unavoidable to be infected from pets. And everyone will dump their pets now after hearing this crap 😭 Typical, don’t let the facts get in the way of a ‘good’ story...poor journalism! Stop scaremongering! BBC I am expecting to see you clarify this today, everywhere. We expect to be able to trust you. This is NOT based on vets' advice. Get it sorted.

'keep cats indoors' because thats where they belong lol. More lies designed to sensationalize a none story. madhatterkat617 Good luck with that, dude.... MightyMolasses No they don’t, get it right Bad reporting from the BBC, suggestion is keeping your cat in if you have symptoms of corona virus as you touching your cats fur before it goes out could risk transmission and only if your cat maintains a second, third, fourth home

Reporting you for spreading disinformation. Yes they should Fear mongering- YOU ALONE, Will bear the responsibility of idiots abandoning their pets This headline is sensationalist and misleading. The BVA has not said that all cats should be kept indoors - it only applies to cats of households who are self isolating with Covid-19. You have a responsibility to be more accurate.

It's about time to warn the animal owners to be more careful ,specially when they take their dogs for fresh air please keep them close to yourselves , My cats are always indoors, safer for them Wrong wrong wrong . Please fact check Only cats belonging to infected owners I believe ?! Vic_Gill you might like to amend this inaccurate report

It's patently transparent that they are just setting Larry Number10cat up to take the fall for giving Boris Coronaviris. Classic Dom. Hurrah! My garden won’t be full of dead birds and cat poo. Idiots abandoning pets when it’s them that potentially pass the virus on to the pet like any other object that gets touched not infected

Irresponsible report. My opinion of has fallen after their coverage of COVID19. I used to hold them in such high esteem. This inaccurate, sensationalist and quite frankly dangerous headline, sums it up. They're akin to the red tops at the moment ClickBait 🙀 Schrodinger's catflap More bullshit from the BBC, inaccurate and dangerous. Get a grip.

Animals dont spread it dumbasses catteries not included I spoke with my vet practice this morning and they state nothing has been stated by the vets governing body association to keep cats in? That’s not correct advice !! Another ridiculous headline from OldMedia. The second one today, the other was SkyNews. ONLY houses who know they have someone who has tested positive for COVID_19 should keep their pets at home, to stop the spread TeamCOVID19

Love BBC News. Always glass half empty. . Utter sensationalist trash, this companies demise with be celebrated! or just kick cats out of your home and replace them with dog....behold for angry replies from cat lovers 😅😂 I wish I could keep them out of my garden full stop! Found another dead bird this morning, a beautiful blue tit. :(

Just reported this tweet for being harmful.😾😾😾😾 When we're supposed to be stopping the spread of fakenews .. and the BBC outs this out ... The said the exact opposite Stop scaremongering before people start harming cats fake news filth. Sooner you're gone the better. Why say this then. Fkn panic merchants man. Media's loving this virus

LucindaMelcher BBC have sensationalised this. Read the statement from the British Veterinary Association Sounds like BBC news needs to be “fixed”. Yes, that is a pun. Fixed is a term for spayed or neutered. Not possible. Strange untruth. Imagine 'Fake News'. It happens If you feel your anxiety lowering just watch the BBC. There all the way to make sure the nations Mental Health Wellbeing is lowered. Good old BBC. Glad we don't have to pay........oh hang on!!!!

What the heel is wrong with the BBC repeating lies as fact, misquoted reports to get head lines. Where is the truth? You need public support to survive so support the public with facts I think this was clarified on the radio. Why not do the decent thing and say what the interviewee stated as the position. It was not as the headline

BREAKING NEWS! Home owners that do not own Cats are reporting a decrease in Cat Shit in their gardens. Back to you, Tom! Let's have a cat cull No This is fake news !!!! My vets have confirmed this is not true. Please don’t a scaremonger !! Number10cat Number10press 10DowningStreet we will miss seeing Larry on the news hope to see him indoors doing his moral boosting work instead! StayHomeSaveLives campbellar BBCSpotlight ChurchfieldJE laurencereed

This scaremongering headline has put cats at risk. It's cats that are at risk of catching virus from humans. Irresponsible reporting. Please clarify, this is dangerous and misleading. Totally irresponsible reporting and not befitting the BBC. Absolute rubbish FAKE NEWS This needs removing this is not the advice from BritishVets can you please update your website and twitter feed with the corrected advice. There are idiots out there that will see this as an excuse to do harm to people’s pets.

Thanks BBC for inciting hatred against cats. We'll have to be keeping them in for their own safety from idiots now Hi this is BritishVets refuting what you’re saying here. Please do something about this. Sounds like animal cruelty to me This is a massively misleading headline and story, this is not what the British Veterinary Association recommend, you are giving false and misleading information. Please update both immediately to the accurate advice from the British Veterinary Association. Thank you.

Please please please correct this article as a matter of urgency to actually state what the BVA said which is NOT what you have reported! There may be unnecessary stress caused to cats (& owners) and if strangers see cats out they may hurt them as a result of this misinformation This makes no sense to me. Surely if you are COVID positive and confine cat indoors you increase transmission risk to cat? As virus is sensitive to UV light then letting car sunbathe outside is a good thing, No? BritishVets and Twitter vets please advise!

Please change your headline or make people aware that it only affects people who have symptoms or are self isolating themselves. This is misleading and will make lots of owners want to get rid of their pets! Please correct this, you are spreading fear and risking harm to cats with this ‘sensationalism’. Be about spreading facts for a change BBCBreaking BBC

What complete idiot this journalist is! The damage this will create with cats being dumped! YOU CAN NOT GET COVID 19 FROM YOUR CAT! IRRESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM BBC NEWS!!!! Agree that this heading will only worry pet owners into abandoning their pets. Then our streets will be full of stray animals raiding bins for food or going through neighbouring cat flaps to steal food. Please be more responsible & highlight the facts, not the hype! 🙀

So have you issued a correction yet Mr Pads Chief Spokescat for the FACIT (Felines Against Incarceration Info Team) questioned the statement 'A vet who thinks cats can be told to do anything is as worrying as the virus' however he 'urged fellow felines not to act like dumb humans by flaunting government guidance'.

You must issue a retraction of your inaccurate statements. STOP scaring people half to death. This is not what the BVA said! This is not what the BVA are saying. They are saying that cats in self-isolating households should be kept inside. Please correct this misleading and potentially harmful misreporting

BBC fake reports again it be coming a complete joke is the BBC if cat are getting the the corv19 then it will pass on to there Owens it a manual and so are we.this just a joke now not even reporting full facts ,I would have hope that this journalism was not benefitting the BBC Vets who recommend this are not fit to be vets. They admit there is no chance of infection from cats, then feed all the stupid myths that are seeing cats dumped by idiot owners. Keep your kids in and let the cats out.

Living in the middle of nowhere, my cats will continue to go out. We are used to using good hygiene with our pets with hand washing. This is so confusing animals can’t catch it humans can’t catch of animals animals spread it keep them in let them out seriously what is the correct advice 🤬 at it again. Why don’t you just make the headline accurate?

The whole article needs to be read. BBC doing their shite spreading misinformation and money grabbing headlines! If it's just cats from infected households, how does that work for households where someone is asymptomatic? 🤔 Please correct this misinformation! This is not right - as the British Vet Association britishvets have clearly stated. I was alarmed by the story on BBC news this morning and I checked their website. Truly shoddy reporting You need to publicise your mistake, and review your procedures for fact checking

BVA president Daniella Dos Santos told BBC News she agreed with that advice. But the association has since clarified that its recommendation to concerned pet-owners is to take the precaution of keeping cats indoors 'only if someone in their own household showed symptoms'. Hopefully, the law might be changed to ensure anyone who has a pet restricts it to their own property. Lots of people have no symptoms so they might not know they r infected. Then their cats roam around and can infect neighbours.

Already do Here we go again, more scaremongering 🙄 Anyone reporting on this please get your facts straight and do your research! Just add 5G to the headlines as well lol 😂 My Kitty stays in because she is under the impression that all of humankind has been diseased for eleven years. She has taken self isolation to extreme of living under the bed. This pandemic has made her worse.

Its not just cats, what about joggers and exercise freaks? Sweating away and spreading the virus...cats just lie there and contemplate life. No animals can get the virus, No animals can get the virus, definitely no animals can get the virus. WHOOP'S CATS CAN SPREAD THE VIRUS. AMAZING. Basically a pointless tweet. 2nd line contradicts the 1st. What about wasps?

This is a poorly worded headline as only those WITH SYMPTOMS should be keeping their pets indoors. It can cause serious health issues for a cat who is used to toiletting outside to be kept indoors. Please correct this. People are scared and this misinformation could lead to cats being mistreated. We look after 10 semi-ferals and couldn't possibly keep them inside unless completely urgent - we are now worried about their safety.

What fresh hell is this? Glad you are backpedalling on the content of the earlier report. Rightly so. With morons setting fire to phone masts, please try and avoid prompting others to harm innocent pets. Your alleged science correspondent should be writing about subjects based on robust factual evidence.

STATEMENT ON BVA WEBSITE BRITISH VETERINARY ASSOCIATION ⚠️ Contrary to some news reports this morning, we're NOT advising that all cats be kept indoors during the COVID19 pandemic. Only cats from infected or self-isolating households should be kept indoors if possible You wouldn’t call the government out over herd immunity and you’re lying with this for distraction. Joke factory out of laughs.

You still haven't taken this down yet? I'm really angry and disappointed. When are you going to correct this misinformation? vinod_d007 BBC News when are you going to respond and act? metpoliceuk PLEASE can you look at this misleading article that could trigger a spate of cruelty towards cats seen out in public, and force them to remove it.

Please correct this report. Shame on you BBC. Scaremongering at this awful time is irresponsible and disgraceful. Get your facts straight. There are people out there of low intelligence who will abandon their pets because of your sloppy reporting 😾 It's not cats spreading this! It's humans who seem to have trouble keeping there a**se at home. If cats were getting this, I think we'd have a high death rate for cats by now? I can see fools now going around killing them; calming they’re saving the human race, thanks to you.

Please correct your headline and report. This is not what the BVA have recommended and is misleading. Here is the statement from the BVA. hanbeadle Not what we was told yesterday. Mine will still go out. I am the only one they will allow to touch them. They just sit on my fence watching the world go by. Then it's down to hand hygiene!

That’s what my cat Pebbles thinks to that advice! This headline needs to be urgently corrected to reflect the advice *really* given by BritishVets, to prevent potentially fatal misinterpretation and 'reprisals' on the feline population. RSPCA_Frontline could maybe lend their weight to the issue. CATastrophe sensationalism

real China, real live. real China, real live. I am sorry but this story should be removed or are you prepared for the stories of abandoned pets, mistreated pets etc? This is what will happen and it will be down to journalism such as this. This could cause terrible harm and is incorrect. Correct your headline to be accurate. Have got so fed up with bbc being so inaccurate and bias with news 😡

It's if the owners have symptoms ,stop fueling this with your misreporting,you are frightening people who will be getting rid of their pets! Yep keep them in and out of my garden You must change your headline, this is irresponsible reporting and will lead to scaremongering, potential abandonment. ScottishSPCA RSPCA_official please put pressure on bbcnews to change their headline to reflect the correct information.

vinod_d007 Ofcom Dear Ofcom, as per the official statements from the Veterinary Profession, please can you have this article removed immediately, and issue with a severe reprimand and fine. This article endangers the safety of pets throught the UK Not confusing at all I never let mine go outside. Err not a chance this is happening in my house.

JUST when I was beginning to trust BBC News again... what a crock of shit. Please retract immediately. Totally irresponsible 'journalism' (yet again - that dumbing-down in education has a lot to answer for). Very poor article with mixed, confused messaging that could lead to unnecessary concerns about cats by the general public.

Please update your story, this has been rejected by the BVA. But what about Number10cat ? His public needs him 💛 Irresponsible & misguided reporting bbcnews putting pets at risk of euthanasia or dumping. Please retract or amend this article! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Oh stop it BBC! ooh my whoorin' sides! From the company that brought you 'Saving Syria's Children' and Jimmy Saville. 🤨

'There isn't a single case of a pet dog or cat infecting a human with Covid-19,' Dr Angel Almendros, from City University in Hong Kong, told BBC News. And '...there is no evidence that dogs or cats could become sick or infect people.' Are actual quotes from that article... Can you change this misleading headline and opening line. The BVA have made it clear it’s ONLY if the household is self isolating or has relevant symptoms.

This is click bait and a load of rubbish. It causes trouble for people like me who walk their dogs everyday, where people who don’t know what they’re talking about act like the dog is a potential carrier overreact. It’s exactly articles like this which cause confusion. Shameful Constantly spreading fear and now you turn your attention to our pets. I hope no cats are harmed due to your irresponsible reporting.

Is kussenberg going to be asking pointless questions later What total nonsense. Try keeping my Mollie in. Please retract this statement as it is giving out incorrect information Stop spreading fear and panic. Pets maybe harmed. Do not print misleading headlines Irresponsible headline, the overriding message of the article does not say this.Vic_Gill

Good recommendation The BritishVets do not recommend keeping cats indoors. BBC spreading fake news. This is very confusing And this is why measures won't be lifted on Monday. Even if the public followed every guideline to bring numbers down, cats would still find a way out to spread it. And tbh wild animals too. So this is far from over until a vaccine is developed.

BBCnews, you've edited the article, but the headline is still misleading and you've done a bang up job of reporting the views of a single veterinary scientist as the consensus of all vets. Stop doing this Everyone needs to report this tweet. The British Veterinary Association is tweeting that this isn't the case and that your story is wrong.

Fuming at this article!! How irresponsible, this is based on a chinese lab injecting the disease into several cats to begin with. How many cats will now be harmed/abandoned based on this?! Why make a statement like that and then say not to worry about risk of infection from their pets!!! People will be dumping their pets now because they believe this shit. Shame on the BVA 😡

Good luck on that one. My ginger tom would have escaped pdq Poor animals Responsible journalism please, let’s have no media influenced panics through general statement headlines. This is not what BritishVets have said! Please stop sharing dangerous headlines. People can react in fear. It is not long since cats were being poisoned in my area, this could trigger it again. Cats would be miserable locked indoors.

Can it make the cat or dog very ill? Is it lethal to domestic animals? AntoniaEwetuga Social distancing 'difficult' for farm vets Keep them in your house regardless of corona virus. They roam free and shit where they like(my garden 🤬) horrendous creatures tonygriff1 dianeechambers exactly what I said Diane 🤔

Why are you still promoting this article? It's sensationalist, misleading and could have really harmful consequences. Totally shoddy and irresponsible reporting. Highlights the quality of BBC right now. Yet again to stupid to report news so just make it up Now people are going to be arseholes to cats ffs.

BBC Please stop the ridiculous sensationalism , people mostly only read headlines and many cats could be harmed based on this please refer to BritishVets What if you have been self isolating and your cat has been out on an all nighters for last few days should she stay put where she is now 😂 Terrible reporting from bbcnews and Vic_Gill. A headline that will distress many that beleive and trust the BBC, espically the old that are isolated and need their companions at this time. This rubbish headline is being picked up by other news outlets and the lie is repeated.

Why are you scaremongering with uou headlines! Please change this Cat flaps in the mud Terrible, jumbled messaging. Irresponsible headline, the content of the article does not say this. This is now confirmed by the BVA as WRONG reporting by . There have been so many contradictory pieces of information floating around. At first, I read somewhere that there was no proof of Coronavirus spreading to pets. I have seen several articles saying the opposite. We need all the facts before putting these articles out there.

That’s not what the BVA said - please clarify your story. Animals are already being abandoned because owners think they can get the virus from their pets - irresponsible reporting Please can we get this story straight, we are not saying keep all cats indoors. Humans are a risk to humans, not animals. Don’t confuse everyone. no evidence of animals in the epidemiology of disease oconnorwalker SVEPM_Members BritishVets

They should be kept indoors anyway because they are an invasive species that decimates the small bird and mammal population. BBC need to clarify and correct this statement before cats are harmed or dumped. Don’t forget people often only read the headline and not the full article and then wrong information gets disseminated. See British Veterinary Association update on this.

Why don't you scare us cats owners a bit more!! How many will get pushed out for good rather than kept inside now? Its if you have the virus that you should not let them out just like your dog not being petted by others as the virus can be on their fur, also u can wipe their fur Keeping a cat indoors - How does that work 🤔

why should they not worry? because it's not possible or because you don't have an answer on how to prevent it? Bad Headline reporting. Go to the British Vets Twitter page people. They have less scaremongering reports. Poorly written article, Vets are NOT advising to keep cats indoors unless you are symptomatic. Have you actually read what the BVA advice is?

Do you ever think about the consequences of your inaccurate reporting? Surely if cats risk spreading the virus we should just kill them all why risk it if the virus is as bad as the midea is saying they are vermin afterall. Only from an infected household. Let's be honest, a cat will do whatever tf it wants

Coronavirus: 'Keep cats indoors', vets recommendVets stress that pets pose little to no risk to their owners but recommend keeping cats indoors. Sometimes it takes losing everything you thought you needed, to gain everything you ever wanted. When did they not “recommend”? sources for people to checkout click on link including the patents to Corona Virus and so on. If you never used linktree before.

Coronavirus warning: Why scientists are telling cat owners to keep their pets indoorsVETERINARY scientists have advised cat owners to keep their pets inside to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Pet owners told to keep animals indoors amid mounting evidence they can be infected with coronavirusHowever, British Veterinary Association says ‘owners should not worry’ about animal-to-human transmission cat ‘owners’ only - not sure a cat is owned by anyone and this is advice given to avoid others stroking an animal that does not live with them poorstrapline s9tmt Hehe, lies . So funny 😺😺😺

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