Covıd 19

Covıd 19

Coronavirus: Johnson & Johnson vows to make 'not-for-profit' vaccine

The company's chief scientific officer says it aims to test the vaccine on humans in September with production early next year.

3/31/2020 9:09:00 PM

The world's biggest pharmaceutical company is confident it has a COVID19 vaccine and has told Sky News it wants to make it available on a not-for-profit basis

The company's chief scientific officer says it aims to test the vaccine on humans in September with production early next year.

".He said trials on animals have"shown very good results showing we can produce very strong neutralising antibodies", adding:"It gives us the confidence we can follow the same path to success - we think we can do it and now it's a matter of time and hard work."

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AdvertisementEngineering giants to make ventilatorsHe added:"We will start by focusing on getting a billion vaccines done because this is such a problem in the world touching almost every region, every country - there will be a high need for it."In order to go fast, Johnson & Johnson - the people of Johnson & Johnson - are committed to do this and all together we say we're going to do this not for profit.

"That's the fastest and the best way to find all the collaborations in the world to make this happen so we commit to bring this at a not-for-profit level."Coronavirus: The infection numbers in real timeDr Stoffels, who is also vice chairman of J&J's executive committee, said it is not yet known if the vaccine would provide immunity or simply lessen the effects of the disease - this would be something explored in trials on human volunteers.

"In September, we'll start clinical trials first to learn whether it's safe and provides immunity in humans," he said."Then we'll study whether it prevents serious disease or whether it prevents infection."But it also has to be produced in very high quantities and so, in parallel, we'll test the production levels of the vaccine, as well as the efficacy and safety."

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Bullshit, uh as long as we pay for the ingredients If J n J make it real n successfully on saving lives....J n J will go down in History on saving this world Incredible if true, multi-national company having a positive global attitude 👍🙏 They sounds promising. Dont trust this guy! Let us pray and hope that they have what they say they have and will do what they say they will do !

Yeah! How did the baby powder work out!!!! No thanks!! Can't help thinking why they have to wait till September to start human trials, Oxford university is already recruiting for human trials , surely this can be fast tracked if animal trials have been promising Hiding in the back of a cupboard was it? Funny how these things suddenly turn up. Maybe they should clean behind the Fridge, it might be where the cure for Cancer has been 'misplaced.'

Yeah think I will pass on this fakenews Beautiful! We need to do social distancing and self isolation right now and save lives today and not wait for vaccine which will be no use. We must fight this mysterious powerful soldier CORONA by spiritually uniting together and helping each other. Now it is the peak of COVID19

'BBC News - Johnson & Johnson to pay $4.7bn damages in talc cancer case' johnsonandjohnson Cancer There are so many groups moving quickly on this that there are likely to be multiple approaches to prevention including general antivirals and specific vaccines. Releasing the first at cost will be a public relations coup hard to beat in the pharmaceutical world.

Hahahahahaha ohhh course they ate most reliable and wont give u covid20 Well colour me cynical Sky news with another massively misleading headline. as long as theirs no asbestos in it Vaccine for everyone get yer vaccine. Our complete trust in the powers that be. . . . .BRILL Whatever happened to not conducting tests on animals? Or do we deem that necessary in this situation? I know this virus originated from animals, but really don’t like inflicting unnecessary pain on animals,

I'll believe it when it happens 🙄 Really ?

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Pregnancy and coronavirus: what are the symptoms for pregnant women and could I pass it to my baby?As the news came that Boris Johnson had tested positive for coronavirus, many will have turned their thoughts to his pregnant girlfriend, Carrie Symonds, whose first child is due in early summer. Boris has been social distancing from most of his kids for years. boris could kill his GF and baby because of his reckless behavior it's that simple.. ewww That’s a weird ‘holding of hands’ show of affection.

Boris Johnson's letter to the nation on Coronavirus in fullPrime Minister Boris Johnson has written to the UK to outline the government's current plan for the containment of coronavirus and the measures that the public can take to stay safe. Fair enough, can we talk about the PPE for the NHS and ventilators now? EMERGENCY TRANSMISSION! PASS IT ON NOW If people switch from sleeping face-up to face-down at the first sign of infection it will vastly decrease serious infection rates ! Face-down keeps epiglottis from being coated by infectious nasal spit which slips into lungs when asleep !