Covıd 19

Covıd 19

Coronavirus: It could be six months or more before UK returns to normal - government doctor

Coronavirus: It could be six months or more before UK returns to normal - government doctor

3/29/2020 6:53:00 PM

'This is a moving target.' Deputy chief medical officer, Dr Jenny Harries explains that measures will eventually be 'lifted gradually' and will be spaced. Get the latest COVID19 news:

Coronavirus: It could be six months or more before UK returns to normal - government doctor

Q: How well do you think the UK government are handling the issue of coronavirus?72% think well and 21% badly at the moment.This has increased from 59% well and 31% badly on 19-20 March, before the lockdown.09:49Dr Rosena Allin-Khan: Senior politicians with COVID-19 should self-isolate for 14 days, not seven

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09:42Analysis: The government's testing will only be squeaking through ahead of the peakSky News correspondent Rob Powell said there is a lot of anger on the NHS frontline about the lack of testing for them.The head of Boots the chemist said their drive-through testing facilities will not be ready for a couple of weeks.

Powell said this would mean the government is squeaking through with wider testing in terms of when the peak will be.09:39Analysis: The lockdown length is a moveable feastSky News correspondent Rob Powell said the government does not have the answers on how long the lockdown could be.

"It's a bit of a moveable feast," he said.He said the government is"flying blind a little bit" as it takes a couple of weeks for social distancing effects to trickle down so they may have a better idea of how long the lockdown could be in a week's time.

There are a lot of variables here, he added.09:31Michael Gove: The situation will get worse before it gets better09:30Tony Blair: We need virtually everybody to be tested09:28Dame Donna Kinnair: Listen to advice and you can help the NHS save livesThe chief nurse said nurses could be deployed around the country, but they should be asked not forced.

She said if we remain indoors, wash our hands and practice social distancing this gives the NHS the chance to save lives.09:27Dame Donna Kinnair: Nurses are being denied PPEShe said she is working hard to get PPE to nurses.She said she has heard from nurses they have been denied masks and aprons.

She said nurses are also going into homes so they need that protection.09:25Dame Donna Kinnair: Nurses need to be testedChief executive of the Royal College of Nursing, Dame Donna Kinnair said nurses need to be tested for the virus so they know if they can continue to work.

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They also need personal protective equipment to be able to do their work well.She said testing needs to have happened sooner because they work within one metre of patients.09:22Rebecca Long-Bailey: This has highlighted NHS underfundingMs Long-Bailey said the virus has highlighted the"dramatic underfunding of the NHS".

She said when we rebuild our economy after this, that needs to be addressed.The shadow business secretary said we would be in a better situation now if we had listened to experts three years ago who said we needed PPE to deal with a crisis.09:19Rebecca Long-Bailey: People need to be able to stay at home

The most important thing is protecting human life, she said.She says the country will recover but there will need to be a strong recovery package to boost the economy after this.She said people need to be able to stay at home but be economically protected.

09:18Rebecca Long-Bailey: The government's measures are welcome but there are gapsShadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey says there needs to be an economic response to help secure the economy.She praised the government's measures but says there are gaps which have left people economically vulnerable.

She said the guidance to go to work if you cannot work from hom is not good, with construction workers etc going to work this week and putting their health at risk.Ms Long-Bailey said there is no excuse for employers to not furlough staff as they will get 80% of their salary.

However, she said there is an issue for the self-employed because they will have to wait until June for a payout.She said statutory sick pay needs to be increased and the five week Universal Credit wait needs to be ended.09:15Sir Mark Walport: Countries need to have testing ready in case coronavirus flares up again

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Everyone around the world is looking to see if the outbreak starts again in China, Sir Mark said.He said testing needs to happen if coronavirus flares up again.09:13Sir Mark Walport: The lockdown should continue until at least MaySir Mark said the best advice is coming from the modelling community, including those from Imperial College advising the government.

He said other institutes are working with them and will speak up if they do not think they are correct.He agrees with Prof Neil Ferguson, from Imperial, about the lockdown having to continue until at least May.09:10Sir Mark Walport: Those who have had coronavirus will be immune for at least months

The scientific advice is"rock solid worldwide", that social distancing is key.He said you need to keep infected people away from others as one infected person will infect three others.Sir Mark Walport said those who have had coronavirus will be protected for at least months but most likely years.

09:08Sir Mark Walport: A vaccine cannot happen for a year to a year and a halfSir Mark Walport, former chief scientific adviser, says the world is working together and agreed with Tony Blair about technology being critical.We need to make sure a vaccine is effective without bad side effects, he said.

He said this will take a year to 18 months.09:07Tony Blair: A pandemic will happen again and we need to be better preparedTalking about Ebola, he said that was managed to be contained in a part of Africa but COVID-19 is different, it spreads quickly.Mr Blair said we need to take steps to have a global network in place that if this happens again - and it will happen again, he said - we are in a better place.

09:05Tony Blair: This needs to be a global effort otherwise it will not be stoppedAddressing what coronavirus means for poorer countries, such as some in Africa, Mr Blair said this is a"huge challenge" as their healthcare systems are weak and governments are not strong.

He said if these countries are not helped at this stage, the beginning of the curve, then the whole world will be slower to get over the disease.He said he does not understand why there is not a global mechanism pulling together to provide ventilators and other equipment.

He added:"We need to realise if there's one part of the world that manages to get on top of this but another that doesn't, we're all going to need to pull together."09:02Tony Blair: Technology needs to be used for contact tracing and logistics

Mr Blair said it is"perfectly possible" to run the country from your living room.He said, having dealt with foot and mouth, logistics is the key."The PM is able to direct this but it's how you put the most capable people in charge of logistics and procurement.

"We should be putting everything we can behind technology."He said technology needs to be used for contact tracing.He said the private sector needs to be utilised and we cannot forget this is a global crisis.09:00Tony Blair: Most people will experience mild symptoms but you need to stop a resurgence

"Virtually everybody" needs to be tested, he said.He said looking at studies from around the world show large numbers of people are asymptomatic and many will get coronavirus mildly.But those who get it badly put a massive strain on the healthcare system.

He praised Michael Gove for increasing testing but said without everyone getting tested there will be a resurgence.08:58Tony Blair: We need mass testingI think we should note the enormous debt of gratitude to the NHS and carers who are bearing the brunt, the former PM says.

But we need mass testing, he said.He said frontline NHS staff should come first with that but the conundrum is most of the population will be capable of going back to work, won't get it or will only get it mildly.However, he said if you do not know who has it then you cannot get back to normal life as there will be a resurgence.

08:57Former Prime Minister Tony Blair says we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to NHS workers"the best" of what our country has to offer.08:56Dr Rosena Allin-Khan: The NHS can cope but we need mass testingThe NHS has the resilience to cope with this and save every single life that we can.

Please, please, stay at home if you can. Please observe social distancing measures. We need you to help us save your life.Let's roll out mass testing, it's worked in South Korea and Germany.I'm disappointed we're not able to test NHS and care staff at the moment.

These people need to know if they don't have it to return to work and keep their families safe.It's not fair senior politicians have access to testing but NHS staff can't get that access.08:51Dr Rosena Allin-Khan: Boris Johnson should self-isolate for 14 days - not seven

In the last few days her hospital has been receiving personal protective equipment which she said she is grateful for.However, she said she is concerned very senior politicians are saying they will return to work seven days after showing symptoms.She said the UK is not adhering to WHO guidelines - stay self-isolated for 14 days.

For senior politicians to return to work after seven days is a real worry for us in the NHS because we need people to listen to that two-week advice.She said the government needs to change its advice to be in keeping with WHO advice.08:49Dr Rosena Allin-Khan: More people in their 30s and 40s are coming into hospital with symptoms

The Labour MP is also a doctor and has just finished a night shift in Tooting, south London.She said more people in their 30s and 40s who were previously fit and healthy with no underlying health conditions are coming in with COVID-19 symptoms.08:47Michael Gove: Boris Johnson remains in charge

Boris Johnson has been video conferencing with experts and his Cabinet from his Downing Street living room, Mr Gove said.Mr Gove said the PM is in charge and Dominic Raab will take over from him if his conditions worsens.08:45Michael Gove: More than 26,000 ventilators will be available

Just over 8,000 ventilators are available now, through repurposing hospitals units, Mr Gove says.Another 8,000 are expected through private companies, including from abroad. Read more: Sky News »

And if it hasn't - what further measures will be introduced? Banning exercise? Banning walking dogs? Food rationing? Martial law to enforce it all as more and more people rebel? This isn't a plan. It's suicide. There's no quick way to end the quarantines until there's a human ready vaccine, no one wants to admit it, but we're 12-18 months away from human ready vaccine, and probably at least a year after that before enough people are vaccinated for herd immunity to kick in and normalcy

UK coronavirus restrictions could last six months, warns deputy chief medical officerTHE UK’s coronavirus restrictions could last for six months, the deputy chief medical officer has warned. Dr Jenny Harries refused to rule out extending the lockdown, and suggested the restri… That is a massive misquote!🤬 Not good policy,

UK coronavirus social distancing to be in place for at least six months ‘could go further'THE UK's social distancing measures could be extended to up to six months and possibly beyond, officials have warned today. Nope she didn't say that. Word twisting going on No, that is not correct, a three week review Shite as usual from the Daily Express twisting words yet again

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Coronavirus updates: UK government briefing under way as PM self-isolates - BBC News'As well as freeing up the 33,000 hospitals beds across our current English NHS hospitals, we are also taking these unprecedented steps to build in a few days hospitals that would normally take years' - NHS England Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens Why wait for a global pandemic to teach the govt to do things that they should’ve done years ago! At least we can hope it’s a start and let’s hope people come first from now on! Funny that.... With this latest need of more deaths and more ppl contracting the virus is now the time BorisJohnson MattHancock to put the UK on FULL LOCKDOWN? obviously by pictures from local places in city’s ppl are not listening put it on and also put curfews in place so ppl don’t go out