Coronavirus in Scotland: Apology over lockdown trip - BBC News

Scotland's chief medical officer issues apology for 'not following advice', plus more updates on the coronavirus crisis in Scotland.

4/5/2020 5:14:00 PM

'I did not follow the advice I'm giving to others, I'm truly sorry for that' Scotland's chief medical officer says she made a 'mistake' and recognises she's let both the NHS and the public down but hopes to be able to 'continue to focus' on her job

Scotland's chief medical officer issues apology for 'not following advice', plus more updates on the coronavirus crisis in Scotland.

Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty ImagesThe Community Council of Earlsferry, in Fife, where Dr Catherine Calderwood visited her second home on Saturday, has issued a statement in response to her actions."We are very disappointed to hear this news. A lot of residents are upset as we have made efforts to advise people to follow government guidelines on travelling and have a very high proportion of elderly and vulnerable people in our community.

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"We also have a high proportion of second home owners in our village. We welcome the contribution they make to our community and some people chose to stay here through this difficult time."Since the travel restrictions came into effect we have been clear, as have our MP and MSP, that people should avoid non-essential travel and this includes visits to the East Neuk of Fife. We are grateful to the majority who have helped us protect our community by following the guidelines.

"We have limited resources and facilities to cope and like every community across the country are doing our best to look after the vulnerable in these challenging times. We look forward to welcoming people back once it is safe to do so but in the meantime please follow guidelines and stay at home."

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santiagovcv a ver si entiendes ese Inglés... She’s Clearly RUN :) إعتذار محترم ومرتب .. خلفها فريق إدارة أزمات إعلامي عارف شغله bbc5live She only did the same as the Queen Charles William and many other public figures privileged enough to own a second, third or fourth home in the country. Should they stand down too?

اعتذرت ، عطوها فرصة ثانية . وين تصرف سوري ذي ؟ المرة ذي مبزوطة She doesn’t fit her current job because she lost all the credibility. she knews something not exist. It sad to see someone loss all of credibility all the sudden due to one stupid action She really now needs to make amends for her errors of judgement, she can still contribute towards the nations fight against the virus, just not as CMO.

The same goes for hanCock, Johnson and Cummings. Why on earth was Hancock in the nightingale hospital (looking worse for wear) and before that on BBCQT? They all got the virus at the same time. Absolute shambles. How about Chris? And deputy lady. We all make mistakes we are only human. Just get it fixed now! X

Very simple solution to middle class wankers demanding the plebs dont venture out while they sun themselves either at 2nd homes or big expansive gardens/grounds round their fancy houses . Install CCTV in their backyards and the public can observe them sunning themselves. BBCchrismclaug Once this calms down, she must resign or be dismissed, end of.

Moral vacuum ... Something makes me wonder whether family dynamics played a part in her going to the second home. There was something rather deliberate and 'I told you so' about her performance today; wince-making though it was. bbc5live Fuckin two faced politician..again.... Sorry isn’t good enough , she should be sacked for gross misconduct immediately

Your a disgrace to to the UK and all in Scotland NHSuk should have nothing to do with you and hopefully you will step down and then we will get someone who will actually do what they say instead of going on holiday during the lockdown coronavirus COVID2019 CathCalderwood1 Typical, do as i say, not as i do, disgraceful

No! Fired! A mistake is when you take a wrong turn on an unfamiliar route. This was a deliberate, mindful action. Discusting That’s how much people listen to this useless of a women 😂😂. Catherine sounds like you need to get another job. You’re telling people to do something and you’re doing the exact same thing you’re telling not to. Do what’s right 🖕

After all she need to be able to continue otherwise she won’t be able to afford her second home. One rule for one, and another for everyone else! No mention of Labour MP at a large Funeral. Why? LeeEvansBirding Did that woman on the right just give her the finger! bbc5live Interesting how virtually the whole UK Cabinet has the virus and was probably spreading it for how long and to how many (largely due to lax practice) but someone goes to a house and has to resign 🤔🤷‍♂️ the lockdown has become an exercise in ridiculousness.

A 'mistake' is breaking the 2 metre rule whilst queuing outside Tesco. Travelling to your 2nd home TWICE smacks of 'do as I say not as I do'. bbc5live I have never been involved in Twitter discussion before but my only comment is that this person must either resign or be sacked. There’s no reason at all that someone in her position can continue to support and advise Scotland Come on Nicola- she has to go!!! Dreadful behaviour

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and medical officer So who will take any notice of her now and why should they - IF they bother to listen bbc5live Agree we all make mistakes, which are forgivable but this was deliberate and twice and therefore is not. Shocking example when we need strong leadership

BBCPolitics Her position as a person in a key position during a national and world health crisis is now untenable, any person with sound morals would have resigned. bbc5live P45 time.. 😡 bbc5live Goodness knows how she's still got a job to focus on - still she could make a start on trying to fathom out a way to convince everyone, yes everyone (including those with a second home) to follow her recommendations

BBCPolitics Now emerging she made this trip to 2cnd home twice,last weekend and this!! This is an 80 mile round trip to a posh seaside town through populated areas.This was not a one off mistake,but a twice calculated decision to flout her own rules,caused by hypocritical arrogance!! Pathetic - resign you have zero credibility with the public

Oh dear. 🤣 bye Absolutely disgraceful and unforgivable hypocrisy IMO. She is only sorry because she got caught. No integrity in the Scottish government. Fed up of those in important positions thinking they can so whatever they want, and when caught just apologise and carry on. No accountability, yet again!

bbc5live Another entitled 'do as I say, not as I do' person. Huge salaries, no morals. In the real world these types would be sacked. Why not in politics? bbc5live Very sorry! Human error!... I'm sure people in court are very sorry too... Lead by example... how can peopl ever follow someone like her again?

Can’t quite get my head around how idiotic and selfish this is. Why would anyone listen to her again after this! Apologies are not enuf, this person shud resign no question about it. Who cares if it was uncomfortable, she ignored her own advice- arrogance of the woman. Resign, resign n resign, the public av no confidence in u now😷

What a f***ing joke! Get rid of her! BBCPolitics Should be sacked ! Who forgot to put 5p in the meter? Do as I say and not as I do🙄 I haven't read the story yet but please tell me she wasn't at Kyle Walker's party. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤬 Scumbag The woman is a disgrace and so is the SG if they keep her in post CatherineCalderwood NicolaSturgeon - shame on you!

CathCalderwood1 stupid selfish woman. Let me guess, within a week, she will make an announcement that she tested positive for COVID-19. Then 'advise' the Scottish people to 'stay at home'. That was an amazing apology! She's right no excuse. This is gross misconduct and in business she would have been fired immediately. Why should government officials, particularly for health at a time like this, be exempt from that

Hypocritical Scottish SNP AGAIN lol Why resign from a £125k a year job when you can get away with a 5* protracted grovel? DontDoAsIDo DoAsISay Step down and let someone else less hypocritical advise the Scottish nation. Thank God for Dr Jenny Harries... love her! You should resign absolute disgrace, no excuses .

She needs to resign asap to limit damage.. im sure there are many others suitably qualified to perform this role. If she doesnt resign or isnt fired this will do incalculable harm With what is happening in our countries she has a nerve of all people she is sorry she got caught end of anyone who thinks she fine should be ashamed themselves

Not sorry at all. Only sorry she got caught. Resign The wonder of hypocrisy ! She has lost her credibility. How she now expect ppl to listen to her Two weekends in a row is just taking the micky. Surely, despite her friendship with NS, her position is untenable. Her actions display an astounding level of ignorance, arrogance or both...whichever it is, she’s undone a lot of hard work and her actions speak so much louder than her words....her position is now untenable.

Incompetent. Needs to be sacked! She should get sacked, lose her pension, have her passport taken away, have her 2nd home taken away from her and not be allowed to have shoes so she can’t go out. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. SHE SHOULD BE FIRED !! shocking just think they can do as they like or she is as thick as a castle wall

TIME FOR HER TO RESIGN !!!SCOTLAND DESERVES BETTER! THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR!!SHE SHOULD RESIGN AND ALSO TAKE THE CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICE OF SCOTLAND WITH HER. Definitely must be in contention for plank of the week MG Iromg plank It’s the same old, rules don’t apply to me, I’m above those silly rules, they’re just for the masses. Sure she’d have been back there next weekend if she hadn’t been caught . Hypocrisy

Deliberate choice she made Twice... do as I say not as I do!! Pretending to apologise..... u put lives at risk clown I think it has always been the case for public officials - they don't actually have to personally believe what they are saying to the public. But in the present crisis this creates a very big problem and it started inside No.10.dichotomy

RemainResistant Why no media outcry when Hancock broke his own rules, more than once? Oh, I see. This is to attack Scotland. She’s a lying sack of **** and needs to resign immediately. NicolaSturgeon looks very bad for defending this appalling hypocrite. Coronavirus Lockdown StayHomeSaveLives SaveTheNHS

bbclornag That is a proper apology. Our politicians should learn from this. Did she fuck up? Yes. Is she otherwise good at her job? Yes. They don’t cut your noses. Put your pitch forks away, accept the apology and now leave her alone to get on saving lives You had better resign 😡 She should be sacked

Her credibility is now non existent. She'll have to go. Now just a distraction from the crucial message It's like watching a car crash in slow motion. By far one of the most painful press conferences I have seen. I she was a horse the tent would be up now. a donation to a local charity for your mess up b nice

Should be taken out and shot Go now, you will resign eventually so go with some dignity rather than let this drag on and on and distract everyone. You cannot function in your job any more. Scotland wanted to handle it themselves because they weren’t happy with the UK governments handling of the situation.

BBCPolitics Wow what a scandal disgraceful by Sturgeon She's lost all credibility. It's over. She did well to pretend to apologise with a nasty hangover. That has to be a resignable offence surely. Resign!! save yourself!!🙄🙄🙄 Resign She made a mistake, big deal. Where is all the fuss for a sick Prince Charles travelling 500 miles to Aberdeenshire knowing he had symptoms, got tested even though he wasnt hospitalized. People get a grip. She made a mistake, so did Prince Charles and he took the virus with him.

Resign Resign! You’re sorry you got caught you mean 😉 Credibility henceforth = zero. Has to go

Scotland's chief medical officer apologises after breaking coronavirus lockdown to visit second homeScotland's chief medical officer has apologised for breaking coronavirus lockdown measures to visit her second home in Fife. Dr Catherine Calderwood apologised 'unreservedly' and said she would Mong The rich. 😱😱😱😱 A 78-year-old man In RubyPrincess cruise liner ha... cruiseship coronavirus COVID2019

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