Coronavirus: Hospital staff 'hiding' protective equipment due to NHS shortages, say medics

Coronavirus: Hospital staff 'hiding' protective equipment due to NHS shortages, say medics

3/30/2020 4:56:00 AM

Coronavirus: Hospital staff 'hiding' protective equipment due to NHS shortages, say medics

Some workers are said to be going off sick because they fear the provisions are inadequate.

"Our orderly was walking around the ward yesterday with a sleep mask over her face - an eye mask over her nose and mouth as a make-shift mask," she said."PPE is locked away in our hospital and only one person has got the key because people are panicking.

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"So, some people are going in and grabbing some of the stuff because they want to walk around with a mask."[It is] out of sheer desperation, there is just not enough."Another frontline NHS doctor, who worked for the government in west Africa during the Ebola crisis, said some fellow workers are saying they are sick because they fear the PPE provisions are inadequate.

Will the lockdown really save more lives?"All my colleagues are quite nervous - some people are going off sick because they don't feel safe," the doctor said."Others are seeking placement elsewhere so they are not frontline, again because of the lack of PPE.

"The closed WhatsApp groups are awash with fear, anger and confusion around the issues regarding PPE."A junior doctor at the Royal Bolton Hospital in Greater Manchester compared the situation to sending a soldier to war without the necessary equipment.

Image:A temporary hospital is being built at London's ExCel centre"You wouldn't send a soldier out without the necessary equipment so why are healthcare professionals not being provided the adequate PPE?" he said.Another junior doctor added:"There's not enough, there's nowhere near enough.

"There is such a shortage, so we feel like it's inevitable we're going to get sick. Infection control tells you one thing, the government are advising another thing, there's so much conflicting advice."PM's video message from his virus 'bunker'

The World Health Organisation has warned that the"chronic" shortage of PPE is threatening"our collective ability to save lives".On Friday, WHO director general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said:"When health workers are at risk, we're all at risk."

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The Department of Health and Social Care said it has issued millions of pieces of equipment and set up a national helpline so those in need can ask for more. Read more: Sky News »

Loving Ruth May on tv just now not allowing your presenters to try and trip her up. We don’t need this silly let’s catch them out attitude from the media Oh aye blame the staff for hiding PPE rather than admitting shortage, underfunding and poor management . Coincidence Trump is doing the same in the US

Hiding equipment or trying to stay safe themselves? But if their hiding equipment isn’t that going to increase shortages? Do we make them in Australia or we DEPEND ON FRICKING MAOIST CHINA for vital gear? That would be like depending on the Devil to save your family. Disgrace They will soon catch it, if they dont release it , ki ni kati kati yen

If you work on the frontlines in the hospitals and ems, it's almost guaranteed you're going to catch covid19, if you're older, or portly, or otherwise regularly unwell, you gotta think it very well may be a death sentence, then make your choice accordingly Trump just called them out in US.

NHS staff 'lambs to the slaughter' due to lack of protective coronavirus gearMedics fear for their lives as two doctors became the first frontline workers to die from coronavirus in the UK, amid national death toll hitting 1,019 Nonsense. That hospital gives me the creeps I thought masks don’t stop anything?

Government won't say when all NHS staff will be tested for coronavirusMichael Gove has refused to say when all NHS workers will receive coronavirus testing. I think everyone who has/had the symptoms should be tested so they know If they had it or not!

Chelsea Flower Show garden planted in courtyard of Plymouth hospital for patients and staff to enjoyA Chelsea Flower Show garden has been planted at a Plymouth hospital to cheer up the NHS staff working on coronavirus. Veggies in there, I hope? GB's food system more secure than the USA's I hope? Tell me more. Is there any reason to think so?

UK's coronavirus response means NHS staff and patients will 'die unnecessarily', says Lancet editor‘[Ministers] had a duty to immediately put the NHS and British public on high alert... They didn’t take any of those actions,’ wrote Richard Horton Good morning BorisJohnson 🙄 The only way that doctors and nurses should work is if they have the proper equipment to deal with this catastrophe, you can’t be stupid to go to work without 100% protection, it doesn’t matter how many die, why should they and their families suffer for these infected people... Not only the proper equipment, they should have special transportation to their homes and they shouldn’t worry of any bills, these are the only people that can stop this, treat them with honor and respect

20,000 retired NHS staff have returned to fight coronavirus, Boris Johnson says'It’s a most amazing thing,' says prime minister in video from isolation They should be paid for putting their lives on the front line! Is he now going to say he’s got the extra staff into the NHS 🤔

20,000 former NHS staff return to fight virus - PMIn a video posted online, Boris Johnson says the UK can get through the pandemic 'together'. Ok Together for now.