Coronavirus: Founder wants 'politicised' Clap for Carers to end next week

Coronavirus: Founder wants 'politicised' Clap for Carers to end next week

5/22/2020 8:01:00 PM

Coronavirus: Founder wants 'politicised' Clap for Carers to end next week

Annemarie Plas, founder of the weekly event, said she feared it had become 'too political'.

Annemarie Plas, a Dutch national living in south London,, but said it was better to stop when it was at"its peak".Image:Annemarie Plas is the founder of the movement. Pic: Annemarie PlasBut she added she felt the movement had become"politicised".

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She said:"I think it's good to have the last of the series next Thursday, because to have the most impact I think it is good to stop it at its peak."Without getting too political, I share some of the opinions that some people have about it becoming politicised.

Advertisement"I think the narrative is starting to change and I don't want the clap to be negative." Read more: Sky News »

Message was received by the intended, no need to continue as it makes most NHS squirm now... At last they smell the Coffee! And all those FREE everything for this 'Hero' worship must stop!! Real Heroes are those petrified from this disease, and who are terrified to leave home, surviving on packet soup as they are not defined in government at risk group!!! JackLopresti

Who even is she I THINK SHES RIGHT, joe PUBLIC has shown our undying thanks for front line workers..NOW it's time this vicious GOVERMENT shows they care . Starting with proper WAGES CONDITIONS AND EQUIPMENT..its our NHS stop starving it if funding because of TORY DOGMATIC BELIEFS. Ooh I’m sorry must have got it wrong . Join the nhs save lives . Get clapped for doing your job , join the army protect the country get fucked . That what they Joined up for . Fully ppd , but the worker in the supermarket feeding you nothing . Jokes . Clap away not for me .

Hoooray!! I was getting sick of seeing people out on the streets saying! ‘Ooooh’ look at me, aren’t I special because I’m clapping for carers & front line nurses! I find it grossly offensive when their is real people losing their jobs & businesses on a daily basis! clapforthem! Boo if teachers don’t go back ?

Good idea, becoming a distraction nowadays, let’s focus on the practical things we can do to help the Carers and key workers. Agreed boy you lot look stupid JaydeeBurrell will be chuffed At last end the fucking clapping seals it’s just annoying now !! I’m fucking sick of the hero status !! Err hospitals not getting used A and E empty it’s just the crazy left and the idiotic MSM

At last The Founder They were doing this in Italy weeks before the UK started clapping, did she think it was her idea and had a patent on it ? 🤔 Yes for some it’s gone from appreciative clapping for the NHS to saucepan banging, fireworks, loud music and neighbours coming very close together to have a chat and a bit of a street party. The reason it was started has gone out of the window now

Oh no. All the attention seekers will have to film themselves doing something else instead I stopped doing it this week as some idiots think it's a reason to have a party getting out of hand now Ended for me Here in Scotland, theSNP have initiated a 'clap for Nicola' campaign. Can you imagine anywhere, outside of North Korea, people standing in the streets and applauding their 'Dear Leader', afraid of being the first to stop? It'll be happening here soon enough.

Founder? 😂😂😂 What a load of bollocks. I’m off. It’s not as effective now, gone on for to long It won't stop the virtue signallers. That's why we've stopped doing it, seeing gov ministers out clapping like they even remotely care for carers makes me sick. I also feel that clapping, cheering & banging saucepans with 60,000 dead just doesn't seem right.

Good let's talk about wait times and waiting list. Holbornlolz 😂😂 Captain Tom didn't die for this 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 is a nice side distraction for the government where is Boris🤔🤔🤔 Terrible Good it's cringey as fuck anyways Yes I think it’s time Why? So much to clap for.

Let's stop clapping for the NHS, says woman who started the ritualDutch national living in London fears Clap for Carers during coronavirus lockdown has become politicised Thank Christ for that. Oh 👏 my 👏 God 👏 yes! 👏 I can’t wait to start demonising healthcare workers. Deport any who aren’t worthy of a decent salary I say!

Healthcare staff to get coronavirus antibody tests from next weekExclusive: experts warn of risk of positive results producing false sense of security I had mine 2 weeks ago ! Note the future tense. We will see if it comes about. Testing has not yet happened in all care homes, despite protestations to the contrary. I know this from personal experience.

Coronavirus: New COVID-19 antibody test to be available in the next two weeksThe groundbreaking test takes a blood sample from a patient and analyses it for antibodies to show if someone has had the virus. A major store interference in government plans shut them down until they agree to bin the lot

Nick Cordero's wife says Broadway star's health is 'going downhill' after coronavirus battleCordero awoke from his coronavirus-induced coma last week So heartbreaking. Prayers for Nick Cordero and his Family.💫 A friend is on day 31 of recovery and she's as bad as she's been. Can barely move without pain. Kidneys beginning to fail. They call her case 'mild' because she never got pneumonia I truly hope this is not another Chris Cuomo/Tom Hanks publicity stunt!

'I designed myself a syllabus of quarantine goals – then spent weeks eating cereal in bed'Did anyone end up writing the next King Lear during the coronavirus pandemic? If you didn’t, join the club

'I designed myself a syllabus of quarantine goals – then spent weeks eating cereal in bed'Did anyone end up writing the next King Lear during the coronavirus pandemic? If you didn’t, join the club me_irl so thoughtful Nice😊