Coronavirus: Excess deaths in England and Wales at lowest level since March

Despite the fall, deaths across the UK since the pandemic started are around 62,000 more than average.

6/2/2020 3:55:00 PM

Shadow Health Sec JonAshworth has said NHS test and trace is not yet 'fully operational at a local level'. He added that the PM previously told MPs the scheme would be 'world-beating', and that it would be operational by 1 June. Coronavirus :

Despite the fall, deaths across the UK since the pandemic started are around 62,000 more than average.

Care home deaths linked to the coronavirus fell from 37.2% of all deaths in that setting to 32.5%.Looking at the outbreak as a whole over the last nine weeks, ONS head of health analysis Nick Stripe said the breakdown is:Hospitals=27,945 COVID deaths and 17,679 (42%) deaths above five-year averages

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Care homes=12,724 COVID deaths and 25,940 (137%) deaths above five-year averagesPrivate homes=1,968 COVID deaths and 13,958 (67%) deaths above five-year averagesThe ONS records a coronavirus death whenever it is mentioned anywhere on the death certificate, including in combination with other health conditions.

It will not always be the main cause of death but may be a contributory factor.A COVID-19 death will also be counted where the doctor completing the death certificate identified relevant symptoms and diagnosed a possible case of the disease, but no test was conducted.

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JonAshworth No surprise. Also, Many will refuse to use the app. Particular thanks should be given to DC. JonAshworth It's all an illusion. People most at risk were sent letters months ago, then told by texts to expect a call. Probably from SERCO these calls from 03333050466 terminate within seconds of answering. I had 2 calls the last one 16th May.Soft money for SERCO if they get paid per call

DrRosena JonAshworth It is world beating. It beats every other country's system to the title of most dysfunctional and ineffective. Rule Brittania 🇬🇧 JonAshworth But has the capacity. DrRosena JonAshworth Did anyone honestly expect the govt to get this up and running on time? We have a cabinet of intellectually deficient and morally bankrupt imbeciles. I'd put more trust in Prince Andrew running a playground than the tories.

DrRosena JonAshworth Save lives, help to remove Hancock Raab Gove Patel Johnson from Government. DrRosena JonAshworth Shouldn't that be just not operational JonAshworth He speaking for the people their ! He knows government is talking more shit ! JonAshworth Really helpful to publish this question. But would be brilliant if you published the answer. Then we could judge for ourselves rather than be fed the one sided opinion. Typical MSM.

JonAshworth What year? JonAshworth For gods sake it’s not a competition, the government set themselves targets, it may not be fully up and running but it is running ands it’s the 2nd June, I wish Labour would be more constructive instead of this constant bickering and politicising. JonAshworth How many people really want to grass up their friends / family ..and have them Told to Self House Arrest ..and if they lucky to have got back to work , lose money and/or their job Really This isnt about trying to eradicate a scamdemic ..its about control the masses

JonAshworth Hit the follow button, let's be friends ❤ JonAshworth not surprised

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