Coronavirus: Donald Trump 'terminates' relationship with World Health Organisation

Mr Trump accused the WHO of misleading the world, after being put under pressure from China, which he blames for coronavirus.

5/29/2020 10:26:00 PM

President Donald Trump says 'my announcement today will effect the full range of agreements we have with Hong Kong' which includes revoking 'Hong Kong's preferential treatment as a separate customs and travel territory'. Read more:

Mr Trump accused the WHO of misleading the world, after being put under pressure from China, which he blames for coronavirus.

He also doubled down on blaming China for the COVID-19 outbreak, calling it the"Wuhan virus", and saying the country is responsible for the more than 100,000 US deaths.The commander-in-chief also criticised China over it's stance on Hong Kong, adding that the city is no longer sufficiently autonomous to warrant special treatment from the US, and will revise its travel advice to the region, warning of increased risk of surveillance.

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The US will also take steps to sanction officials from Hong Kong who have been involved in"eroding" the autonomy of the region.China is set to introduce legislation in Hong Kong that would crack down on the anti-government protests in the city, concerning activists and governments that Beijing is chipping away at the"one country, two systems" principle, that outlines the region's autonomy.

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Chinese agents letting of canisters of the virus in major cities around the world, open your eyes people. Oh dear. BorisJohnsonMustGo Great to see realDonaldTrump standing up to China and saying it like it is. Why does our MSM give China a free pass on - Awful human rights Putting muslims in concentration camps Blatantly lying about the Corona virus Torturing animals to death in wet markets Hong Kong +++++

News anchor explodes at pro-Trump colleague who mocks 'panic' over coronavirus'All you did was try to help your friend the president' Every journalist: 'My job is to report the facts, unless I fancy dishing my opinion out too, which is every day.' Why did the nutcase not explode on 275000 yearly invasive breast cancer cases and 45000 deaths/yr Or an estimated 230000 cases of lung cancer and 135000 deaths this year?

Coronavirus live news: Trump criticised over 'preventable' crisis as US passes 100,000 deaths61 Tory MPs defy UK PM over Dominic Cummings lockdown breach; European commission proposes €750bn coronavirus recovery fund; Kenya records highest one-day case rise. Follow the latest updates Hopefully he will respond constructively to the criticism. Just kidding. TDS at its best!

Trump focuses on social media regulation as US coronavirus death toll passes milestone – livePresident has not yet spoken about US passing 100,000 Covid-19 deaths while possible executive order might try to regulate social media platforms The Guardian focuses on Trump while coronavirus death toll passes milestone..... And a city burns in retaliation to a modern day lynching by a cop. Today’s a great day to pick a fight with Twitter. Nothing going on important or worthy of Presidential assurance. shut up...gawd..

Donald Trump blasts China for sending 'very bad gift' of coronavirus to USTrump has once again stepped up his anti-Chinese rhetoric after consistently using the phrase ‘China virus’. China has killed 100,000 americans, that aint rock n roll...its genocide.. Well said Mr Trump!!

Why Twitter should ban Donald Trump | Julia Carrie WongTrump has used and abused the platform for long enough. Don't ban him... how else will I get my daily check in with the mentally deluded apart from our own government Do it, everyone will follow. .yeah but he's the potus it's better to know what he's focused on even if it's not what we'd like to see.

Donald Trump uses official White House account to re-send 'violent' banned tweetThe president used the official White House Twitter account to re-share the offending tweet, which was hidden from view on his own account for 'glorifying violence' I see he is handling this maturely then as we all expected him to. I hope they block that one too. Asshole Reported. Look at the difference in his tweets. Notice something?