Coronavirus: Donald Trump says US COVID-19 deaths likely to peak in two weeks

Coronavirus: Donald Trump says US COVID-19 deaths likely to peak in two weeks

3/30/2020 3:30:00 AM

Coronavirus: Donald Trump says US COVID-19 deaths likely to peak in two weeks

Dr Anthony Fauci, a leading figure in Mr Trump's coronavirus task force, warns the outbreak could kill up to 200,000 Americans.

March 24: Trump 'hopeful' people can work again by EasterThe US government's guidelines recommend against large group gatherings and urge older people and anyone with existing health problems to stay at home.People are urged to work at home when possible and avoid restaurants, bars, non-essential travel and shopping trips.

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Dr Anthony Fauci, director of America's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has warned the COVID-19 outbreak could kill 100,000 to 200,000 Americans.Speaking at the White House briefing on Sunday, Dr Fauci - a leading figure in the Trump administration's coronavirus task force - said the projection was"entirely conceivable" if not enough is done to mitigate the crisis.

Image:Donald Trump listens to Dr Anthony FauciMr Trump said projection models had showed potentially 2.2 million people could have died had the US not put social distancing measures in place.He added that the country would be doing well if it"can hold" the number of deaths"down to 100,000".

"It's a horrible number," Mr Trump said."We all together have done a very good job."Funeral home where phone won't stop ringingMr Trump claimed that some hospitals and healthcare workers were"hoarding" ventilators which are in scarce supply across the US.

"We have to release those ventilators - especially hospitals that are never going to use them," he told reporters.The president said he also wanted the governor and mayor of New York to check why"a hospital that's getting 10,000 masks goes to 300,000 masks during the same period", adding:"I think people should check that because there's something going on.

"I don't think it's hoarding, I think it's maybe worse than hoarding."Trump seems to be suggesting there’s some kind of black market market being run out of hospitals. That is wild and certainly not what we’re hearing from any healthcare workers in New York. They’re desperate. Some say they’ve been forced to wear the same mask for a week.

— Cordelia Lynch (@CordeliaSkyNews)March 29, 2020He added:"We're delivering millions and millions of different products and all we do is hear: 'Can you get some more?'"Mr Trump said the US had 10,000 ventilators which are being held in a case of emergencies in different states.

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The president - who has previously tested negative for coronavirus - also said he would be willing take the test again"if appropriate". Read more: Sky News »

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