Coronavirus: 'Couldn't be in safer hands' - London mayor praying for Boris Johnson

The prime minister has been moved into intensive care at Guy's and St Thomas' hospital in central London.

4/6/2020 11:16:00 PM

Follow live: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved into intensive care at Guy's and St Thomas' hospital in central London

The prime minister has been moved into intensive care at Guy's and St Thomas' hospital in central London.

The total number of cases has risen to 98,010.18:22France coronavirus deaths rise by 833 in a day - a 10% increaseThe total number of deaths, counted from both hospitals and nursing homes, is now 8,911.The rate has sped up again after several days of slowing.

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18:09New York governor: Maximum fine for violating social distancing to be doubledMr Cuomo said"now is not the time to be lax" as he called on local governments in New York state to enforce social distancing rules.He said he is doubling the maximum fine to $1,000 (£812.50).

18:07New York governor: I'll call president today to request use of Navy shipMr Cuomo said the Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort needs to be used to treat COVID-19 patients. It is currently docked outside New York.The president yesterday confirmed the ship would be used for coronavirus patients if needed.

It was originally designated as a space for non-coronavirus patients to help alleviate New York City hospitals.18:03New York governor: State healthcare system 'at maximum capacity'He said the pressure on hospitals is"unsustainable at this rate".

18:01New York governor: Peak could have been reachedAndrew Cuomo said there has been a daily decline of people in hospital with coronavirus.He said that, with other factors, suggests the virus has reached its peak in the United States' worst hit state.

A New York state official added that recent data suggests we are"potentially at the apex or beginning to be at the apex at this moment".18:00New York state cases rise by 8,658The total number of people who have tested positive is now at 130,689.

17:58New York state coronavirus deaths up by 599Governor Andrew Cuomo said the total number has risen to 4,758 from 4,159 a day earlier.17:50Work on temporary mortuary in Bristol starts tomorrowBristol City Council said it will be in the top car park off Sandy Park Road in Brislington in preparation for the likely"significant number" of deaths in the city.

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It will have space for 240 bodies and will be used if capacity is reached elsewhere.The council said work is scheduled to last three days.17:47More than 100 prisoners test have tested positive for coronavirusA total of 107 prisoners in 38 prisons in England and Wales were diagnosed with COVID-19 as of 5pm on Sunday, the Ministry of Justice said.

Nineteen prison staff have tested positive in 12 prisons and four prisoner escort and custody services staff.17:38Golf's original major tournament is cancelledIt was due to take place from 16-19 July17:33That's the end of the daily briefing - we will continue with live updates from the UK and around the world here

17:31Raab: We cannot ease off on restrictions nowMr Raab said the last time he spoke to the PM"in person" was Saturday.He said if we take our eye off the ball by tackling the spread of the virus it could be bad so we need to continue doing that.

Prof Whitty said some of his patients are in a hospital bed and are able to deal with problematic issues, while others are not. He stresses that the PM is NOT his patient.17:28Prof Whitty: I'm confident antibody tests will be a success soonAntibody tests are most useful at a later stage in the epidemic.

He said at this time he would expect a very small number of people to have antibodies.But he said most of the labs who are looking at this have said 21 days is the best time to test for antibodies.Prof Whitty said with current tests, we have to remember this is a new virus but he is very confident antibody test will be created.

He said if you understand how tests are developed you would not be surprised that the first tests are not that accurate - but says they will become more accurate in just a few weeks.He adds that it was important to get the tests underway as soon as possible and although it will take a while they are not giving up.

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17:25Raab: I chaired the morning COVID-19 meetingMr Raab says he chaired the morning meeting the PM would normally chair, confirming Mr Johnson did not chair it via video link.Prof Whitty said he will not discuss Mr Johnson's exact situation at the moment as that would be inappropriate.

17:23Prof Whitty: We're trying to make sure we always have spare ICU bedsThe chief scientific adviser said they are making sure there are always ICU beds to spare.He said if there are excess beds, both for COVID and non-COVID patients, that will be a success.

Mr Raab said that needs to take into account regional differences.17:20Raab: If we take our eye off the strategy we will not reach the peak as fast as we need toMr Raab said people need to continue listening to the lockdown rules.Prof Whitty said he advised the PM to get tested for coronavirus but left it to NHS doctors after that as he is not Mr Johnson's medical practitioner - he is his advisor.

The chief medical officer said he is very aware of how this lockdown will affect people, socioeconomically, health wise and the impact on the NHS - but we need to stop the spread.17:15Prof Whitty: The lockdown cannot end until we know when the peak is

Dominic Raab said:"Our team is making sure 'full throttle' that our strategy is working."Prof Whitty said we need to be confident we're at the peak before relaxing restrictions.He said we do not know for certain the peak will be at the end of the week so we cannot say when the lockdown will end.

17:12Prof McClean: We cannot make a sensible assessment of the lockdown effect right nowProf McClean said we need a good long time series of data to be able to tell what the impact of the lockdown is.She said we need people to carry on following the instructions to be able to make a sensible assessment of the effect.

17:09Prof McClean: Too soon to see the ultimate effect of lockdownShe said it's too soon to see the big changes we made to our lives two weeks ago.She said it takes several weeks after becoming infected to need to be in hospital.She said she hopes hospital admissions will stop rising.

Global death comparisons are still the same she said.17:08Professor Angela McClean: Our efforts are workingThe deputy chief scientific officer said rail usage has fallen to below 20% of February's figures, same with Tube travel.She said the efforts people are making to stay at home are working.

She said the growth of people in hospitals is not as bad as if we had not been working hard.17:06Mr Raab says he and the PM thanks the NHS staff for their"truly heroic work".17:06Raab: We're helping British citizens get back from around the world

Mr Raab said the Foreign Office is helping to source ventilators from around the world.It is also trying to get British citizens back from overseas.2,000 from Spain, 8,000 from Indonesia and repatriated 1,550 from cruise ships.For those still stuck abroad we're doing everything we can to keep international airports open, keep flights flowing and to charter flights.

Every arm of government is doing everything it can to fight the challenges of coronavirus.17:03Raab: PM is in good spiritsLast night the PM was admitted to hospital. Mr Raab said this was precautionary as he still has symptoms. He is in good spirits after spending the night in hospital - and is still there - but is still leading the government's coronavirus response.

17:02Dominic Raab said 17,911 people have now been admitted to hospital with coronavirus17:01Deputy chief scientific officer Professor Angela McClean is also at the briefing16:59UK coronavirus deathsA reminder thatUK coronavirus deaths have risen by 439, as of 4pm on Sunday - the Department of Health said today.

That's a smaller increase than the day before when 621 more people were recorded as having died than the previous day.16:53Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty will also be at the briefing after returning from self-isolation due to COVID-19 symptoms

Here he is walking into Downing Street this afternoon.16:51Daily UK coronavirus briefing to be led by foreign secretaryDominic Raab is leading the briefing as Boris Johnson remains unwell with coronavirus.The PM previously said the foreign secretary would take over from him if he was unable to.

16:40Increases and total number of deaths in each home nation:England deaths: 403 more - total of 4,897Wales deaths: 27 more - total of 193Scotland deaths: two more - total of 222Northern Ireland deaths: seven more - total of 7016:36UK coronavirus deaths rise by 439

The total figure, as of 4pm on Sunday, is 5,373 - up from 4,934 the previous day, the Department of Health said.16:29Daily Mail publisher asks staff to take pay cut as circulation dropsIn a letter to employees, DMGT said it has seen a significant drop in advertising revenue and a serious drop in circulation during the coronavirus pandemic.

It has asked staff earning more than £40,00 a year to take a graduated pay cut, compensated by an award of company shares. Read more: Sky News »

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Coronavirus: London mayor 'devastated' by deaths of bus workersSadiq Khan reiterates call for Londoners not to use public transport unless essential Maybe if he’d kept more tube trains running there would have been fewer people crammed together on the buses etc. Tape off the driver area and only allow passengers to enter/exit from other doors. They do this in Sweden to ensure driver's safety. Of course it effectively means travel is free, but then how much are 4 or more lives worth to TFL & SadiqKhan Sad

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5 London bus drivers die of coronavirus as Sadiq Khan blasts commutersFIVE London bus drivers have tragically died after contracting coronavirus, it was revealed today. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has now blasted commuters who refuse to stay at home and pack onto the cro… And what says that the twats on the beach and parks didnt get the bus there or train spreading the virus around more Heart goes out to their families Cheltenham Festival 4-day event held on 10-13 March was attended by more than 250,000 people. Some have since reported symptoms of the virus, including the Southampton footballer Charlie Austin who speculated that he picked up the disease at the races.

Coronavirus spread around UK is catching up with LondonDramatic travel restrictions imposed across the continent will see rich and poor alike reliant on the same doctors and resources available in their home country. now that's a 'crisis!' 😂 the shade tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Midlands overtakes London for first time as 212 die from coronavirus in 24 hoursSpeaking at the daily government conference yesterday, Michael Gove said the Midlands was 'a particular area of concern'. The region has seenthe biggest rise in admissions at 47 per cent I sounds like a contest

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