Coronavirus, Covıd 19

Coronavirus, Covıd 19

Coronavirus: Black and Asian ethnic groups up to twice as likely to die with COVID-19, says Public Health England

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said 'black lives matter' and action was needed to 'level up' their 'health outcomes'.

6/2/2020 6:22:00 PM

The Health Secretary today echoed the the slogan, 'black lives matter' while discussing BAME deaths from coronavirus figures. Read about the report which has found Black and Asian ethnic groups are up to twice as likely to die with COVID19:

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said 'black lives matter' and action was needed to 'level up' their 'health outcomes'.

Mr Hancock said action was needed to"level up" the situation.The report's deaths analysis of people in BAME groups accounts for the effects of sex, age, deprivation and region.However, it does not include the effects of underlying health conditions and obesity.

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Health Secretary: 'Black lives matter'Public Health England (PHE) said there is evidence that when these are included"the difference in risk of death among hospitalised patients is greatly reduced".A person's job was also not factored into the PHE analysis, which the report said was an"important shortcoming".

"Occupation is associated with risk of being exposed to COVID-19 and we know some key occupations have a high proportion of workers from BAME groups," said the authors.Analysis: BAME community angry that no direct action is set out to protect lives

By Inzamam Rashid, Sky correspondentThis report's data was due to take into account adjustments for obesity, underlying health conditions and occupation, but it didn't and this is concerning because it doesn't give us the full and true impact of COVID-19 on this community.

The terms of reference published by Public Health England highlighted that this review would also offer some form of recommendations to the government"to reduce disparities in risk outcomes from COVID-19 on the population".The review has failed to offer those recommendations and speaking to people in the BAME community, they are angry that no direct action or concrete steps are set out to protect lives.

On 7 May, Sky News political editor Beth Rigby asked the foreign secretary in the Downing Street press briefing whether BAME people should be shielding because ONS data suggested people from this community are up to twice as likely to die from COVID-19.

The response from Dominic Raab at the time was"no" and that we should"wait until the review is published".Questions now need to be asked about why action, like shielding for these vulnerable people, wasn't implemented when this data was prevalent.

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April: Why are 72% of NHS deaths BAME workers?The report followsSky News analysisat the peak of the pandemic which found nearly three quarters of all NHS and social care staff who died with coronavirus were from a BAME background.The relationship between ethnicity and health is"complex and likely to be the result of a combination of factors", said the report.

It said BAME groups were likely to be at increased risk of infection because they are more likely to live in urban areas, in crowded households, in deprived areas, and in jobs that expose them to higher risk.It said they were also more likely to have been born abroad and therefore could experience cultural or language barriers in accessing services.

There is also a greater risk when people from BAME communities become infected."Some co-morbidities which increase the risk of poorer outcomes from COVID-19 are more common among certain ethnic groups," said the report.May: How hospitals are protecting BAME staff

It said people from Bangladeshi and Pakistani backgrounds have higher rates of cardiovascular disease, while black people have higher rates of hypertension."Data from the National Diabetes Audit suggests that type II diabetes prevalence is higher in people from BAME communities," added the report's authors.

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